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Zerodha Product and services 2024

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Zerodha Product and Services
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Zerodha offers online trading and investment in equity, derivative, commodity, and currency segment. Anyone having Zerodha Demat and trading account can trade at a flat brokerage fee of Rs. 20 per order across segments, however, delivery trading is free. Moreover, the Zerodha coin platform allows free direct mutual fund investment at zero commission or brokerage. The discount broker offers various advanced orders like bracket orders, cover orders, aftermarket orders, and others. Check here the complete details of Zerodha product and services offerings including trading & investment products, order types, and more.

Zerodha Demat Account

Zerodha is a registered DP with CDSL to offer Zerodha Demat Account to its clients so that they can keep shares, securities, and mutual funds in dematerialized form.

Zerodha Demat Account Opening Fee Free
Zerodha Demat Account AMC Rs. 200

Note: Zerodha Demat AMC of Rs. 300 per annum is charged on a quarterly basis i.e. Rs. 75+GST.

Zerodha Trading Account

Zerodha Equity Trading Account is used to trade in equity, futures & options, and currency segments. To trade in Zerodha, clients just need to log in with their Zerodha account on Kite web or Kite mobile app and then start online trading across segments.

Zerodha Trading Account Opening Charges Online: Rs. 200, Offline: Rs. 300
Zerodha Trading Account AMC Free

Open Zerodha Demat and Trading Account

Zerodha Commodity Trading Account

Zerodha allows commodity trading on MCX through opening a Zerodha commodity trading account. Existing customers can simply activate the commodity segment to start trading on MCX, however, new users can open Demat + equity + commodity trading accounts. You cannot only open a commodity account in Zerodha.

Zerodha Commodity Trading Account opening fee [Online] Rs. 100
Zerodha Commodity Trading Account opening fee [Offline] Rs. 200
Zerodha Commodity Trading Account AMC Nil
Zerodha Commodity Trading Brokerage Rs. 20 per order or 0.03%, whichever is lower

Know more on commodity trading with Zerodha

Zerodha Mutual Fund Investment

  • Zerodha coin is the free mutual fund investment platform at zero commission, brokerage, or subscription fee. If you have a Zerodha 2-in-1 account then you can access the coin platform on Kite and buy and sell thousands of direct mutual funds for free.

    How to invest in mutual funds with Zerodha coin?

Zerodha NRI Account

NRI can open accounts in Zerodha including NRI Demat + Trading account and trade-in equity delivery, and futures & options segment. Zerodha supports NRI account opening facility through NRE or NRO bank account with IndusInd, Axis, HDFC, and IDFC First Bank.

NRI Equity delivery brokerage Rs. 200 per order or 0.1% whichever is lower
NRI Equity Futures trading Rs. 100 per executed order
NRI Equity Options trading Rs. 100 per executed order

Zerodha NRI trading Review

Zerodha Equity Trading

  • Equity trading account in Zerodha facilitates intraday as well as delivery trading on the BSE and NSE. Zerodha allows intraday trading at a max of Rs. 20 per order and offers free delivery trading at zero brokerage.

Zerodha Futures & Options Trading

  • Derivative trading is all about trading in equity futures and options contracts. Residents, as well as NRIs, can trade-in equity derivative segment on Kite web and Kite by Zerodha mobile app.

Zerodha Currency Trading

  • Zerodha has four currency pairs USD-INR, EUR-INR, GBP-INR, and JPY-INR. The broker allows currency futures & options trading at a flat Rs. 20 per order or 0.01% whichever is lower. Only residents can trade in currency with Zerodha account, however, currency trading is not allowed to NRI. Zerodha allows trading in four currency pairs

Zerodha IPO Apply

  • Residents and NRIs can apply for IPO online using UPI through console back-office on the Kite platform. As the broker allows free delivery trading, therefore, online IPO investment in Zerodha is Free. You can also use Zerodha Demat account details to purchase IPO through ASBA/ net-banking (without UPI) process.

    How to apply in IPO using IPO through Console

Zerodha Margin Trading Funding

  • Zerodha offers a margin trading facility to customers. The margin facility is available on equity intraday, derivative, commodity, and currency segments. Margin facility enables customers to trade without having the required funds in their Zerodha account.

Zerodha Orders

One can place the following types of orders through the Zerodha account on Kite.

CNC order The order is used to trade-in delivery segment when positions are held for more than a day.
MIS order You can place an MIS order for intraday trading when positions are settled same trading day.
Market order When a buy or sell order is placed at market price.
Limit order When a buy or sell order is placed at a particular price.
Stop loss order Customers can place SL order (price + trigger price) on Kite to limit their losses.
SL-Market order This is a stop-loss order placed at a market price, when the trigger price is met.
Bracket order (BO) It is an order to enter/exit a new position along with a stop-loss order. Zerodha allows BO on intraday trading.
Cover order (CO) It is a buy or sell order (market or limit) that is placed with a compulsory stop-loss order.

Zerodha Aftermarket order

  • Zerodha allows aftermarket order (AMO) facility to its clients, through which, customers can place buy or sell orders even after the market hours.

  • How to place AMO in Zerodha Kite

Zerodha GTT

  • In July 2019, Zerodha has introduced GTT (Good Till Triggered) order at zero charges. GTT order allows you to automatically place a limit order when the stock reaches the trigger price level. Investors who don’t track the market regularly can place GTT order on Kite. GTT order can only be placed in CNC segment and will remain active for 365 days.

Zerodha Smallcase

  • Smallcase is about investing in ideas or themes through selecting a number of stocks from that particular sector. You can invest in a maximum of 50 stocks or ETF with Zerodha smallcase. The broker charges Rs. 100 fee on investing with smallcase.

Zerodha Call & trade

  • Customers can trade in Zerodha through call & trade services. They simply need to call the support desk at 91-8047181888 and tell your trading requirement and the customer service team will place an order on your behalf.

  • Zerodha call & trade charges: Rs. 50 per order

Zerodha Refer & earn

  • Refer Zerodha account to your friends and family members and get a referral commission or bonus. Zerodha provides Rs. 300 reward points and 10% of the brokerage benefits on each referral.

Request call back from Zerodha


The POA (Power of attorney) gives the right to the broker to debit shares on your behalf out of your holding.

If you don’t submit the POA, you have to do the CDSL Authorisation(online) of your holdings, on the day you sell your shares. You have to enter the CDSL TPIN to authorize the sell transaction.

You can send the physical POA to Zerodha’s head office to avoid the authorization process. To download the POA application form visit this link.



Earlier it was mandatory for the POA to be sent to Zerodha’s head office for the debit of the holdings.

Now it is not compulsory, but for a smooth and seamless operation, it is suggested to activate the POA. With POA sent, you don’t have to enter the CDSL TPIN while selling your shares.



To download the POA follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Visit
  • Or you can go to the Zerodha website and go to the bottom of the page.
  • Click on “Downloads and resources”.
  • Select “Demat POA”.

You will be able to download the POA.



POA is an essential document that authorizes customers to sell holdings from their Demat Account. Earlier, it was mandatory to send Zerodha POA to the broker’s head office address, but later, after the introduction of e-DIS (E-delivery instruction slip), customers don’t need to send POA means now people can open Zerodha Demat Account without a POA.

After filling out the POA form, the forms need to be sent to Zerodha’s Head office in Bangalore. The Address is as follows.


153/154, 4th Cross, J.P Nagar 4th Phase,

Opp. Clarence Public School,

Bengaluru - 560078

You can send the POA form via courier, speed post/registered post.



While placing the order through Kite, you might come across the term Validity in the order window. The term Validity means how much time your order will stay valid, completion of which it gets auto-cancelled.

“IOC” order helps and allows you to execute the order instantly, as soon as it goes to the exchange. Failing the instant execution the order will automatically be canceled by the system.

The validity type “Day” allows for keeping the order active until 3.30 p.m.(Market closing time). If the order does not get a match until the close of the market, gets auto-cancelled similar to an IOC order.



MIS stands for Margin Intraday square off. MIS is used for trading intraday in equity, futures and options, and commodities.

CNC stands for Cash and Carry, which is used for long-term buying and selling of equities.

MIS orders need to be squared off the same day before the square-off timings which are 3.20 pm for equity, and 3.25 pm for Futures and Options. If you don’t square off then Zerodha might charge you an auto-square off charge of 50 Rs +18% GST for squaring off your position.

CNC orders used for buying and selling same day are considered an Intraday trade and will be charged as per intraday basis.

Zerodha doesn’t provide any leverage if you trade in CNC but for MIS equity trades the leverage is provided by Zerodha up to 5 times.



You can add a nominee to your Zerodha account online from your console. To add a nominee, follow the below steps.

  • Or go to console>accounts>Nominees.
  • Click on “Add Nominee”.
  • Fill in the details and attach the identity proof of the nominee.
  • Then click on “continue” and proceed to esign.
  • Once you complete the esign the Nominee addition request will be submitted.


  1. For online nominee addition, the account holder’s Aadhaar will be used for esign. So the mobile number registered to your Aadhaar should be active to receive the OTP.
  2. The nominee addition is done during 48working hours.
  3. For offline nominee addition, the nomination form needs to be sent to Zerodha’s head office.



For offline Nominee addition, the nomination form is needed. The nomination form can be downloaded from Zerodha’s official website. To do so follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Visit com/resources
  • You will be able to see the “Nomination form”., download the by clicking on the link.



Through Zerodha you can trade in four currency pairs such as USDINR, EURINR, JPYINR, or GBPINR.

Other cross currency pairs trading is still not possible through Indian exchanges, hence not possible by Zerodha.



The “Used margin” in the fund's section shows, the net margin utilized by the client. It can contain

  1. Amount blocked for your open equity intraday, futures, and options positions(both intraday and delivery).
  2. The amount blocked for any open order which is yet not executed.

The used margin can be both positive and negative. If the “Used margin” is positive then that means you have utilized that much amount in total that day. If the “used margin” is negative that means you might have received some funds after squaring your holdings.



“LearnApp” is a stock market education platform, partnered with Zerodha for imparting financial education at a cheap price.

LearnApp was VC funded by Zerodha in 2018. It provides online stock market trading, investing, and business-related classes from industry experts at a very cheap price.



No, LearnApp Zerodha is not free as it is a paid platform, upon which, users have to pay a fee. To access the platform, the broker levies 3 months subscription fee of Rs. 1,500 and 1-year subscription fee is Rs. 4,500.



You can convert all your equity MIS/intraday positions to CNC/Long term. The position will be carried forward after you place the conversion request.

You have to maintain sufficient margins for the conversion, or you can convert partially. Only buy MIS positions can be converted to CNC, fresh short-sold positions can’t be carried forward in the equity segment.

To convert MIS to CNC, open the “positions” tab, click on “options” then click on “Convert”.



Trigger price is the price entered by a trader while placing a stop-loss limit and stop-loss market orders. Once the stock reaches the trigger price level, the buy or sell order will automatically send to the exchange.

Trigger price in Zerodha Stop-loss order

To place a stop-loss order, select “SL” in the order window, enter trigger price and enter the price at which you want to execute the trade.


Trigger price in Zerodha Stop loss market (SL-M) order

To place trigger price in Zerodha SL-M order, select SL-M and enter the trigger price, once the stock will reach the mentioned price level, then the order will execute at the prevailing market price.


Trigger price can also be entered for the bracket order and cover order with Zerodha.



The validity type “Day” allows for keeping the order active until 3.30 p.m.(Market closing time). If the order does not get a match until the close of the market, gets auto-cancelled.

“IOC” order helps and allows you to execute the order instantly, as soon as it goes to the exchange. Failing the instant execution the order will automatically be canceled by the system.



No, without having a Demat account it is not possible to trade in Zerodha. You can’t open a Trading account without opening a Demat account. Because of the settlement issue, it is mandatory in Zerodha to open a Demat account along with the trading account.



One person can have one individual Demat account in his name with Zerodha. But if you want to open a joint account then it is possible to have a joint Demat account along with an individual Demat account with the same person’s name.

But one trading account can be allotted to a single person. Either you can have your trading account linked to your individual account or you can have your trading account linked to your Joint Demat account.



As per SEBI’s rule when you sell your shares from holding, you receive 80% that day and 20% the next day morning. The 20% of the sold value which is blocked gets reflected in your delivery margin section on the fund's page.

The delivery Margin also includes the extra margin blocked for your open stock futures and options, which are to be settled physically on the expiry day. The exchange starts blocking the extra margin for stock FNOs 4 days before the expiry.



Zerodha does not charge for order cancellation and modification. You can modify or cancel your placed order anytime as your desire; no brokerage will be taken for this facility by any broker.