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Zerodha Pledging

Zerodha Pledging refers to keeping your shares as collateral for loan or margin. Zerodha provides the facility to customers to pledge their securities includes stocks and mutual funds to get the margin.

Steps to apply for Zerodha pledging

  • Go to the kite platform and login.
  • Now, go to console back-office.
  • Click on the “Portfolio” and click on the “options” tab of security that you want to pledge and then click on “Pledge for margin”.
  • Thereafter, a new window will appear that shows the available margin amount that will be available for t+1 day.

Zerodha Pledging charges

The discount broker charges Rs. 30 + GST applicable regardless of the quantity that you pledged for margin.

Important note: You can only pledge those shares that are credited into your Demat account means you can’t pledge t1 holdings.

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