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IPO Live Subscription Status Report| Mainboard and SME IPOs

IPO Live Subscription is available for Sheetal Universal, Graphisads, Marinetrans India IPOs.

Interested to know how good an IPO has received investors response in the market, we help you out! The IPO live subscription report allows you to track all open and past IPOs' live bidding details or subscription numbers. Track all BSE and NSE mainboard and SME IPOs' total subscription status along with subscriptions by different categories of investors like retail investors, non-institutional investors, and qualified institutional buyers.

IPO Live Subscription Status Report

IPO BID Date IPO Size P/E QIB NII RII Total IPO Status Close Date
Sheetal Universal SMEGMP:₹12 (17.14%)5th Dec 19:31₹23.80 Cr27.340.00x14.05x23.01x20.54xClosing Today6th Dec 2023
Graphisads SMEGMP:₹0 (0.00%)5th Dec 19:31₹53.41 Cr26.880.00x2.01x5.52x3.86xClosed5th Dec 2023
Marinetrans India SMEGMP:₹3 (11.54%)5th Dec 19:31₹10.92 Cr14.530.00x18.05x47.24x33.00xClosed5th Dec 2023
Net Avenue Technologies SMEGMP:₹18 (100.00%)4th Dec 19:31₹10.25 Cr8.5761.99x616.25x721.89x511.21xClosed4th Dec 2023
AMIC Forging SMEGMP:₹135 (107.14%)1st Dec 19:04₹34.80 Cr1.0191.43x589.27x273.01x289.05xClosed1st Dec 2023
Deepak Chemtex SMEGMP:₹65 (81.25%)1st Dec 19:04₹23.04 Cr10.1496.80x642.25x475.36x403.03xClosed1st Dec 2023

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Swashthik Plascon SMEGMP:₹15 (17.44%)29th Nov 19:04₹40.76 Cr17.233.42x35.76x13.58x15.43x[email protected]29th Nov 2023
Rocking Deals Circular SMEGMP:₹90 (64.29%)24th Nov 16:23₹21.00 Cr33.3347.38x458.60x201.42x213.64xListed@30024th Nov 2023
Fedbank Financial Services IPOGMP:₹0 (0.00%)24th Nov 19:04₹1092.26 Cr25.043.48x1.49x1.88x2.24x[email protected]24th Nov 2023
Tata Technologies IPOGMP:₹475 (95.00%)24th Nov 19:04₹3042.51 Cr32.53203.41x62.11x16.50x69.43x[email protected]24th Nov 2023
Flair Writing IPOGMP:₹150 (49.34%)24th Nov 19:04₹593.00 Cr23.36122.02x35.23x13.73x49.28xListed@50124th Nov 2023
Gandhar Oil Refinery IPOGMP:₹73 (43.20%)24th Nov 19:04₹500.69 Cr129.06x64.34x29.93x65.63x[email protected]24th Nov 2023
IREDA IPOGMP:₹12 (37.50%)23rd Nov 17:41₹2150.21 Cr8.47104.57x24.16x7.73x38.80x[email protected]23rd Nov 2023
Arrowhead Seperation Engineering SMEGMP:₹25 (10.73%)20th Nov 19:04₹13.00 Cr18.090.00x46.02x142.30x94.79x[email protected]20th Nov 2023
Kalyani Cast Tech SMEGMP:₹95 (68.35%)10th Nov 19:04₹30.11 Cr8.6766.35x439.20x190.95x208.59x[email protected]10th Nov 2023
ROX Hi-Tech SMEGMP:₹75 (90.36%)9th Nov 19:31₹54.49 Cr9.11106.25x366.86x204.02x214.44xListed@1339th Nov 2023
ASK Automotive IPOGMP:₹28 (9.93%)9th Nov 19:04₹834.00 Cr45.63142.41x35.47x5.70x51.14x[email protected]9th Nov 2023
Sunrest Lifescience SMEGMP:₹5 (5.95%)9th Nov 19:31₹10.85 Cr12.330.00x29.17x65.74x48.54xListed@849th Nov 2023
Protean eGov Technologies IPOGMP:₹48 (6.06%)8th Nov 19:04₹490.33 Cr29.9146.94x31.62x8.93x23.86xListed@7928th Nov 2023
ESAF Small Finance IPOGMP:₹16 (26.67%)7th Nov 19:04₹463.00 Cr8.94182.66x88.81x17.86x77.00x[email protected]7th Nov 2023


When you apply in small HNI your IPO application must be between 2 to 10L Rs. In case IPO is oversubscribed in Small HNI category, allotment will be done via lottery. Size of each allotment will be fix to min HNI category size which usually are 14 lots.

So in that case you have invested 2,00,000 or 9,99,999 Rs, the one who is selected in lottery, will get 14 lots only.


Small HNI Category is between 2 to 10L and Big HNI Category is above Rs 10L IPO application. When oversubscribing, both the category will have 14 lots allotment. The only thing is small HNI will have lower allotment change because of higher subscription whereas Big HNI will have more chance of allotment of 14 lots due to lower subscription.


User Reviews

10. Ramesh Doshi Nov 15 2023 04:17:27 PM Reply
Please also mention offer price alongwith listing price in Live subscription sement
9. Tapan Nov 04 2023 09:26:11 AM Reply
Dear Admn, please place a link/ tab on your Home page for displaying the "Basis of Allotment" of recently concluded IPOs, which should open directly from the respective Registrar''s site, in regard to the the selected Company.
8. Tarun Kumar Changoiwala Nov 03 2023 09:38:39 PM Reply
Ipo allotment not transparently and I hope ipo allotment is abg scan,i requested to sebi the ipo allotment becom with transparent
7. Mahesh Lakhwani Oct 06 2023 01:40:50 PM Reply
I have applied several I P O. ,no allotment yet ,seby should make more transparent.
6. Klb Oct 04 2023 12:16:13 AM Reply
I don''t agre with you guys , i have applied for last four ipo''s in tecent time and i got allotment in all applications yeah if one can''t get application he should apply for more lots and also from different brockers he will surely get allotment..
5. RAVINDRA SARAOGI Sep 29 2023 12:03:43 AM Reply
I had made more than 45 SME applications in three names but not a single allotment has been received by me till date.
I request SEBI and other institutions to monitor or keep a close check over the irregularities in process of allotment.

Ravindra Saraogi
4. UDAY PATIL Sep 16 2023 01:47:41 PM Reply
Dear All,, i applied for more than 15-16 SME and mainborad ipos but till date not got any allotted. Request to the SEBI is that should make this Process more transparent
3. S C MITTAL Sep 15 2023 05:41:02 PM Reply
2. Xaviers Aug 06 2023 04:42:23 PM Reply
I think the the whole allotment process is a scam..I applied more than 20 times in various categories, but till date no allotment is done...
I heard that allotment remains restricted to a certain group of investors having connection with the IPO allotment agency such as Kfintech and Linkin time..what''s your opinion on this guys ????🤔
2.1. Nitin Khatri Sep 08 2023 03:23:18 PM
I am 100% agree with you, same happened with me. Allotment must be open and publicly through a website.

There must be some kind of partiality happening.
1. Shrikant Lahoti Jul 11 2023 09:53:26 AM Reply
my application for Drone and Kaka SME Ipo. If any one is interested plz msg me