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10 highest subscribed IPOs in India ever

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Let’s quickly look at the top 10 highest subscribed IPOs on the BSE and NSE.

There are thousands of listed companies in India, and the number of IPOs has skyrocketed over the years as more and more companies go public to be listed on the stock exchange. However, not all IPOs are well received, as companies with solid fundamentals, valuations, and growth prospectus generate good demand from the public and are thus highly oversubscribed, or vice versa.

Below is a list of the top 10 most successful IPOs by total subscription times. These companies have received tremendous responses from investors with huge subscriptions and provided good listing gains. Along with total IPO subscription, also check, IPO listing price, listing gains or losses, and the last price traded in the market.

10 Most subscribed IPOs in India [All-time]

IPO Issue Size Total subscription QIB NII RII IPO Price Listing Gain LTP
Latent View Analytics Mainline IPO₹600 Cr326.49x145.48x850.66x119.44x197512.20(160.00%)535.9(172.03%)
Vibhor Steel Tubes Mainline IPO₹72.17 Cr320.05x191.41x772.49x201.52x151.00425(181.46%)250.25(65.73%)
Paras Defence Mainline IPO₹170.78 Cr304.26x169.65x927.70x112.81x175475.00(171.43%)1460.75(734.71%)
Tega Industries Mainline IPO₹619.23 Cr219.04x215.45x666.19x29.44x453760.00(67.77%)1784.65(293.96%)
MTAR Technologies Mainline IPO₹596.41 Cr200.79x164.99x650.79x28.40x5751050.00(82.61%)1974.8(243.44%)
Mrs. Bectors Food Mainline IPO₹ 540.54 Cr 198.02x176.85x620.86x29.33x288505.00(75.35%)1412.7(390.52%)

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Tatva Chintan Pharma Mainline IPO₹500 Cr180.36x185.23x512.22x35.35x10832111.85(95.00%)1152.85(6.45%)
Nazara Technologies Mainline IPO₹582.91 Cr175.46x103.77x389.89x75.29x11011990.00(80.74%)906.6(-17.66%)
Motisons Jewellers Mainline IPO₹151.09 Cr173.23x135.01x311.99x135.60x55.00109.00(98.18%)152.57(177.40%)
Plaza Wires Mainline IPO₹71.28 Cr160.97x42.84x388.09x374.81x54.0076(40.74%)85.29(57.94%)

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