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Current NCDs

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Current NCDs in the Market - Current and Upcoming NCDs Detail, News

NCD (Non-Convertible debentures) are secured and redeemable corporate bonds or debt securities that a company issues to raise money in the capital market and in return, offer a fixed rate of return on the maturity date, ranging from 1 to 20 years. Here, the NCD dashboard provides a quick glance of all the upcoming / active and closed NCD issues with key details like opening date, closing date, NCD issue size, and minimum order amount or ticket size. Click on the company's name to check further information about a particular NCD including the prospectus, NCD type, coupon rate or rate of return for different tenors, NCD issue rating, payment frequency, the basis of allotment, and more.

Current NCD in market

Issue Size(Base) Size(Shelf) Min Order Amount Open Date Close Date Status Rating
Indiabulls Housing Fin. Tranche IV Oct₹200.00Cr₹2000.00Cr100007th Dec 202320th Dec 2023Open3
Arka Fincap Tranche I₹300.00Cr₹500.00Cr100007th Dec 202320th Dec 2023Open3
IIFL Samasta Finance Tranche I₹1000.00Cr₹2000.00Cr100004th Dec 202315th Dec 2023Open3
Muthoot Mercentile₹100.00Cr₹200.00Cr4th Dec 202315th Dec 2023Open3
ICL Fincorp₹100.00Cr₹100.00Cr1000028th Nov 202311th Dec 2023Open3
Cholamandalam Investment Tranche III .₹500.00Cr₹5000.00Cr1000028th Nov 20231st Dec 2023Closed3

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Incred Financial Services₹150.00Cr₹300.00Cr1000025th Oct 20237th Nov 2023Closed3
Indiabulls Housing Fin. Tranche III₹200.00Cr₹2000.00Cr1000020th Oct 20233rd Nov 2023Closed3
Chemmanur Credits and Investments₹50.00Cr₹100.00Cr1000016th Oct 202330th Oct 2023Closed3
Piramal Enterprises Tranche I₹1000.00Cr₹3000.00Cr1000019th Oct 202330th Oct 2023Closed3
Muthoot Fincorp Tranche II₹750.00Cr₹1100.00Cr1000013th Oct 202327th Oct 2023Closed3
Edelweiss Financial Services₹100.00Cr₹200.00Cr100006th Oct 202319th Oct 2023Closed3
Aditya Birla Finance₹1000.00Cr1000027th Sep 202312th Oct 2023Closed3
Muthoot Finance Tranche II₹100.00Cr₹2600.00Cr1000021st Sep 202327th Sep 2023Closed3
Kosamattam Finance₹100.00Cr₹200.00Cr100008th Sep 202322nd Sep 2023Closed3
Indiabulls Housing Finance TrancheII July₹200.00Cr₹2000.00Cr100006th Sep 202320th Sep 2023Closed3
Muthoot Fincorp Sep Tranche I₹400.00Cr₹1100.00Cr100001st Sep 202314th Sep 2023Closed3
Nido Home Finance₹75.00Cr₹150.00Cr1000030th Aug 202312th Sep 2023Closed3
KLM Axiva Finvest₹75.00Cr500024th Aug 20236th Sep 2023Closed3
CreditAccess Grameen Tranche II₹1000.00Cr₹1500.00Cr1000024th Aug 20231st Sep 2023Closed3
Vivriti Capital₹250.00Cr1000018th Aug 202331st Aug 2023Closed3
Cholamandalam Investment Tranche II₹500.00Cr₹5000.00Cr1000028th Jul 20233rd Aug 2023Closed3
Power Finance Corporation April₹500.00Cr₹5000.00Cr1000021st Jul 202326th Jul 2023Closed3
Indiabulls Housing Finance Tranche I₹200.00Cr₹2000.00Cr1000010th Jul 202321st Jul 2023Closed3
Edelweiss Financial Tranche III₹300.00Cr₹1000.00Cr100004th Jul 202317th Jul 2023Closed3

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