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Live IPO GMP | Grey Market Premium

IPO GMP is trending for Sheetal Universal, Deepak Chemtex, Net Avenue Technologies, AMIC Forging, Marinetrans India, DOMS, Accent Microcell, S J Logistics IPOs.

Grey Market is an unregulated market to trade IPO applications and IPO shares before listing of the stock. An investor may not want to trade in the grey market, but getting an idea of the GMP can be used to estimate the listing gain on the IPO share. GMP or Grey Market Premium adding to issue price gives the estimated listing price of the IPO share.

Here we are reporting the GMP of all upcoming and current SME and Mainboard IPOs along with Subject 2 Sauda price. Estimated Listing Price is also calculated by adding up GMP and IPO cap price.

**The GMP prices shown here are only news related to the grey market. We do not trade/deal in grey market or subject to rates (sub2), nor do we recommend trading in grey market.

Current IPO GMP

IPO Price GMP(₹) Est Listing Sub2 Fire Rating IPO Size Open Close BoA Dt Listing GMP Updated
S J Logistics NSE SMEUpcomingNA40----Not Rated0.38 Cr Shares5-Dec 23:25
DOMS IPOUpcomingNA335----Not Rated₹1200.00 Cr13-Dec15-Dec18-Dec20-Dec5-Dec 23:32
Accent Microcell NSE SMEUpcoming140120260 (85.71%)91200Rating 5/5₹78.40 Cr8-Dec12-Dec13-Dec15-Dec5-Dec 23:27
Sheetal Universal NSE SMEClosing Today (Sub:20.54x)701282 (17.14%)18200Rating 3/5₹23.80 Cr4-Dec6-Dec7-Dec11-Dec5-Dec 23:28
Graphisads NSE SMEClose (Sub:3.86x)111--111 (0.00%)--Rating 1/5₹53.41 Cr30-Nov5-Dec8-Dec13-Dec5-Dec 23:28
Marinetrans India NSE SMEClose (Sub:33x)26329 (11.54%)9100Rating 3/5₹10.92 Cr30-Nov5-Dec8-Dec11-Dec5-Dec 23:30

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Net Avenue Technologies NSE SMEClose (Sub:511.21x)181836 (100.00%)112500Rating 5/5₹10.25 Cr30-Nov4-Dec7-Dec12-Dec5-Dec 23:26
AMIC Forging BSE SMEListing Today126135261 (107.14%)102600Rating 5/5₹34.80 Cr29-Nov1-Dec4-Dec6-Dec5-Dec 23:30
Deepak Chemtex BSE SMEListing Today8065145 (81.25%)79000Rating 5/5₹23.04 Cr29-Nov1-Dec6-Dec6-Dec5-Dec 23:23
Swashthik Plascon BSE SME[email protected] (39.65%)8615101 (17.44%)18200Rating 3/5₹40.76 Cr24-Nov29-Nov4-Dec5-Dec5-Dec 9:30
Tata Technologies IPO[email protected] (139.99%)500475975 (95.00%)10800/151200Rating 5/5₹3042.51 Cr22-Nov24-Nov28-Nov30-Nov30-Nov 9:27
Gandhar Oil Refinery IPO[email protected] (74.79%)16973242 (43.20%)4900/68600Rating 4/5₹500.69 Cr22-Nov24-Nov28-Nov30-Nov30-Nov 9:24
Fedbank Financial Services IPO[email protected] (-1.61%)140--140 (0.00%)--Rating 1/5₹1092.26 Cr22-Nov24-Nov28-Nov30-Nov30-Nov 9:30
Flair Writing IPOL@501 (64.80%)304150454 (49.34%)5600/78400Rating 4/5₹593.00 Cr22-Nov24-Nov29-Nov1-Dec1-Dec 9:29
Rocking Deals Circular NSE SMEL@300 (114.29%)14090230 (64.29%)68400Rating 5/5₹21.00 Cr22-Nov24-Nov28-Nov30-Nov30-Nov 9:30
IREDA IPO[email protected] (56.25%)321244 (37.50%)4400/61600Rating 4/5₹2150.21 Cr21-Nov23-Nov24-Nov29-Nov29-Nov 9:27
Arrowhead Seperation Engineering BSE SME[email protected] (7.30%)23325258 (10.73%)11400Rating 3/5₹13.00 Cr16-Nov20-Nov23-Nov28-Nov28-Nov 9:32
Kalyani Cast Tech BSE SME[email protected] (90.00%)13995234 (68.35%)72200Rating 5/5₹30.11 Cr8-Nov10-Nov16-Nov17-Nov17-Nov 9:24
Sunrest Lifescience NSE SMEL@84 (0.00%)84589 (5.95%)6100Rating 2/5₹10.85 Cr7-Nov9-Nov15-Nov20-Nov20-Nov 9:30
ROX Hi-Tech NSE SMEL@133 (60.24%)8375158 (90.36%)91200Rating 5/5₹54.49 Cr7-Nov9-Nov15-Nov16-Nov16-Nov 9:23
ASK Automotive IPO[email protected] (7.55%)28228310 (9.93%)1100/15400Rating 2/5₹834.00 Cr7-Nov9-Nov10-Nov15-Nov15-Nov 9:27
Protean eGov Technologies IPOL@792 (0.00%)79248840 (6.06%)700/10500Rating 2/5₹490.33 Cr6-Nov8-Nov13-Nov13-Nov13-Nov 9:26
Micropro Software Solutions NSE SME[email protected] (-1.23%)81485 (4.94%)4900Rating 1/5₹30.70 Cr3-Nov7-Nov10-Nov10-Nov10-Nov 9:31
Baba Food Processing NSE SME[email protected] (0.00%)761086 (13.16%)12200Rating 3/5₹33.00 Cr3-Nov7-Nov10-Nov15-Nov15-Nov 9:31
ESAF Small Finance IPO[email protected] (18.33%)601676 (26.67%)3000/42000Rating 4/5₹463.00 Cr3-Nov7-Nov10-Nov10-Nov10-Nov 9:25
SAR Televenture NSE SME[email protected] (90.91%)5553108 (96.36%)80600Rating 5/5₹24.75 Cr1-Nov3-Nov6-Nov8-Nov8-Nov 9:32
Honasa Consumer Limited IPO[email protected] (1.85%)32424348 (7.41%)800/11200Rating 2/5₹1701.44 Cr31-Oct2-Nov6-Nov7-Nov7-Nov 9:28
Mish Designs BSE SME[email protected] (31.15%)12270192 (57.38%)53200Rating 5/5₹9.76 Cr31-Oct2-Nov6-Nov7-Nov7-Nov 9:30
Transteel Seating Technologies NSE SME[email protected] (27.00%)701282 (17.14%)18200Rating 3/5₹49.98 Cr30-Oct1-Nov5-Nov6-Nov6-Nov 9:28
Cello World Limited IPO[email protected] (27.93%)648160808 (24.69%)2800/39200Rating 4/5₹1900.00 Cr30-Oct1-Nov6-Nov6-Nov6-Nov 9:29
Maitreya Medicare Limited NSE SME[email protected] (98.23%)8275157 (91.46%)91200Rating 5/5₹14.89 Cr27-Oct1-Nov6-Nov7-Nov7-Nov 9:30
Vrundavan Plantation BSE SME[email protected] (-0.93%)108--108 (0.00%)--Rating 1/5₹15.29 Cr30-Oct1-Nov6-Nov6-Nov6-Nov 9:24
KK Shah Hospitals BSE SME[email protected] (24.67%)45651 (13.33%)13700Rating 3/5₹8.78 Cr27-Oct31-Oct3-Nov6-Nov6-Nov 9:28
Shanthala FMCG Products NSE SMEL@108 (18.68%)91--91 (0.00%)--Rating 1/5₹16.07 Cr27-Oct31-Oct3-Nov3-Nov3-Nov 10:29
Paragon Fine And NSE SMEL@225 (125.00%)100105205 (105.00%)95800Rating 5/5₹51.66 Cr26-Oct30-Oct2-Nov3-Nov3-Nov 10:25
Ondoor Concepts NSE SMEL@214 (2.88%)20815223 (7.21%)6800Rating 2/5₹31.18 Cr23-Oct27-Oct1-Nov1-Nov1-Nov 10:29
Blue Jet Healthcare IPOL@380 (9.83%)34622368 (6.36%)700/9800Rating 2/5₹840.27 Cr25-Oct27-Oct30-Oct1-Nov1-Nov 10:23
Rajgor Castor Derivatives NSE SME[email protected] (18.00%)50555 (10.00%)11400Rating 3/5₹47.81 Cr17-Oct20-Oct26-Oct31-Oct31-Oct 11:02
IRM Energy IPO[email protected] (-5.50%)50518523 (3.56%)400/5600Rating 1/5₹545.40 Cr18-Oct20-Oct27-Oct26-Oct26-Oct 10:31
WomenCart NSE SMEL@117 (36.05%)8630116 (34.88%)36500Rating 4/5₹9.56 Cr16-Oct18-Oct23-Oct27-Oct27-Oct 10:31

What is Grey Market and GMP?

Explanation of Grey Market and GMP in simple terms:

  • Grey Market is an unofficial market for the Pre IPO.
  • GMP is the premium per share.
  • Kostak is the premium per application.
  • Sub2 or Sub2Sauda is the premium for the allotted application.
  • As GMP is unofficial, thus there are no regulatory bodies (rules and regulations) involved.
  • All transaction for GMP is done in cash.
  • There is no written communication for Grey Market. Small slips of paper is the contract.
  • There is no official dealer. All buying and selling is through word of mouth and trust only.
  • The higher GMP means a higher possibility of IPO getting listed at a bumper price.
  • Fire Rating of a IPO is the measure of how popular is the IPO in terms of expected return.
  • GMP activity can start before the price band announcement.
Disclaimer from Admins as per SEBI norms: Equity Investment are subject to 100% market risks. Refer your financial consultant advice before Investing. This group is only for Educational and Learning, Knowledge Purposes. Admins have no responsibility for your intended decision & financial losses. Keep calculated & always analyzed your cash position and risk-bearing capacity before following msg of our group.


This is the growing concern of many SME IPO investors that even though applied in many SME IPOs but have not got a single allotment. Are we doing something wrong? Do we need to use any other process to apply in SME IPO? To understand it, let's discuss this with a simple example.

Assume ABC Company SME IPO figures

  • SME IPO Issue Size: 20 Cr
  • 50% HNI and 50% Retail quota
  • Lot Size: approx 1200 shares
  • IPO Price: Rs 100
  • 1 Retail Application amount: Rs 1,20,000

With the above example for Rs 20 Cr IPO

  • Total Lots: 1666 (Approx)
  • Retail: 833 (1 lot application)
  • HNI: 416 (2 lots application)

It means, only 833 retail investor applications and 416 HNI applications are to be selected. With this one can understand why the probability of getting SME IPO is low. In conclusion, the size of SME IPO is very small and lot size is very big (1200 shares) so the numbers of allottees will be very less.

Whereas in Mainboard IPO, it is the complete opposite of SME IPO. Size of IPO is big and Lot Size is small (1000), So the numbers of allottees are much higher.

Second point to consider, is the number of times the IPO oversubscribe which contributes to the probability of getting an IPO allotment.


GMP is traded over the counter through GMP dealers. The GMP seller only means that there is no buyer in the GMP market. This is similar to the lower circuit where there are sellers but no buyers. This situation can be caused by low IPO subscription, overselling, or negative market sentiment. This means that the listing can be at par or below the GMP price. One should consider this as a negative point.

This scenario may be temporary and may change before the day of listing. Therefore, one should always check the fundamentals and business model of the company before applying.


For every seller, there must be a buyer in the market. The same is true in the GMP market. But at some point, there are only buyers and no sellers. In the stock market, we call this the upper circuit. The same thing can happen in the GMP market if no investor is willing to sell their application. They expect a better return on the day of listing or want to hold it for a long time. One should consider this as a positive point.


User Reviews

245. Ayush Dec 01 2023 01:40:40 AM Reply
For which company I go for
2. Deepak Chemtex
245.1. Vinay Jain Dec 01 2023 08:41:09 AM
Both are good SME IPOs. Size for AMIC is big, so will give first preferance to AMIC.
244. JAYANT Oct 23 2023 07:48:39 PM Reply
244.1. MUKESH Nov 30 2023 01:55:30 PM
Hi, did you get any leads? I am also looking for it.
243. Jay Nov 23 2023 09:35:52 AM Reply
Ipo subscription status is given wrong data.

Angel one subscription data and this data is different so please check it
242. VP Nov 22 2023 07:52:32 AM Reply

Does it make any kind of difference from which platform I am applying for the IPO? I mean what''s the best way to apply for IPO? I usually apply through the Angle Broking app and I haven''t got any IPO yet. Thanks!
242.1. CA Sachin Nov 22 2023 08:42:10 AM
No, that doesn't matter. The IPO application is important (Its can be via ASBA or UPI). With the high subscription rate, it's your luck. All the best for the next 5 IPOs.
241. Abhi Nov 16 2023 02:02:25 PM Reply
This website showed incorrect information about GMP and popularity for many IPOs including recently listed BABA IPO. You keep reducing the GMP and popularity and defraud poor investors who refer your website for authentic information. BABA IPO till the last date was on premium - how come it got listed on discount? Means your sources are fraud as well.
241.1. M V S S Narayana Nov 18 2023 08:57:28 PM
So will you please suggest any other website that provides accurate information sir
240. Hari Kishan Nagpal Nov 18 2023 08:39:19 PM Reply
Most of the GMP shown as high till it''s closing ,These sudden drop down just after closing and too much down as lists .Why ?
240.1. M V S S Narayana Nov 18 2023 08:54:32 PM
On the basis of over subscription in QIB and NII for some Ipo''s GMP increases and some Ipo''s GMP decreases I found many times
239. POTLAPALLI SAIKRISH Nov 09 2023 06:44:55 PM Reply
For baba food processing Before subscribing GMP is more than 30 % and fire ratings were 4 . Now GMP is just 7 % and only 2 fire ratings. Why it changes so drastically within just 2 days ?. Can be able to predict this ?
238. Rajinikanth Nov 06 2023 01:29:45 PM Reply
Your site providing excellent information sir, no need to searc
h any other broser, your site provide all information about ipo gmp very nice sir
238.1. rocky Nov 09 2023 04:05:25 PM
shaant rhega jyada nhi bol rha h bhai tum ab
237. CA Sachin Nov 06 2023 10:29:09 AM Reply
Cello Perfect Listing
237.1. Hiten Nov 06 2023 10:31:42 AM
Yes, Above my expecation, I was expecting 10-12% listing.
236. Shreyas Oct 27 2023 02:25:33 PM Reply
What is fire rating in GMP??!
236.1. Admin Oct 30 2023 02:59:37 PM
Fire Rating of a IPO is the measure of how popular is the IPO in terms of expected return