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Zero Brokerage Trading Accounts in India - Free Equity Delivery Brokers

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Best Zero brokerage Trading Accounts in India - Top Free Delivery Brokers

Have you ever wondered about trading at no brokerage? Well, it’s true!

Discount brokers charge a fixed flat brokerage fee while full-service brokers charge certain percentage of traded value as brokerage. But there are certain brokers who charge absolutely no brokerage on investment in stocks or offer brokerage-free delivery trading.

What is Zero Brokerage Delivery Trading Account?

A no-brokerage trading account is a trading account that allows you to invest in stocks for free or at nil brokerage fees.

Zerodha is India’s first broker who started offering free equity investment at Nil brokerage cost. After that, many other discount brokers followed the concept and started offering zero brokerage accounts.

If you want to invest in stocks, zero brokerage trading accounts are the best for you. You can place CNC orders (Cash N carry) to invest in your favourite equity shares for free.

In the delivery segment, stocks purchased are credited to the customer’s demat account within T+1 days. 100% upfront margin is required while investing in shares.

Trading in other segments including equity intraday, equity F&O, commodities, and currencies are charged at a flat fee say Rs 20 per trade.

The report compiles a list of top stock brokers offering zero brokerage trading accounts or lifetime free delivery trading to customers.

Best Free Equity Delivery Brokers in India 2023

Broker Equity Delivery Other Orders Review Request Callback
ZerodhaFreeRs 20Zerodha ReviewOpen Account
ProStocksFreeRs 15ProStocks ReviewOpen Account
Angel OneFreeRs 20Angel One ReviewOpen Account
FyersFreeRs 20Fyers ReviewOpen Account
Alice BlueFreeRs 15Alice Blue ReviewOpen Account
TradePlusOnlineFreeMax Rs 9TradePlusOnline ReviewOpen Account

Zerodha Trade@20

Want to start your investment journey, join India’s Pioneer Discount Broker – ZERODHA – Free Delivery Trade, Maximum Rs 20 for F&O and Intraday, Free Direct Mutual Fund investment.Open Zerodha Account

Zero Brokerage Trading Account Vs Zero Brokerage Plan

Many traders and investors consider these two terms to be the same thing, but they are actually different.

A zero brokerage delivery trading account refers to a trading and demat account that has absolutely no brokerage fees for delivery segment only.

Investors who want to stay invested in their favourite companies' stocks for a medium to longer duration say weeks, months, or years should definitely go with free delivery trading accounts.

On the other side, a zero brokerage plan is a pricing plan that does not charge any brokerage fee for trading in all segments.

Best Free Delivery Trading Broker

Zerodha is the most popular broker to do invest in any company listed on BSE and NSE for free. However, all intraday and F&O trades are charged at Rs 20/order fee.

ProStocks, Fyers, and Angel One are the other top brokerage-free delivery trading brokers in India.


As per financial experts, the broker's revenue mostly comes from intraday and derivative traders. Brokers do not generate huge income from delivery trading. Delivery based trading is very less, also to invest in delivery trading, the investor needs to pay 100% amount in cash. For brokers who are providing zero brokerage trading, the main source of income for them is interest on your money which is left unused in your account, as well as some brokers also do prop trading from the fund which is left out in their account.


Answer to this question is yes. Brokers like Zerodha, Prostocks, Angel Broking are 100% reliable brokers. They are regulated by SEBI and are registered members of NSE, BSE, MCX.


There are no hidden charges with a broker like Zerodha, Angel broking, Prostocks, etc. Other charges like transaction charges, STT, SEBI turnover fees, GST, stamp duty, demat charges are extra from brokerage and you need to pay as per the broker's policy. There are no other charges charged by broker like minimum brokerage or any hidden charges.


Zerodha online discount brokerage firm offers the cheapest trading plan by offering zero brokerage delivery trading and trading in other segments at a flat Rs. 20 per order brokerage. Angel One is another top brokerage firm that offers exactly same brokerage plan. Prostocks is another top discount broker that offers nil brokerage delivery trading, and charges Rs. 15 flat brokerage on equity intraday, derivatives, commodity, and currency trading.


No, Upstox does not offer zero brokerage online trading services, it charges a lower of Rs. 20 flat fee or 0.05% on the delivery segment. Customers can open Upstox Demat & Trading Account and start online trading across segments at Max Rs. 20 flat brokerage.


If you are looking to open a trading account with the lowest brokerage then you must go with discount brokers. There are a number of discount brokerage firms in India that is offering free delivery trading and charging flat brokerage in other segments.

  1. Zerodha Discount Broker
  2. Prostocks Discount Broker
  3. Angel One Discount Broker
  4. Fyers Discount Broker


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2. Ajayesh Yadavendra Sep 23 2023 06:22:25 AM Reply
Finvasia also provide zero brokerage on all segments it is India’s first commission free stock broker

Equity Intraday-0
Equity Delivery-0

Finvasia is a reliable broker regulated by SEBI
It’s earning generated from trading volume insensitive from Exchanges (NSE, BSE, MCX)