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Best Broker for Algo Trading in India

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Best Broker for Algo Trading in India

A Trading API (Application Programming Interface) allows users to create a customized front-end trading platform as per their requirements. Algo traders can get a trading API from the broker and run coded algorithms on the broker's trading platform to create their customized trading platform. An Algo trading API facilitates multiple activities like real-time order placement, track order execution, portfolio management, and more. Many brokers such as ProStocks, Zerodha, Upstox, Angel Broking, Alice Blue, Fyers, etc. are providing trading APIs for algo trading facilities to clients to give them the platform's programmatic access. Check out the list of Best broker for Algo Trading Platforms in India , based on parameters such as API subscription charges, platform functionality & features, intraday brokerage charges, etc.

What is Algo Trading?

Algo Trading or Algorithmic trading is a way to process or execute orders using automated pre-programmed trading instructions or mathematical models (algorithms). The process uses high-frequency trading technology to enable thousands of trades every second. Algo traders define their models based on variables such as price, time, and volume on their computer and once the instructions are met, orders will be placed automatically to book profits. The best part is users can build algorithms, and deploy them to place buy or sell orders.

Best Broker for Algo Trading

Broker API Info Trading API Charges Brokerage Review Request Callback
ZerodhaKite Connect APIRs 2000 PMRs 20Zerodha ReviewOpen Account
UpstoxUpstox Pro Developer APIRs 750 PMRs 20Upstox ReviewOpen Account
Angel OneAngel One Smart API FreeRs 20Angel One ReviewOpen Account
FyersFyers APIFreeRs 20Fyers ReviewOpen Account
ProStocksProstocks API - With Unlimited PlanRs 999 PMRs 15ProStocks ReviewOpen Account
5paisa5Paisa APIFreeRs 205paisa ReviewOpen Account

Zerodha Trade@20

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Alice BlueAlice Blue ANT APIFreeRs 15Alice Blue ReviewOpen Account

Best Broker for Algo Trading in India - Conclusion

ProStocks is the best broker for Algo Trading because the broker's Star API is available at just Rs. 1000/month API subscription fee. The best part is that Prostocks Unlimited Trading Plan offers free intraday trading at just Rs. 899/month. Thus, a trader can execute a number of intraday trades across segments at Rs. 0 intraday brokerage charges.

Besides this, Zerodha Kite API and Upstox Pro Developer API are available for algo trading platform using programming languages i.e. Python, Java, PHP, etc. The broker charges Max Rs. 20 per order brokerage on all intraday trades.


A trading API is a key that allows users to create their frontend platform using third-party trading software. Customers can get API access from brokers to define algorithms based on their requirements and start high-frequency algorithm trading.

Many brokers like Prostocks, Zerodha, Upstox offer their trading platform API key access to users to build customized trading software. Prostocks Star API is among the best trading APIs with unlimited plan at just Rs. 899/month.


Many brokers including a discount as well as full-service brokers allow API for Algo trading facility to clients. Zerodha, Upstox, Angel One, Sharekhan, Fyers, Prostocks are among a few of the brokers who offer API for Algo Trading to customers. Prostocks Star API is one of the best one in terms of cost for algo trades. You can opt for Prostocks Unlimited Trading Plan with your Algo trading API. With that you can lock your monthly charges to approx Rs 2000 for API and Brokerage.

Zerodha (Kite API) and Upstox (Pro Developer API) also offer trading API to customers. The broker charges Max Rs. 20/per order brokerage fee on intraday and F&O trades.


Star API by ProStocks is the lowest-cost trading API in India. It is a set of HTTP APIs to give programmatic access to developers to build customized trading platforms. Customers can subscribe to Prostocks are among a few of the brokers who offer API for Algo Trading to customers. Prostocks Star API to start Algo Trading.

Algo Traders can activate the ProStocks Unlimited Trading Plan that charges zero brokerage on all intraday trades (Equity and F&O) by paying a monthly fee of Rs. 899. Thus, the plan eliminates the need to pay brokerage on every intraday trade and saves brokerage costs. ProStocks also offers Advanced orders like BO (Bracket order) and CO (Cover order) in API.

ProStocks Star API Charges

API Algo trading Charges
Trading API cost Rs. 1000 per month
Historical Data API charges Rs. 1000 per month


Yes, Zerodha is India’s largest discount brokerage firm that offers the Kite flagship trading platform in mobile app, web, and API form. It’s Kite Connect API is a set of HTTP/JSON APIs to build a super-fast full-fledged trading platform and run algo trading. Zerodha provides Kite API at just Rs. 2000/per month subscription charges. The broker charges Rs. 20 per order or 0.03% whichever is lower intraday brokerage.

Customers can also access the Zerodha Streak algo trading platform to run, backtest, and deploy algo trading strategies.


Many Brokers like , Angel One, Sharekhan, Fyers offers FREE Algo trading APIs such as who provides Zero cost trading API Keys at a nil subscription fee. The Trading APIs allow customers to create algo trading strategies, manage the portfolio, execute orders in real-time, and more.


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