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Best Brokers for 3 in 1 Demat and Trading Account in India

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Best Brokers for 3 in 1 Demat Account in India

A 3-in-1 account is a combination of Bank saving A/c, Trading A/c, and Demat A/c. Many brokers offer 3-in-1 account opening services to customers to allow hassle-free fund transfer for seamless trading and investment. Are you looking to open a 3-in-1 Trading account then you are at the right place. The report here provides you with the best 3-in-1 Demat account Online

Before selecting any broker, don't forget to compare the brokers account opening charges, Demat AMC fees, brokerage charges, and the number of active clients and . After careful analysis, choose the best brokers to open a 3-in-1 account.

What is a 3-in-1 Account: Meaning

A 3-in-1 Account, as the name itself, integrates 3 separate accounts; Demat + Trading + Bank A/c, detailed below;

  1. 3-in-1 Demat Account: Demat account with CDSL or NSDL is required to store shares and other securities. When you buy/sell a share or security in the stock market, it is credited/debited to your Demat account. In this way, the Demat account stores all transaction records for each security/stock.
  2. 3-in-1 Trading account: It enables users to buy or sell securities across segments. Your trading account must have the required capital to buy shares, and when you sell shares, the amount of those shares will be credited to your trading account. and,
  3. Bank Savings Account for fund transfer or to finance the trading account.

Thus, any broker who is a part of any banking group or has partnered with banks can offer a 3-in-1 Demat Account opening facility to customers. Not only Indian residents but also NRI (Non-Resident Individuals) customers can open 3-in-1 account by opening NRE or NRO bank account with PIS letter from RBI.

Best Brokers for 3-in-1 Account in India

Full-service brokers who are a part of bank provide the facility to open a 3-in-1 account online. ICICI Direct, one of the largest full-service brokers offers ICICI Direct 3-in-1 Trading Account to residents as well as NRIs. The account facilitates online trading & investment in equity, F&O, commodities, currency, IPO, FD, NCDs, wealth management products, bonds, etc. Other leading stockbrokers like HDFC Sec, Kotak Sec, and SBI Cap also facilitate customers to open a 3-in-1 Demat account online in a paperless manner.

Nowadays, many leading discount brokers like Zerodha, Upstox, etc., have also partnered with banks to avail of 3-in-1 account services to users. Zerodha has collaborated with IDFC First Bank to provide Zerodha IDFC 3 in 1 account while Upstox has partnered with IndusInd bank to offer IndusStox 3-in-1 account facility to users. You can select the best 3-in-1 Demat account by comparatively analyzing the brokerage charges, account opening charges, Demat AMC, etc.

Opening a 3-in-1 account with full-service brokers provides you access to research reports, trading tips, and other services but charges high brokerage.

However, discount brokers offer you a trading platform to trade in different segments at a flat brokerage model. Thus, the brokerage charge is comparatively lower than traditional bank-based brokers.

Before account opening, don’t forget to check the applicable charges including demat and trading account opening charge, Demat maintenance charge, brokerage charge, etc.

You can select the best 3-in-1 Demat account by comparatively analyzing the brokerage charges, account opening charges, Demat AMC, etc.

Best Stock Brokers for 3-in-1 Account in India

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Zerodha offers 3-in-1 account in partnership with IDFC First Bank. You can open Zerodha IDFC Bank 3-in-1 Account is a combination of Zerodha Demat and Trading account and IDFC First Bank account.

Zerodha ReviewOpen Account

Upstox has partnered with IndusInd Bank to offer Upstox 3-in-1 account, also called Indusstox 3-in-1 account facility to customers.

Upstox ReviewOpen Account

ICICI Direct 3-in-1 account is a joint offering by ICICI Bank Ltd and I-Sec that integrates the Trading account (maintained by I-Sec), Bank account (maintained by ICICI Bank Ltd) and beneficiary demat account (maintained by ICICI Bank Ltd in its capacity as a Depository Participant). This feature makes ICICI Direct the most popular share broker in India. Invest in equity, derivatives, currency, ETFs, Bonds, NCD, mutual fund and IPOs with no paperwork.

ICICIDirect Review😞😞😞
Kotak Securities

Kotak Securities is a part of Kotak Mahindra Bank that offers Kotak Trinity 3-in-1 Account, a platform that combines Kotak Mahindra Bank A/c, Kotak Sec Demat Account, and Kotak Sec Trading Account.

Kotak Securities ReviewOpen Account
SBICAP Securities

You will need a saving account with SBI Bank Ltd that will be linked to SBISmart trading account for online investing. The savings/current account will be held with SBI, while Demat and Online Trading account will be held on the books of SBI Cap Securities Ltd. SBI is the most popular bank for an online demat account.

Account Opening Fee for all three accounts with SBICAP securities is Rs 850 for individual and Rs 1000 for non-individual.

SBICAP Securities Review😞😞😞

Axis Direct offers you a 3-in-1 Online Investment Account which is a perfect combination of a Savings Account with Axis Bank, Trading Account and Demat Account with Axis Direct, all rolled into one. The account allows you to trade online at as well as place orders over the phone through our "Trade-on-Phone" services.

Account opening charges for the AxisDirect Investment Kit is Rs 1,275.

AxisDirect Review😞😞😞

Zerodha Trade@20

Want to start your investment journey, join India’s Pioneer Discount Broker – ZERODHA – Free Delivery Trade, Maximum Rs 20 for F&O and Intraday, Free Direct Mutual Fund investment.Open Zerodha Account

3-in-1 Account Opening Benefits

Customers can open a 3-in-1 account with top brokers to keep payins and payouts under one umbrella entity and get the following benefits;

  • Hassle-free fund transfer between trading and your bank account.
  • Paperless 3-in-1 account opening process with a single form.
  • A 3-in-1 account with full-service brokers offers value-added services i.e. research, market news, etc.
  • Amount not used in the saving account keeps earning interest.
  • Online IPO and Mutual fund investment.
  • NRI 3-in-1 account comprising NRI Bank account with PIS + NRI Demat Account + NRI Trading Account

Best 3-in-1 Account in India - Final Verdict

If you want to open a 3-in-1 Demat Account while at the same time looking for the cheapest brokerage charges, then undoubtedly, Zerodha is the best discount broker. You can open an IDFC bank saving account and integrate it with Zerodha 2-in-1 (Demat + Trading Account). The broker charges Rs. 300 Demat AMC fee on a quarterly basis. However, if you are a beginner or first-time trader or investor then it is recommended to open an account with full-service brokers. ICICI 3-in-1 trading account is the most recommended stock broker that offers a wide range of trading & investment products and the best online trading platforms. Full-service brokers offer research & advisory, and trading tips & recommendations to assist you to make better investment decisions.


A 3-in-1 account is an integrated account of 3 accounts; Demat account + Trading account + Bank Saving Account. Demat account to store securities, trading account to purchase & sell securities (i.e. share, bonds, mutual funds, etc), and bank account is required to seamlessly deposit and withdraw funds.


A few of the leading discount brokers have partnered with banking groups to provide a 3-in-1 account opening facility to clients. Here is a list of top discount brokers offering 3-in-1 trading accounts;


Yes, Zerodha IDFC is the best 3-in-1 Demat account. The discount broker charges Rs. 200 account opening fee and Rs. 300 Demat annual maintenance fee. Zerodha 3-in-1 account offers the following benefits;

  • Paperless account opening process.
  • Zero brokerage delivery trading.
  • Rs. 20 flat brokerages on all intraday and F&O trades.
  • Kite flagship trading platform in the website and mobile app versions.
  • Seamless fund transfer between trading and IDFC bank saving a/c.
  • Free direct mutual fund investment at Rs. 0 brokerage on Coin platform.
  • Apply for IPO online.


ICICI is the best bank to open a 3-in-1 account. ICICI Direct 3-in-1 trading account offers clients the facility to interlink Demat, Trading, and ICICI Bank account. The 3-in-1 Account by ICICI Direct facilitates online trading & investment in shares, futures & options, commodities, currencies, IPO, mutual funds, IPOs, and other financial products.

Its ICICI Neo Zero brokerage plan is a revolutionary plan that offers free futures trading while charging Rs. 20 per order on equity intraday, futures, commodity, and currency trading.


Zerodha is India’s number 1 or the best broker to open a 3-in-1 account online. The broker has joined hands with IDFC First Bank to offer an integrated 3-in-1 account; Saving + Demat + Trading A/c. The broker charges Rs. 300 annual maintenance charge on the Demat account.

Kite web and mobile app are the online trading platforms to trade online. Zerodha IDFC 3-in-1 account offers free delivery trading (investment in stocks) and charges flat Rs. 20 per order brokerage on equity intraday, F&O, commodity, and currency segment. Customers can also invest in direct mutual funds for free, and apply for IPO, buyback, and rights issues.


The 3-in-1 account was useful when online fund transfer was not popular. With NEFT, RTGS, and UPI, all brokers provide an instant fund transfer facility from your bank account to your trading account. In such a case, we recommend users to open a 2-in-1 account with a discount brokerage and take advantage of low brokerage and commission.

The only issue is with payout time, which will take up to 24 hrs with 2-in-1 brokers, but if you plan your finance, you can save a good amount in brokerage.


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