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Zerodha Bracket Order

Zerodha Bracket Order is a special order where you can place 3 orders bundled in one, thus, you can enter a new position along with a target price and stop-loss together. The discount broker Zerodha provides a bracket order placement facility to users on Zerodha Kite and Zerodha Kite mobile app. BO is allowed only for intraday trading and all BO is auto squared off automatically and it is only available on NSE and NSE F&O and not available on BSE stocks, commodity, and currency segment.

Steps to place bracket order on Zerodha;

  • Log in with your Zerodha account on the kite platform.
  • Add the scrip to the market watch.
  • In case of a buy order, click on the “B”, however, if you want to short your position, then click on the “S” option.
  • Zerodha-Bracket-Order

  • A buy order window will open, click on the “more options”.
  • Zerodha-Bracket-Order-On-Kite

  • Now, select “BO” and enter details such as quantity, price, target price, and stop loss.
  • How-to-Place-Zerodha-Bracket-Order-On-Kite

  • The bracket order is placed successfully.

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