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Zerodha Streak Algo Trading Platform Review

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Zerodha Streak Algo Trading Platform Review, Features, Charges, Demo

Zerodha Streak 3.0 is an Algo Trading Platform that is available in both the web and mobile app versions. The Streak platform allows users to create their trading strategy, back-test it, and execute the strategy. It is the first Algo Trading Platform to automate your trade with no prior knowledge of programming and coding, therefore, best for retail traders. Walkthrough with the complete review of Zerodha Streak Algo Trading Platform including its features, charges, Streak mobile app, and more.

Zerodha Streak Algo Trading Platform Features

  • Interactive user interface.
  • Multiple technical indicators are provided in the platform.
  • Advanced back-testing tools to test trading strategies over historical data.
  • Huge historical data to perform effective back-testing.
  • Easy Algo trading in 3 simple steps; create, backtest, and deploy.
  • Multiple entries and exit conditions for trading strategies.
  • Add up to 20 scrips together in the Scrip basket to perform analysis.
  • Real-time deployment up to 20 scrips simultaneously.
  • Set active triggers and notifications.

Zerodha Streak Algo Trading Steps

Algo trading with Zerodha Streak can be started in 3 simple steps, here are the details:

  • 1st Create: At the first step, users need to create a custom Algo trading strategy using 70+ different technical indicators for the particular stock. The step doesn’t require users to write any coding.
  • 2nd Backtest: Once the Algo strategy is created, at this stage, users can backtest his/her strategy multiple time over different timeframes in the historical period. The step helps users to examine that how well the particular strategy works for a stock.
  • 3rd Deploy: Once the entered Algo trading strategy conditions are met, then you will be notified with an Alert to execute the strategy. The platform allows live or virtual trading in stocks, futures, commodities, and currency contracts.

Zerodha Streak charges

Zerodha Streak provides its 7-day free trial with 20 backtest per day, 20 scans per day, and 2 live Algo deployments at a time restricted to a maximum of 50 backtests 50 scans, and 5 deploys. After the trial period, it has 3 paid subscription plans that are Basic, Premium, and Ultimate.

Check here the Zerodha Streak charges for various plans.

Plans Charges Backtesting per day Scans per day Deloyment MCX
Basic Plan Rs. 500 per month +GST 200 100 25 No
Premium Plan Rs. 900 per month +GST 500 Unlimited 50 No
Ultimate Plan Rs. 1,400 per month +GST 1000 Unlimited 100 Yes

Basic and Premium plans are not available for MCX whereas Ultimate Streak Plan is available for MCX and also comes with unlimited scans, 1000 backtesting, 100 deployments, 10 entry & exit conditions, and many more.

Zerodha Streak Login

  • Go to
  • On the top right side, click on the Login option.
  • Now, select “Kite” as a platform and enter Kite login credentials.
  • Once entered, you will be logged in to the Streak platform.

Zerodha Streak Algo Trading Demo

Streak Zerodha demo provides a complete snapshot of how to use the platform features like Streak scanner, chart patterns, support & resistance level, volume analysis, etc. to start algo trading with Zerodha.

Zerodha Streak Mobile App

Zerodha facilitates algo trading at your fingertips through the Streak Algo trading app. The Streak mobile app can be downloaded on Android and iOS devices from Google Playstore and the App Store.

Zerodha Streak Pros and Cons

Check here the Zerodha Streak charges for various plans.

Pros/Advantages Cons/Disadvantages
  • Start Algo Trading without coding or programming knowledge.
  • 70+ technical indicators and tools are available.
  • 7-Day free trial is allowed.
  • Available in the web as well as Streak mobile app.
  • Multiple subscription plans i.e. Basic, Premium, and Ultimate as per users choice.
  • Track the real-time market movement and get alerts and notifications.
  • Streak is not a free Algo Trading Platform, as the broker charges a monthly fee to use it.
  • Streak by Zerodha Algo trading platform is not available for currency trading.
  • Streak basic and premium plan subscribers can't use Algo Trading on Commodity trading (MCX) segment.

Zerodha Streak Review: Final Thought

    There are a number of Algorithm Trading Platforms available in India but the main obstacle for traders is that they don’t have good programming knowledge. Thus, in this respect, Zerodha Streak is the best Algo Trading Platform for retail traders without any coding knowledge. Despite knowing the fact that is Streak is a paid platform, its Algo trading facility without coding requirements is of great importance for Algo traders. Further, Streak mobile app facilitates users to start Algo trading on their fingertips anytime anywhere.

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Last updated on 7th Jul 2023

Reference Topics

Zerodha Algo Trading


No, Streak is not an automated trading platform, it is a semi-automated algo trading platform. You can create algos and deploy them in the market and receive a one-click order placement notification. Zerodha does not allow fully automated trading and this is the main drawback of the platform.



The Streak Platform can be accessed over web browser or user can download the Streak mobile app on Android and iOS. If you are a zerodha customer then you can login to the Zerodha Streak platform using Kite login credential, otherwise, can login with Facebook or Google account.



Zerodha streak is a safe platform to use with secured login encryption. Further, Zerodha is a member of SEBI, BSE, NSE, MCX, and CDSL therefore, regulated by all the regulatory authorities regularly.



You can only trade on NSE Stock exchange using Zerodha Streak Platform.



Zerodha Streak platform Ultimate plan is available to perform algo-trading in commodities (MCX) segment.



Streak Platform does not support arbitrage trading.



More than 60 technical Indicators are available and more will be introduced soon.



Yes, you can design your own strategy using the Zerodha Streak Strategy creator.



You can define your Strategy Conditions using Standard Candle OHLC values and technical Indicators.



Zerodha Streak 3.0 is an Algo trading platform to facilitate automated trading facilities to users. Using the Streak platform, users can design their own Algos, backtest it, and apply the strategy on intraday trading. The best part is that Zerodha Streak enables users to perform algorithm trading without even having any programming or coding knowledge as the platform doesn’t require any coding. To start Algo trading with Zerodha, initially, users can access the free 7 day trial period and later, can subscribe to any plan among Basic, Premium, and Ultimate as per their requirements.



No, Zerodha provides a 7-day free trial to users to use the Streak platform to perform up to 20 backtesting, 20 scans, and 2 live deployments. Thereafter, the platform charges a nominal fee per month + GST from users to continue its usage.

Zerodha Streak Subscription Plans

  1. Basic Plan: Up to 200 backtesting per day and 25 live algos at a time are free for Zerodha clients till 31st July 2018. However, it will be charged at Rs 500 +GST per month from 1st August onwards.
  2. Premium Plan: Up to 500 backtesting per day and 50 live algos at a time at Rs 900 +GST per month.
  3. Ultimate Plan: Up to 1000 backtesting per day and 100 live algos at a time and 30 mins call with an expert at Rs 1400 +GST per month.

Above 3 Streak subscription plans comes with different features and benefits, customers are free to choose anyone.



Algo Trading with Zerodha Streak can be done in 3 simple steps;

  1. Login to the Streak platform web or mobile app.
  2. Create or set up an algorithm.
  3. Backtest the algorithm designed.
  4. Apply the Algo trading.



Yes, Zerodha provides Streak Mobile app that is available on Play store as well as the App Store to download the app on Android and iOS devices.



In October 2020, Zerodha has launched all new Streak 4.0 mobile app. The completely redesigned platform comes with below features;

  • Elegant and intuitive user interface.
  • Technical snapshot of each stock, you want to trade in.
  • Strategies with My strategies, My Picks, and Discover options.
  • 2 in-built Basic and Advanced create strategy options.
  • Scanners to scan market, sector, or stocks.
  • Orderbook, portfolio, and profile details.



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