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Fyers Algo Trading-API and API Bridge

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Fyers Algo Trading | Trading API | API Bridge

Fyers main focus for Algo traders is to provide the best access for API as well as API Bridge to get them an advanced level of automated trading experience.

Differance between Fyers Trading API and API Bridge?

Fyers API is mainly for Algo Trading. With API, one can deploy algorithmic trading strategies, build own innovative trading platform or align specific requirements and trading logic and execute trades through Fyers. Access to Fyers API is free of cost for its customers.

Where Fyers API Bridge is a application. This application can be integrated with the Fyers order management engine through its Trading API to place orders or requests from the front-end charting/Algo platform. API Bridge can be integrated with external application to get strategies for automated trading with Fyers Trading API.


If your programming skill and data analysis ability is good and wants to make trading strategies on your own, then the Fyers brought you an API Bridge that can integrate with many popular applications and software. In this platform, you can access the data from the 3rd party tools through the signals as the signal is received in the API Bridge your trade get starts to work. To check whether the signal’s functionality works properly or not you can choose the trading mode as “ paper trading” in which you do demo trading in the live real-time market. When you assure that your algorithm works fine then you can start real-time trading with real money. This planning will help you to advance and automate your trading.

You can enhance algorithm-based trading by accessing 3rd party resources and can set your strategies for trading. You can track live market updates and news, live charting, and pricing indexes along with indicators. The algo-based trading platform works without human intervention that’s why the chances of losing any trading opportunity will reduced. Your trade gets automatically executed as your desired condition meets against the market and you don’t need to keep up in the market time.

Why choose Algo trading with Fyers?

The Fyers provides a free-of-cost API or Rs 3600 Annual fee for the Fyers API Bridge, which can be easily integrated with other trading tools and software. It takes less space and runs very smoothly without legging. Each order for every trade executes fast in the Fyers API platform. You can set many kinds of orders through the API Bridge like: Limit Order, GTT, AMO, SL/ TP, etc.

Fyers API gives you the additional benefits of using a demo account for trading in which you can use dummy tokens for trading in a real-time market so that your trading concept gets clear and when you are 100% sure about your strategies then you can trade with the real amount.

Fyers provides you with easy integration with other apps or resources like: Ninja Trader, TradingView, Amibroker, etc.

Benefits of using Algo trading:

  • The trade goes seamlessly because it works without human intervention.
  • Make your strategies without any programming skills.
  • Boost the trading speed.
  • Live market updates and economics news.
  • Live charting prices and indexes.
  • Manage the portfolio/ risk dynamically
  • Deploy your trading strategies among people.

How to Start Algo trading with Fyers API?

You can gear up your trading strategy by using the Fyers API Bridge, to make your own trading platform using Fyers follow the process:

  1. Create an account in the Fyers.
  2. Make a request for accessing the Fyers Trading API.
  3. Then subscribe to the API Bridge.
  4. After subscription, you will get login credentials.
  5. Now integrate your desired platforms and start trading.

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Last updated on 15th Feb 2023


When you create an app then you will see the Fyers API ID and secret key on the API dashboard, without these keys and passwords you can�t connect with other trading application�s API.


Trading API is free with no additional charges. To use Fyers API bridge, you need to pay an annual fee of Rs 3500 or Rs 500 per month. it can be linked with Historical Data APIs, Trading APIs, and Real-Time Data APIs.


Fyers API Bridge support Bracket Order, Cover Order, AMO, Limit Order, etc. You can place up to 10 orders in 1 API call.


Yes, Fyers API Bridge supports Amibroker. To integrate Fyers API Bridge with the Amibroker you need to follow the steps:

  • Download the setup file for “API Bridge” and after that install it.
  • Log in to the “API Bridge”.
  • Go to “Tools” and then click on the “Application Setting”, now move to “Signal Source”.
  • Add the broker’s path & save it.
  • Now open the Amibroker application and select “Preference” under the “Tools” menu.
  • Click on the “Intraday” and then turn on the radio button of “START” time interval &
  • Copy the code of the “Sample. AFL” file to the “Formula Editor” in the Amibroker application.
  • Go to API Bridge and then select the mode, you can choose “Paper Trading” for placing live orders.
  • Now you are ready to trade with the integration of Amibroker.


Yes, you can delete any existing API. the steps to delete API on Fyers platform:-

  • Log in to the Fyers API with valid credentials.
  • Go to the Dashboard where you will see all your APIs.
  • Select the API which you want to delete.
  • Hit the delete button to cancel the App permanently.


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