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InvesTiger Stock Basket By Sharekhan

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Sharekhan InvesTiger  Wealth Creator Product| Stock Baskets by Sharekhan Research Desk

InvesTiger is a Wealth Creator Product, in the form of Stock Baskets, managed by the Sharekhan Research Desk. One needs to choose his own set of stocks, you can customize your basket. Take action (Exit or New Entry) on your script by yourself when Sharekhan’s Research desk gives an action plan.

Lets understand InvesTiger in details with a few general questions:

  • Should you invest your money by yourself or take services from financial advisor?
  • What problem does Stock Basket(InvesTiger) solve at what cost?
  • What different backets are available with Sharekhan's InvesTiger?
  • Advantages of Stock Baskets
  • How can I start investing in InvesTiger?

Should you invest your money by yourself or take services from financial advisor?

InvesTiger is solving problems from both sides where you don’t have to invest money by yourself as well as you don’t have to hire a financial advisor.

Sharekhan Research Team has designed stock baskets for investors. These baskets are actively tracked by the research desk and publish alerts for any action. Take advantage of timely entry and timely exit from any script in your stock basket by 2-step order placement.

To offer this service Sharekhan is charging only 0.5% brokerage. No professional charges or profit sharing like wealth products.

Why to Choose Sharekhan InvesTiger

  • Strong stocks are pick-up to make you ahead in the stock market.
  • Get instant stock basket alerts and easy 2-step order placement
  • Timely Entry, Timely Exit – With Sharekhan experts at your side, investing becomes smarter!
  • With InvesTiger, you can simply choose a basket, invest and relax!
  • Both Thematic and Premier investments are available to you.

What problem does Stock Basket (InvesTiger) solve at what cost?

In today`s busy lifestyle, we want to invest in the equity market, but due to a lack of time, analysis, and proper entry and exit strategy, we are not getting a good return on our investment. Lots of third parties, social media, and TV anchors are recommending it, but it’s very difficult for individual investors to match the exact timing.

To become a disciplined investor, investors have left with very limited options like Mutual Funds, Equity SIP.

Stock Basket is like lumpsum investment in Mutual Funds. The only difference is that you know which scripts you are investing in and in how much ratio. You can customize your ratio if you want.

This product is good for long-term investors. Sharekhan Research desk has done the groundwork for you and built a portfolio of 8 to 10 scripts for each basket in an appropriate ratio.

You have complete control over your investment. You can track the real-time performance of your investment, and withdraw fully or partially at any time.

Stock Basket takes 0.5% or 50 paisa commission for each buy and sells transaction. Brokerage charges are higher compared to Discount brokerage plans.

As per the company, the brochure subscription fee for InvesTiger is Rs 999 Annually, but limited period offer  - Annual Fee Waived off for the 1st Year.

What different buckets are available with Sharekhan’s InvesTiger?

As of now, Sharekhan InvesTiger is offering 2 main strategies and 6 stock baskets.

Investment Portfolio as of July 2022

Premier Stock Basket

This basket is to create wealth by investing in high-quality structural growth stocks.

Basket Name Minimum Amount No of Stocks Risk
Top Picks 1,00,000 Rs 11 Balanced
Power Portfolio 1,00,000 Rs 10 Balanced
Star Portfolio 1,00,000 Rs 10 Balanced
  • Top Picks: Mix of large-cap, mid, and small-cap stocks. Portfolio Review once in a month.
  • Power Portfolio: a large-cap-oriented portfolio.
  • Star Portfolio: A well-balanced multi-cap portfolio.

Thematic Stock Basket

This basket is meant for the medium term, with an emphasis on capitalizing on select themes or macro trends.

Basket Name Minimum Amount No of Stocks Risk
Export Picks 50,000 Rs 9 Aggressive
MNC Picks 80,000 Rs 8 Conservative
Economic Recovery Picks 50,000 Rs 10 Balanced
  • Export Picks: Companies that are depend on exports
  • MNC Picks: Basket with MNC Companies with a dominant market share within their area.
  • Economic Recovery Picks: List of multi-cap stocks which will ride the recovery in the economy.

How to Invest with InvesTiger

InvesTiger helps you identify and track the right stocks from the right sectors and act on your investments in a timely manner with just a few clicks. Before investing through InvesTiger, you need to open an account with Sharekhan, one of India's most reputed stock brokers. Now transfer the money into the account so that you can invest in the researched portfolio/stocks. Once you transfer the money to the InvesTiger account, follow the instructions to invest:

  • Open the InvesTiger and go to the Investment Portfolio
  • Pick the portfolio on basis of given information about that plan like : return since inception number, stock in portfolio, risk status and many more.
  • Click on investment button and you will get all the details of stocks and its ratio in the portfolio.
  • To place the order you need to confirm the order at the order execution page.
  • After that, your order will be placed successfully.

Transfer funds in Investiger App

Follow the process the transfer the fund in your InvesTiger App through which you can start investing in the recommended stock/portfolio or your own customized portfolio.

  • Open the InvesTiger App and click on the fund menu in the bottom bar.
  • Now you will be given 3 options :
    • Add Funds
    • Withdraw Funds
    • Allocate Funds
  • Funds can be directly transfer from your Sharekhan mapped bank account to InvesTiger account.
  • If you want to add funds then Enter the amount in Rs and select the bank through which balance come into your InvesTiger account.
  • Now select the payment transaction method from : UPI ID or Netbanking.
  • Proceed with clicking on “Transfer Funds” button.
  • Enter OTP code to transfer the fund successfully.

Download Sharekhan InvesTiger App

Click on this link to download the InvesTiger App which is Sharekhan’s solid portfolio/ stocks investment platform.

Download Sharekhan InvesTiger App on Android

Download Sharekhan InvesTiger App on iOS devices

Advantages of InvesTiger Sharekhan Stock Baskets

  • No Lock in period
  • No Exit Load – You can Fully or partially withdraw your investment at any time at no additional cost
  • No Profit sharing.
  • Charges - .5% or 50 paisa brokerage + Other equity delivery charges.
  • Actively monitored Stock Baskets – by the best of Sharekhan’s Research team
  • Timely entry and exit calls
  • More plans (Baskets) will be added in the future.

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