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Sharekhan Trade Tiger Terminal Review, Features, charges, Download,

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Sharekhan Trade  Tiger Review

Sharekhan Trade Tiger is one of the best trading terminals in India. It is the most popular and highly used desktop trading platform by traders to trade and invest across multiple asset classes. Let’s discuss more about Trade Tiger by Sharekhan like is it free or paid platform, why to trade using Trade Tiger software, its demo, and more.

To trade with Trade Tiger Terminal, what you need to do is install the software on a laptop or desktop device. The desktop trading software allows you to trade in equity, equity derivatives, currencies, and commodities segments. It has the best-in-class features for professional traders from stock scanners to Market Heatmaps, advanced chart studies, technical indicators, and a lot more.

Read the complete Sharekhan Trade Tiger Review in detail including its top-notch features, charges, demo, and how to set up or download the terminal.

Sharekhan Trade Tiger Trading Terminal

Sharekhan is one of the renowned names in the full-service broking space. The broker provides multiple online platforms including mobile app, web, and desktop trading software.

Trade Tiger is Sharekhan’s advanced online desktop trading platform launched years back in 2007. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, the Trade Tiger software has every kind of feature for you.

From advanced charting features and trading from the chart to tools like Heatmap, technical indicators, stock scanner, one click filter, news and research, and advanced orders are available on the Trade Tiger platform.

It can be downloaded on devices of all shapes, bandwidths, and sizes and provides seamless and hassle-free investment experience to everyone.

Sharekhan Trade Tiger Terminal charges

Now you might be worried about the charges applicable to use to the Trade Tiger terminal. No worry, Sharekhan provides Trade Tiger platform to its users absolutely free of charge. There is no annual charge or subscription fee to use the platform.

To trade using Trade Tiger software, you must have an active trading and demat account with the broker. On your Demat account, you have to pay demat maintenance fee to the stockbroker.

Do not have a trading account with Sharekhan, open Sharekhan account now.

Sharekhan Trade Tiger Features

It is the features that make the platform great to use for trading and investing. The high-speed Trade Tiger terminal comes together with lots of prominent features that make your trading journey as simple and speedy like never before.

Check out the most important features offered by Sharekhan Trade Tiger software;

1. Trade at multiple exchange

Trade in equity cash, intraday, futures & options, currencies, and commodities segment on BSE, NSE, MCX, and NCDEX. Whether you are an equity trader or commodity trader, you can install the Trade Tiger terminal to trade using desktop or laptop.

2. Heatmap and Stock Scanner

Get market view with the Market Heatmaps, identify new highs & lows on a single click with one-click filter, identify market movers and shakers with dynamic one-click filter, and spot trading opportunities using stock scanner.

Traders can also create upto 5 watchlists and add maximum of 50 stocks in each watchlists to track price movement. You can view 10-level buy and sell marketdepth.

3. Advance Charting and indicators

Charting feature in Trade Tiger is made quite easily accessible. You can open chartbook to navigate between different types of charts and plot entry, target & exit lines directly on chart with trading from charts feature. You can also view multiple charts on a single desktop screen to gauge the price trend and take right trading decision.

The Trade Tiger provides 30-90 intraday and daily charts since inception and you can apply 30+ technical indicators and drawing tools to analyze share price.

Some of the most used technical studies or tools include Relative Strength Index (RSI), Super Trend, Ichimoku, etc.

4. Advanced orders

Traders can place a lot of advanced trading orders with Sharekhan. Here are the most important orders for traders;

  1. Bulk order: Place multiple orders with just a single click
  2. Predefined order Quantity: Create an order to define order quantity by trade value, current market price (CMP), or absolute number.
  3. Big Trade: It is a high leverage intraday product with upto 10 times of exposure available.
  4. Trailing Stoploss: Never miss an opportunity by trailing your orders along with markets.

5. Advanced Option chain

Option traders can get option chain quotes with more than 30 trading strategies. They can also check portfolio Greeks, view pay-off charts, and other relevant data.

6. Trade Tiger with Amibroker

Traders can integrate Trade Tiger terminal with Amibroker. It is a great platform for algo trading to create trading strategies and backtest it.

7. Trade from MS Excel

You can export real-time or live market streaming quotes into excel and trade or place orders directly from MS Excel.

8. News and Research

Sharekhan being a full-service stockbroker has an expert team who provides research report and recommendations to all users. You can get live market news, trading tips, and research recommendations from expert’s desk on the Trade Tiger terminal.

The software keeps you updated with all the upcoming events like earnings release, corporate events, and other events.

9. Shortcut Keys

The powerful desktop trading software has many keyboard shortcut keys or hot keys to view charts, open multiple charts, check positions, and other features instantly. There is also an option to customize language preference, theme layout, etc.

How to download or setup Sharekhan Trade Tiger Terminal?

Visit to the Sharekhan official website and check the Trade Tiger under their “Products” section. Once you go to the Trade Tiger page, you will be able to check its features and demo videos as well.

Simply tap on the Trade Tiger option to unleash the power of ultimate desktop trading platform. Now, scroll the page and simply click on download to install the software.

Just click here to set up the Trade Tiger Terminal on any laptop or desktop devices.

You require a system with windows 7 operating system & above with RAM and Disk Space of 2 GB to get the software. To trade hassle-free, the system required an internet connection of atleast 64 kbps.

Click to download sharekhan Trade Tiger Terminal

Sharekhan Trade Tiger Pros and Cons

Here are the benefits of using Trade Tiger Terminal for trading and investment;

  • Trade Tiger is a great platform for advanced traders with an unbeatable speed and performance
  • It is a free platform for Sharekhan users.
  • Trade at any exchange; NSE, BSE, or MCX
  • Place bulk order, Big trade order, trailing stop-loss order, GTD order, Bracket order, etc.
  • Advanced tools like Heatmaps, stock scanner, one-click filter, etc.
  • Advanced technical studies and charts

There are several disadvantages or drawbacks too of Sharekhan Trade Tiger software. Here are the details;

  • Since its launch in 2007, the platform is still not available for iOS device that is a major drawback.
  • It requires good internet connection to trade or invest without hassle.

Final thoughts on Sharekhan Trade Tiger

Trade Tiger is a high-speed, fast, and feature-rich desktop based software application. Whether you are an equity trader or derivative trader, the platform has the best of its kind features for everyone.

From powerful charting to trading from charts, advanced option chain, market scanning, one-click order placement, faster order execution, advanced orders and news & research recommendations, all are offered on the Trade Tiger trading terminal.

If you are a day trader, F&O trader, or high-volume trader, you should definitely trade using Trade Tiger.

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Last updated on 21st Jul 2023

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