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Sharekhan Products & Services Review 2024

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Sharekhan Product and Services
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Sharekhan offers equity trading, derivatives trading, currency trading, IPO, mutual funds, bonds, and Portfolio Management Services (PMS). The full-service broking firm facilitates both the Indians as well as NRIs to trade with Sharekhan. Apart from this, customers can also avail of many value-added services such as access to Sharekhan research & recommendations, trading calls, loan against securities, pattern finder tool, Dial-n-trade, refer & earn, etc. Furthermore, online tutorials through learning video, audio, classrooms, etc. are provided to educate people on the stock market. Scroll down the page further to get a complete Sharekhan Products & Services review.

Sharekhan Equity Trading

    Sharekhanbeing a registered stock exchange member of NSE and BSE offers equity cash as well as delivery-based trading on both the exchanges. Anyone who has opened Sharekhandemat and trading account can trade-in more than thousands of stocks on BSE and NSE.

Sharekhan Derivative Trading

    Derivative or trading in the F&O segment is also available with Sharkehan. Sharekhan customers are allowed to trade-in equity derivative on BSE and NSE. Trading in derivative doesn’t require to pay full margin upfront as users just need to pay a small amount, called margin money.

Sharekhan Commodity Trading

    Sharekhan offers online trading on MCX and NCDEX commodity exchanges. All you need to do for commodity trading is to open a Sharekhan commodity trading account. Commodity traders can place online orders through the Sharekhan web trading platform, or Sharekhan mobile app, or Trade Tiger.

Sharekhan Currency Trading

    Sharekhan trading account holders can trade-in currency F&O segment in the minimum 1000 quantity (1 lot). The broker offers 4 currencies to trade in India that are USD/INR, Euro/INR, GBP/INR, and JPY/INR. Likewise derivative trading, currency trading doesn't necessitate users to pay 100% amount upfront, as only margin money needs to be paid. Being a full-service broker, Sharekhan offers an end-of-day report on the currency futures market.

Sharekhan IPO Investment

    The brokerage firm offers 100% online or paperless IPO investment through Sharekhan. Applying IPO online with Sharekhan is free at zero charges through either UPI or ASBA process. You can purchase IPO online through the Sharekhan website or Sharekhan mobile app.

    How to apply in IPO through Sharekhan?

Sharekhan Mutual Fund Account

    Open Sharekhan Insta MF account that is the mutual fund account to allow online MF investment. One can open FREE Insta MF Account at nil account opening charges and invest in your choice of MF schemes from top fund houses. Only the key considerable point is only regular schemes are available.

    Open Sharekhan Insta MF Account

Sharekhan 3-in-1 NRI Account

    Although the 3-in-1 account opening service is not available to residents NRIs can open a Sharekhan 3-in-1 NRI account (Demat + Trading + NRE/NRO bank account with HDFC, Axis, IndusInd, and IDBI Bank). NRIs are allowed to trade in equity delivery, derivative, IPO, mutual funds, and PMS. Further, a dedicated relationship manager, NRI customer service desk, free access to all Sharekhan trading platforms, etc. are the key advantages of Sharekhan NRI trading.

    How to open Sharekhan NRI Account

Sharekhan Bonds

    Sharekhan also has fixed income products in its product portfolio as it allows users to invest in bonds online. Risk-savvy investors can prefer to invest in bonds to get a nominal return at less potential risk.

Sharekhan Portfolio Management Service (PMS)

High Net-worth Individuals (HNIs) can access Sharekhan PMS Services to manage their portfolio in a disciplined manner and in line with their risk tolerance capacity. To manage PMS efficiently, its research team picks stocks based on strong fundamental research through a bottom-up stock selection approach. It follows four different strategies; Prime Picks (Quality alpha portfolio), Sharp portfolio (Stocks concentrated), diversified equity portfolio (well-diversified portfolio with quality stock selection), and wealth optimizer (undervalued stocks). The broker provides two types of PMS services that are detailed below:

  • Discretionary PMS: The portfolio manager decides on stock selection and timing of stock buy or sells from the portfolio.
  • Non-discretionary PMS. In this, the portfolio manager provides stocks research and advisory to the client who decides whether to buy a particular stock or not.

Sharekhan Research

    As it is a full-service broker, therefore, its in-house research team regularly posts research of different types i.e. Market research, sector-specific research, company or stock-specific research, experts view reports, etc. It provides free research for traders, investors, and also posts MF researches (Funds we like, SIP we like) for MF investors.

Sharekhan Loan against Securities

If you’ve opened an account with Sharekhan then in case of urgent financial requirements, you can pledge your securities to take a loan against securities (LAS). To avail of such service, you must have a minimum portfolio holding of Rs. 100,000.

Steps to get a loan against securities with Sharekhan

  1. Check whether your portfolio is able or not to get LAS.
  2. Apply for LAS.
  3. Sharekhan will open LAS account.
  4. Now, pledge your securities as collateral with Sharekhan to avail the loan.
  5. Check your bank account with the credited loan amount.

Sharekhan Pattern Finder

Pattern Finder, as the name itself, brings you profitable opportunities based on the discovered stock pattern through technical analysis. The broker notify you of the opportunities over email or via SMS. Key features of the Sharekhan Pattern finder tool are as follows:

  • Recognize critical patterns on charts.
  • Get daily trading ideas before the market opens.
  • Stay notified through the SMS and e-mail alerts.

Sharekhan Exchange Margin Funding (EMF)

Sharekhan EMF offers a margin funding facility to traders. It provides extra leverage or buying power in selected equity instruments by just paying a margin upfront.


    Infobyte by Sharekhan keeps users updated with the trending stocks (Stocks in the News), trending sectors (Sectors in the News), and important market news as well.

Sharekhan Dial-N-Trade

Sharkehan also offers Free call & trade/Dial-n-trade services to place online trade orders across segments over the telephone. It has 3 toll-free number at which, users can call to place the required order through their Sharekhan trading account.

Benefits of Sharekhan Dial and trade:

  • Place unlimited trading orders in one call.
  • Get experts to advise across segments.
  • Safe and secure transactions.

Sharekhan Smart search

    A smart search is the Sharekhan search engine to find stocks or mutual funds of your choice. The smart search tool allows users to place an order by entering scrip name, get all the important scrip news through scrip locator, and provide fund returns, ratings, etc. via fund locator.

Sharkehan NEO

    NEO is a Robo advisory engine that helps investors to achieve their financial goals in a planned manner. The tool suggests the best mutual funds in line with the client's investment goal and risk appetite. Both the Indian residents as well as NRIs can access Sharekhan NEO Robo advisory to build their financial plan.

Sharekhan Education

    Sharekhan provides stock market education through various courses, organizing workshops, online classrooms, articles, and educational videos. It aims to bring financial literacy among people on trading in the stock market.

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Steps to subscribe to the Sharekhan Pattern Finder;

  • Login to the Sharekhan account.
  • Now, Go to the "Pattern Finder" option and simply click on it.
  • Confirm its subscription.
  • Once it is done, Sharekhan will notify you of the pattern finder opportunities through SMS or mail.


Placing an order through Sharekhan dial-n-trade is a 3-step process:

  1. Place call on Sharekhan toll-free number: 022-25752300/022-25752900 or 022-33054900
  2. Now, enter phone ID (IVR code) and TPIN ID.
  3. Select the segment and place an order.

Sharekhan Dial and Order Timing:

  • Equity and Derivatives: 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM.
  • Currency: 9 AM – 5 PM
  • Commodity: 9 AM – Market closure


Once you have opened the Sharekhan account then you can activate Sharekhan Exchange Margin Funding (EMF) instantly. Here are the ways to activate Sharekhan EMF:

  • Login to the website.
  • Go to the profile page.
  • Click on the “Apply” button and activate EMF.

Alternatively, if you are using the Sharekhan Mobile app or Trade tiger, then while placing a trade order, just click on the "Accept" button on the consent page to activate Sharekhan EMF instantly. One can also send a mail to [email protected] to activate EMF within 24 hours.