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Sharekhan IPO Apply 2024

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Sharekhan IPO and Mutual Funds Investment
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Sharekhan offers online IPO applications via UPI. However, if you are not a registered UPI user, you still have the option to invest in an IPO through the ASBA net banking process.

Below you will learn how to apply for an IPO online through UPI using the Sharekhan app or website, what is the brokerage fee, how to check IPO allotment status and how non-UPI users can buy IPOs through ASBA process.

Sharekhan IPO Apply using UPI

Sharekhan online IPO apply through UPI is fast, convenient, and seamless. What you need is a valid UPI ID and a demat account with Sharekhan.

3 simple steps to subscribe to an IPO online;

  1. Create a UPI ID
  2. Place IPO bid using the Sharekhan mobile app or website, check the detailed process below.
  3. Authorize the UPI payment mandate request

How to apply for IPO via UPI on Sharekhan App

All UPI users can submit IPO bid online at their fingertips using Sharekhan mobile app. The mobile app by Sharekhan is an all-in-one app to trade in equity, derrivatives on NSE, IPO, and mutual funds.

Here are the steps on how to apply IPO using UPI on the Sharekhan app;

  1. Log in to the Sharekhan app.
  2. Tap on 3 lines icon on the top-left corner.
  3. Under the equity, tap on IPO/OFS/Bonds
  4. The screen will display all the current or open IPOs.
  5. Select the IPO of your choice.
  6. Fill details in the IPO application form such as category (retail or HNI), quantity, price, and your UPI ID.
  7. Tap on checkbox to accept IPO terms & conditions and click on submit.
  8. Recheck details and click on confirm order.
  9. Now, you will receive a mandate request on the provided UPI app.
  10. Authorize the UPI mandate to block funds.
  11. Once mandate is accepted, you can check your IPO applications in the order book on the App.

Before IPO apply via UPI, Keep in mind;

  • Make sure that the UPI ID entered is linked to the Sharekhan mapped bank account only.
  • Once you authenticate the payment request, the IPO bid amount will only be blocked. The actual amount will be debited only if you receive the allotment of shares otherwise funds will be unblocked.
  • The IPO applications can be submitted from 10 AM to 5 PM during the IPO subscription period.
  • You must accept the UPI mandate before the cut-off time (5 PM on the issue closing date) otherwise, your application will be cancelled.

Sharekhan IPO charges

Zero charges!

Yes, applying in an IPO with Sharekhan is free of charge. There is no brokerage fee charged on IPO investment.

However, when you sell allotted IPO shares from your demat account, you will be charged with the applicable brokerage fee.

SME IPO Apply in Sharekhan

Yes, you can apply in SME IPO with Sharekhan.

The full-service broker allows customers to purchase mainline (BSE and NSE) as well as SME IPOs at BSE SME and NSE SME platforms.

Unlike mainboard IPOs where the minimum retail investment amount is near to Rs 15,000, SME IPOs have a minimum investment above Rs 100,000. SME IPOs lot size are fixed in such a manner so that the minimum investment even of 1 lot is beyond Rs 1 lakh.

You can submit SME IPO applications in Sharekhan the same way as of other regular IPOs. Both the Sharekhan website and mobile app allow users to purchase SME IPOs using UPI.

Current SME IPOs in India

Sharekhan IPO Apply Demo

Still confused on how to purchase IPO online through Sharekhan. Let’s check the demo to learn the step-by-step IPO apply Sharekhan process;

Sharekhan IPO Apply through net banking ASBA without UPI

For all Sharekhan users, who are not UPI subscribers, can purchase IPO through net banking or the ASBA process. As its name, you can buy IPO through your online banking platform.

Steps to apply IPO in Sharekhan via net banking

  1. Log in to your net banking account in HDFC, ICICI, SBI, etc.
  2. Search and click on the IPO option.
  3. From IPOs that are open for subscription, select your choice of IPO.
  4. Tap on Apply.
  5. Enter details like number of shares, price, etc.
  6. Enter your Sharekhan Demat account number so that shares can be credited to your demat account.
  7. Submit the IPO bid.
  8. Your bank account will be frozen upto the extent of the IPO application amount.
  9. If you get an allotment of shares, amount will be debited from your bank account and you will get delivery of IPO shares in your Sharekhan Demat account or in case of no allotment, funds will be released back.

Sharekhan IPO Investment Platform

  • Sharekhan Mobile App: Anyone who has an account in Sharekhan can purchase IPO anytime on the Sharekhan app using their mobile phones. Doesn’t matter whether you use an Android or iOS smartphone, Sharekhan app is available to download on both devices.
  • Sharekhan Website: Sharekhan website is a browser-compatible trading website by Sharekhan. Customers can log in to their account on the Sharekhan website on any browser and submit IPO applications online.
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Last Updated on 4th Mar 2024


Yes, Sharekhan the full-service broking firm provides an online IPO application facility over Sharekhan mobile app as well as Sharekhan Website. There are two possible routes to buy IPO with Sharekhan that are pointed below:

  • Apply IPO through UPI: This process is just a few step process create a UPI ID, place an IPO order online on the Sharekhan app or Shareakhan website, and confirm the order.
  • Apply IPO through ASBA: Under this process, you can buy IPO with Sharekhan through your net banking portal.


If you are a Sharekhan mobile app user then you can easily apply for the IPO through Sharekhan using your UPI ID. Here is the step by step process on how to apply for the IPO through the Sharekhan app

  • Log on the Sharekhan mobile app.
  • Click on the “Menu” option.
  • Here, under the “Equity” section, click on the “IPO” option.
  • From the list of active IPOs, select the IPO of your choice.
  • Fill IPO application form details like demat account number, category, quantity, cut-off price, and enter UPI ID.
  • Read and accept the terms and conditions and then press the "Submit" button.
  • Re-check all the filled details and press the "Confirm order" button.
  • Accept the IPO mandate on your registered UPI app before the due date. You will be notified through a confirmation message for the blocked amount.
  • Your order is successfully placed and you can check it under the “Order book” section.

Sharekhan IPO apply through mobile app


  • Login to the Sharekhan mobile app.
  • Go to the “Order Book” option.
  • Click on the respective IPO and here, "modify" and "cancel" options will appear.
  • If you want to modify it, then click on the “Modify” order while to cancel, click on the “Cancel” option.


If you use a browser-based web trading platform ( then also you can apply for the Sharekhan IPO online. Here is the Sharekhan IPO apply process on the web;

  • Login to the Sharekhan website.
  • Click on the “IPO & Others” section.
  • Click on your choice of IPO.
  • Fill out the Sharekhan online IPO application form i.e. price, quantity, category, demat account number, and UPI ID.
  • Accept the "terms & conditions". Re-check all the details and place the "Confirm order" option.
  • Once Sharekhan receives the online order then it will send a UPI mandate request on your UPI app.
  • Accept the mandate to allow blocking money in your bank account.
  • You’ve successfully applied for the Sharekhan IPO.
  • On allotment date, if shares are allotted to you then, it will be credited to your demat account however, in case of rejection, the amount will be unfrozen.

Apply for IPO online through Sharekhan website


To apply IPO online through UPI, you first have to create a UPI ID. Creating a UPI ID is just a few step process, pointed below:

  • Download any BHIM UPI app on your mobile phone.
  • Verify with your mobile number that is linked with your aadhar card and set a 4 digit password.
  • Add bank details that you want to add and verify with OTP.
  • Now, set a 4-digit UPI PIN.
  • Under the “menu” option, click on the “Profile” section.
  • Here, your UPI ID will be available. While applying for the IPO, you have to mention this UPI ID in the IPO application form to block funds.

UPI ID creation Demo