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Sharekhan Mutual Fund Investment 2024

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Sharekhan Mutual Fund Investment
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Open a Sharekhan account and invest in mutual funds. You can do a SIP or invest lumpsum money in your choice of mutual fund scheme. Also, if you are a beginner and not sure about the right fund selection, the Sharekhan MF research team provides you with the best mutual fund recommendations or Top Fund Picks.

Want to invest in mutual funds but don’t know how? Here is a complete guide on mutual fund investment with Sharekhan, what is the brokerage fee, how to start SIP or make a lumpsum investment, how to select the right fund, mutual fund investment platform, and more.

Sharekhan has tie-ups with 45+ fund houses and offers all categories of mutual funds including equity, debt, hybrid, funds of funds (FOFs), and more.

Is Sharekhan good for mutual funds?

Let’s check out the reasons on why to invest in mutual funds with Sharekhan.

  • Mutual fund schemes from 45 AMCs are available on the Sharekhan platform.
  • All categories of schemes including equity, debt, liquid, Gilt, hybrid, and FOFs are offered.
  • Invest in NFOs (New Fund Offers).
  • Paperless investment and redemption process
  • Zero brokerage charges or fee
  • Invest systematically via one-click SIP
  • Make a one-time lumpsum investment
  • Invest in ELSS tax-saving schemes and save tax upto Rs 46,800 a year.
  • Q square Sharekhan mutual fund research helps you select the right fund.
  • Discover Top Equity Picks, Funds we Like, SIPs we Like,
  • Use mutual fund calculators; SIP calculator, lumpsum calculator, ELSS calculator, compare mutual funds, etc.

Sharekhan Mutual Fund Account Charges

To invest in mutual funds, all you need is Sharekhan Demat account where you will keep all your mutual fund holdings.

Sharekhan Mutual Fund Account Opening Fee Free
Sharekhan Mutual Fund Demat AMC Rs 400 (Free for 1st year)

Opening a demat account in Sharekhan is free also, there is no maintenance fee for 1st year.

Sharekhan Mutual Fund brokerage

Does Sharekhan charges for mutual funds? The answer is No.

Sharekhan charges Rs 0 brokerage or no transaction fee on mutual fund investment. If you have an account in Sharekhan, you can invest in mutual funds for free.

As the broker only offers regular plans, it collects commission from respective AMCs.

How to Invest in Mutual Funds in Sharekhan

There are two methods of mutual fund investment - SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) and Lumpsum investment. In SIP, a fixed amount is invested periodically say monthly, quarterly, etc. The best part is you can start SIP with just Rs 500 per month.

You can do a SIP or invest lumpsum money in your choice of scheme using Sharekhan app or website.

Steps to start SIP in Sharekhan mutual funds;

  • Log in to the Sharekhan app.
  • Tap on 3 lines in the top left corner, and go to mutual funds.
  • Search the scheme of your choice.
  • Check all the scheme details including minimum SIP investment, returns, top 10 holdings, etc.
  • Click on “SIP” option.
  • Enter SIP amount, date, and tenure.
  • Tap on the Place order option.
  • Select the preferred payment option between UPI and net banking.
  • Enter the required details and pay the first SIP installment.
  • Register bank mandate to auto-debit your SIP installment.

Note: For a one-time investment, select lumpsum as an investment option, enter an amount, and make payment. Upon successful payment, lumpsum investment is done.

Sharekhan Mutual Fund App features

  • Plenty of schemes from 45 fund houses
  • Easy navigation using sort and filter option by NAV, ratings, min SIP and lumpsum amount, etc.
  • Invest via SIP or lumpsum
  • Create, stop & change your SIPs anytime you want.
  • One-click SIP feature allows you to start multiple SIPs at one go
  • Hassle-free and paperless mutual fund investment
  • Get complete fund details like returns or performance, Top 10 holdings, Top 10 sectors, etc.
  • Check morning star ratings for every mutual fund scheme.
  • Redeem mutual fund investments based on NAV just like stocks.
  • Add mutual fund scheme to market watch.
  • Discover SIPs we like and Funds we like to invest in expert-handpicked schemes

Sharekhan Mutual Fund Cut-off time

Cut-off timing is very important when you invest in any mutual fund. It is the deadline or the last time to buy and sell mutual fund units on given day’s NAV. The cut-off timing determines which day’s NAV will be applicable on your mutual fund transactions.

The cut-off timing also depends upon the type of mutual fund scheme and when the fund house receives money from your bank. Cut-off time is different for purchase and redemption (sell) orders.

Type of Scheme Mutual Fund Purchase Mutual Fund Redemption
Liquid and overnight Funds 1:00 PM 3:00 PM
Equity funds and other debt funds 2:30 PM 3:00 PM
  • For all the orders placed before the cut-off time, units will be allotted at same day’s NAV.
  • Mutual fund transactions placed after the cut-off timing will be processed at next day’s NAV.
  • For liquid and overnight funds, if you place MF purchase transaction before the cut-off time, you will get previous day’s NAV.
  • If the payment is not received before 9 AM on T+1 day, the order will be canceled.

Sharekhan Mutual Fund Research

Sharekhan's in-house MF research team conducts a comprehensive Q Square analysis to shortlist the top schemes across all categories. The research team analyzes every mutual fund scheme on both the qualitative (investment process, strategy, etc.) and quantitative factors (risk, returns, etc.) to provide the best mutual fund investment recommendations.

The recommendations are constantly reviewed and tracked on a monthly basis. Sharekhan app provides you with the Top Equity Picks across large cap, large & mid cap, mid cap, small cap, focused, multi cap, ELSS, value & Contra, and thematic funds as well.

Sharekhan Mutual Fund calculator

Sharekhan mutual fund calculators are the tools to calculate your SIP value, the required investment to achieve your financial goals, the impact of inflation on mutual fund investment returns, and more.

Use different types of mutual fund calculators offered by Sharekhan such as;

  • SIP Calculator
  • Lumpsum Calculator
  • Financial Goal Calculator
  • Compare Mutual Funds
  • ELSS Calculator

Sharekhan Mutual Fund Cons

  • Direct plans are not offered. You can only invest in regular mutual fund schemes with Sharekhan.
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  • Open a 100% online and paperless Sharekhan Insta MF Account.
  • Sharekhan FREE MF account at Zero mutual fund account opening fee.
  • Get access to the research-backed experts mutual funds picks.
  • Tie-up with 19+ top AMCs that offers you a wide range of choice.
  • Invest regularly with SIP route or lumpsum as per your choice.
  • NEO Robo-Advisory platform that offers automated mutual funds recommendations based on in-built algorithms.
  • Undertake goal-based investment like retirement, home purchase, vacation planning, etc.
  • Customer support over telephone, Email and chat support.
  • Free access to Sharekhan classroom and Sharekhan Mutual Fund educational videos.


Sharekhan one-click SIP feature allows users to place an SIP order for multiple schemes at a single time. The feature is available on both the Sharekhan website as well as Sharekhan app. To use the feature, users just have to select a goal, customize schemes and budget, and place one-click SIP order instantly.


Sharekhan brokerage firm offers different platforms for online MF investment. Here are the details:

  1. Sharekhan Insta MF App: This is particularly a dedicated mutual fund investment app that allows online mutual fund investment only. Users just need to login with their Sharekhan Insta MF account login credentials and then can invest in MF anytime anywhere.
  2. Sharekhan Mobile App: The mobile app allows investment across all the segments like equity, commodity, currency, IPO, mutual funds, etc.
  3. Sharekhan Website: The browser-based web trading platform by Sharekhan allows all the users to undertake investment in mutual funds. Computer as well as mobile phone users can use the web platform for MF investment.


Sharekhan only offers regular schemes and doesn’t provide direct mutual funds. Investment in regular mutual funds with Sharekhan is Free without any charges because the broker gets the commission from the respective AMCs. Notably, regular schemes always comes with high expense ratio whereas direct schemes have less expense ratio therefore, delivers greater return in long-term.


No, the broker doesn’t offer a direct MF investment platform to their customers thus, if before opening Sharekhan Insta MF Account, you must be aware that you can only invest in regular schemes.


Yes, although the broker allows online mutual fund investment on its Sharekhan mobile app, still, it also has a dedicated MF app, “Sharekhan Insta MF App” that is only for the online and hassle-free mutual funds investment. The app facilitates placing MF order, track your investment, redeem your money, and others.


The questions of how to start a SIP with Sharekhan or invest through lumpsum is a few step process that are pointed here as under:

Steps to start a SIP with Sharekhan

  1. Visit the Sharekhan website or Sharekhan Insta MF platform.
  2. Using search filters, search the scheme, you are looking to invest in.
  3. Click on the “SIP” option to invest in MF systematically.
  4. Now, enter the SIP amount, and frequency.
  5. Pay the first SIP installment and later on subsequent SIPs, the amount will be automatically debited from your bank account.
  6. You’ve successfully started your SIP investment.

Steps of lumpsum MF invest through Sharekhan

  1. Head to Sharekhan website or Sharekhan Insta MF platform.
  2. Using search filters, search the scheme, you are looking to invest in.
  3. Here, 3 options; Invest, SIP, and Fund Info Appears. Click on the “Invest” option to invest lumpsum money.
  4. Enter the amount and confirm it.
  5. Pay the lumpsum amount and your MF investment is done!


Last Updated on 2024-03-04