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Sharekhan NRI Trading Review 2024

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Sharekhan NRI Trading
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Can NRI trade with Sharekhan. Yes, Sharekhan offers NRI trading services. To offer NRI 3-in-1 account, the broker has partnered with HDFC, IndusInd, IDBI, and Axis Bank. As an NRI, you can open an integrated 3-in-1 NRI account that combines your NRI Demat, NRI Trading, and NRI Bank account.

At Sharekhan, NRIs can invest in equities on BSE and NSE, IPO, mutual funds, and trade in equity derivatives. Here is the complete guide on how to open NRI account in Sharekhan, NRI account opening fee, NRI trading brokerage, and more.

10 Benefits of NRI Trading with Sharekhan

Here are the 10 most important reasons on why should NRIs trade with Sharekhan.

  • Open a 3-in-1 Sharekhan NRI account with HDFC, Axis, IndusInd, or IDBI Bank
  • Open a NRE PIS account or NRO Non-PIS Account
  • Invest in equities and trade online in derivatives on NSE and BSE
  • Invest in IPOs, mutual funds, ETFs, and NCDs or Bonds
  • Trade on Sharekhan app, website, or Trade Tiger terminal
  • Get Sharekhan research reports for every asset class
  • Dedicated relationship managers
  • Trade on the phone facility
  • Real-time portfolio tracking and set price alerts
  • Secure and seamless transactions

Sharekhan NRI 3-in-1 Account

A 3-in-1 Sharekhan NRI account combines 3 different accounts including NRI Trading Account, NRI Demat Account, and NRI Bank Account (NRE or NRO).

1. NRI NRE or NRO Bank Account

NRIs can open either an NRE or NRO bank account in India. NRE (Non-Resident External) is a repatriable account and used to deposit foreign earnings whereas NRO account is a non-repatriable account where NRI can deposit the money earned in India.

2. Sharekhan NRI Trading Account

NRI trading account in Sharekhan allows non-residents to trade in stocks, equity F&O, and ETFs on NSE and BSE.

For NRIs who want to use an NRE bank account to buy and sell shares of Indian companies, it is must to get PIS permission. PIS is a mechanism developed by RBI for NRI investment in India.

Know more on NRE PIS Trading Account

However, PIS permission is not mandatory on NRI transactions through an NRO account. Know more on NRO Non-PIS Account

3. Sharekhan NRI Demat Account

NRI Demat account is mandatory as it keeps all shares, mutual funds, IPOs, etc. in digital format.

Demat account mapped with NRE bank account is called repatriable demat account and account linked with NRO account is non-repatriable demat account.

Segments available for NRI trading in Sharekhan

NRI Trading Segment NRE PIS or Non-PIS Account NRO PIS or Non-PIS Account
Equity Delivery NRE PIS Account NRO PIS or NRO Non-PIS Account
Equity Intraday Not Allowed Not Allowed
Equity Futures & options Not Allowed NRO Non-PIS Account
Commodity futures & options Not Allowed Not Allowed
Currency futures & options Not Allowed Not Allowed
IPO NRE Non-PIS Account NRO Non-PIS Account
Mutual Fund NRE Non-PIS Account NRO Non-PIS Account

Sharekan NRI account opening

NRIs can sign up for Sharekhan online trading account and the executive will get back to you and guide you for the NRI account opening.

Steps to open Sharekhan NRI trading and demat account

  1. Visit Sharekhan’s official webpage here
  2. Under the products & services tab on top, click on the NRI services option.
  3. NRI service page will be displayed.
  4. Scroll the page and you will see a sign-up form for Sharekhan online trading account.
  5. Fill in details like name, e-mail ID, mobile number, location, and Pincode, and click on Open an account.
  6. You have successfully registered for sharekhan NRI account opening. Sharekhan NRI customer service executive will contact you and provide you the NRI account opening through email.
  7. Fill out the details in the NRI trading and demat account opening form, enclose the required documents, and send it to the broker.
  8. All entered details will be verified by Sharekhan team. Once all the information is found valid, your NRI account will be opened.
  9. Sharekhan NRI trading account login credentials including user ID and password will be provided to your registered email address.

Sharekhan NRI Account Charges

Check here the Sharekhan NRI Demat and Trading Account opening charges and AMC

Particulars Charges
Sharekhan NRI Account opening charges Rs 2,000
Sharekhan NRI Account opening fee (Axis, IndusInd, and HDFC bank) Rs 1,000
Sharekhan NRI Account AMC (HDFC Bank) Rs 3,000
Sharekhan NRI Account AMC (Axis/IndusInd/IDBI Bank) Rs 2,000
Sharekhan PIS Annual Maintenance Charges Rs 1,000

Documents required to open Sharekhan NRI Trading Account

For opening NRI account in sharekhan, you need to submit NRI account opening form with due documents. Here is a list of required NRI documents;

  • NRI’s two passport size photograph
  • PAN Card
  • Copy of valid Passport
  • Copy of Visa
  • Indian Address proof if any
  • Overseas/foreign address proof
  • PIS Letter from bank
  • Two cheques; first in favor of Sharekhan Ltd and second in favor of bank for initial deposit

All the above documents must be duly attested.

Sharekhan NRI Brokerage Charges

Brokerage is the fee or commission charged by Sharekhan to provide trading services to NRIs. Sharekhan full-service broker charges a fixed percentage on total trading turnover.

Here are the brokerage charges details on NRI trading in different segments;

Particulars Brokerage charges
NRI Equity delivery brokerage 0.50%
NRI Equity Future brokerage 0.1% on the first leg and 0.02% on the second leg (If squared off on the same day) or 0.1% if square off on any other day.
NRI Equity Options Brokerage Rs. 250 per contract note

Sharekhan does not provide flat brokerage NRI trading services.

Sharekhan NRI Trading Process

If you have a NRI trading account with HDFC PIS Bank, all transactions in the equity cash segment will be follow below process;

  1. Allocate funds for trading to your HDFC PIS account.
  2. Log in to your Sharekhan account.
  3. Go to the homepage and tap on Move Funds.
  4. Block the amount for trading.
  5. Sharekhan platform will connect you to HDFC PIS account.
  6. Confirm the trading amount.
  7. And, Sharekhan account will update the trading limit.

NRIs with PIS account in Axis, IndusInd, or IDBI Bank have to allocate funds to their PIS account. And the bank will share PIS balance with Sharekhan to update the trading limit. Once it gets updated, you can start investment in shares listed on NSE and BSE.

Sharekhan NRI Customer Care

Sharekhan NRI customer service desk phone +91 022 6518500/+91 22 6115 1122
Sharekhan NRI customer care E-mail ID [email protected]

If you are nearby to any of the Sharekhan branches, then you can also visit the branch office, let the team know your query and the customer service team will resolve your query.

Request call back from Sharekhan


Sharekhan account opening process is not fully online. They offer following ways to open NRI Account with them

  • Online Registration
    • Go to> NRI Services > open an account.
    • Register yourself for sharekhan online trading Account by filling information like name, address, mobile no, city name and country.
    • Sharekhan representative will contact you to explain account opening process and share the forms PDF with you.
  • Visiting the branch office in India

    Sharekhan offers account opening at their branch offices in India. If you are in India, you can visit the nearest branch and fill the forms. Provide two set of self attested documents- one for Sharekhan and one for Bank.

For sending forms from overseas, all the documents should be attested by Indian Embassy/ consulate general/overseas banker/Notary.


To open an NRI Account with Sharekhna, Two sets of following documents (one for Sharekhan and one for Bank) are needed:

  1. Passport and Visa copy
  2. Copy of PAN card
  3. Foreign Address proof -Copy of Driving License/Foreign Passport/Utility Bills/Bank Statement (not more than 2 months)/Notarized copy of rent agreement/Leave & License agreement/ Sale Deed
  4. Indian Address proof if any
  5. Two Passport size Photographs
  6. PIS Letter (Sharekhan will take care of it)
  7. Two cheques
    • For account service charges in favor of "Sharekhan Ltd".
    • Cheque of Rs 15000 in favor of "Client Name -Bank Name" as the initial deposit to the bank.


NRIs have to go through ASBA process by Banks to block the IPO application amount through Internet Banking. Sharekhan demat account number is to be fill in the form for allotment of shares. Investment in IPOs is possible only through NRE NON-PIS and NRO NON-PIS Account.


There are a lot of reasons that made Sharekhan one of the most preferred brokers for NRI trading services, that are pointed below:

  • 3-in-1 NRI Account: Sharekhan NRI Trading + Demat + NRI bank account with Axis, Indusind, IDBI, and HDFC bank.
  • Dedicated relationship manager and NRI customer service desk to assist NRI clients.
  • Ultimate trading platforms: Sharekhan Trade Tiger, Sharekhan mobile app, and Sharekhan website.
  • Trade on the Phone services is available to NRI customers.
  • Real-time portfolio tracking and monitoring of NRI investment.
  • Regular e-mails to stay updated with the current market scenario.
  • Access to Sharekhan's research reports and recommendations.
  • Price alerts


Yes, if you are a Sharekhan NRI client and have opened an NRI trading account then you can invest in mutual funds. However, the key considerable point is that the broker only offers regular mutual fund schemes means you can only invest in regular MF and can't invest in direct plans. NRIs can invest in mutual funds online through the Sharekhan mobile app or Sharekhan website or Insta MF app.


NRIs can open the Sharekhan 3-in-1 NRI account (trading + demat + bank account) to start online NRI trading with Sharekhan. Here is the process;

  1. Log in with your NRI account login credentials on the Sharekhan website, Trade tiger software, or mobile app.
  2. Add funds to your NRI Trading Account.
  3. Place online buy and sell orders across any of the Sharekhan trading platforms.
  4. If you've purchased any share, IPO, or mutual fund, then will be reflected in your demat account, or in case of a sale, it will be debited from your NRI Demat account.

As per RBI norms, it is necessary to report every NRI transaction to the bank, thus, lastly, whatever orders an NRI client has placed through Sharekhan will be automatically reported to the Bank.


After Market order (AMO) is the trading order placed after market closure. Sharekhan allows both the residents as well as NRI customers to place AMO through their Sharekhan trading account. Notably, a market order is the only option for AMO means one can't place a limit order in AMO.


Last Updated on 2024-03-04