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Is Zerodha Streak Free?

No, Zerodha provides a 7-day free trial to users to use the Streak platform to perform up to 20 backtesting, 20 scans, and 2 live deployments. Thereafter, the platform charges a nominal fee per month + GST from users to continue its usage.

Zerodha Streak Subscription Plans

  1. Basic Plan: Up to 200 backtesting per day and 25 live algos at a time are free for Zerodha clients till 31st July 2018. However, it will be charged at Rs 500 +GST per month from 1st August onwards.
  2. Premium Plan: Up to 500 backtesting per day and 50 live algos at a time at Rs 900 +GST per month.
  3. Ultimate Plan: Up to 1000 backtesting per day and 100 live algos at a time and 30 mins call with an expert at Rs 1400 +GST per month.

Above 3 Streak subscription plans comes with different features and benefits, customers are free to choose anyone.

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