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How to start Equity SIP through Zerodha Kite?

Now Zerodha discount broker offers Equity SIP / Stocks SIP facility to its customers. So if you are interested in Stocks SIP or Equity SIP then Zerodha brings for you Zerodha Kite mobile app or website trading platform through which you can easily start Equity SIPs. Follow the given procedure to start Equity SIP :-

  • Login Into the Zerodha Kite app
  • Now click on “Tools” and go to the “SIPs” section
  • Click on New SIP and give name for this new SIP
  • Pick the stocks from watchlist to add those stocks into Basket list
  • Set the quantity, price and payment frequency
  • Swipe the Add slider button to place your order.

After you place your order, you can review this order in the "Order History" or "Holdings" section. Also, you can change the SIP at any time according to your needs.

Equity SIP

In Equity SIP, the client wishes to invest in a specific script on a regular interval (Daily, Weekly, Monthly or any other interval). This is similar to Mutual Fund SIP, the only difference is your need to plan your Shares/ETFs. The client can buy Stocks/ETFs using fixed quantity (Quantity Based) or fix amount (Amount based) basis.

How much brokerage charges by Zerodha for Equity SIP ?

Zerodha does not charge any brokerage for the Equity SIP facility. And there is no minimum amount required to start equity SIP. But on buying /selling the Stocks you need to pay brokerage of Rs 20 (on both sides).

How to automatically buy stocks for Stocks SIP in Zerodha Kite ?

If you want to buy shares automatically at a predefined time for Equity SIP, then you need to approve the E-Mandate feature on Zerodha Kite for this service. This e-mandate service transfers funds from the bank account to the Zerodha trading account, which are then used to purchase stocks on the specified date.

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1. sanjay bhawnani Dec 15 2018 10:09:58 AM Reply
When this is not automated, why this is considered Equity SIP? Zerodha must have to plan it properly to provide an automated platform for Equity SIP.