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Apply IPO Online with Zerodha 2024

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Zerodha started offering an online IPO investment facility in 2019. Any Zerodha client can apply IPO online with UPI through Zerodha console platform. To invest in IPO with Zerodha, there need to be a registered accont on any BHIM UPI app and it must be linked with the same bank account.

With free delivery trading, the broker offers a free IPO investment facility at zero charges. Scroll the page further to know the current and upcoming IPOs, Zerodha IPO investment process (with UPI and without UPI), charges, IPO allotment status, and more.

Current and Upcoming IPO investment with Zerodha

Zerodha IPO Apply

Here are the two ways to buy IPO with Zerodha:

  1. Apply IPO online with Zerodha through UPI: Install the UPI app, register yourself, and invest in IPO through Console.
  2. Apply for Zerodha IPO without UPI: Purchase IPO through your bank’s net banking portal, called ASBA (Applications Supported by Blocked Amount) process.

Apply IPO Online with Zerodha through UPI

The UPI-based online IPO investment process is a very easy, simple, and direct method. If you are a registered BHIM UPI app user then you can invest in IPO online through Zerodha console.

Steps to apply in Zerodha IPO through UPI:

  • Login to Zerodha Kite web or app platform.
  • Access the back-office platform, Zerodha console.
  • Under the “Portfolio’ tab, click on the “IPO” option.
  • Now, select the IPO of your choice and tap on the “Apply” option.
  • Enter your UPI ID, quantity (in multiple of the lot size), and price. To apply at the cut-off price, just tick the checkbox, and then press the “Submit” button.
  • Now, you will receive an IPO mandate on the provided UPI app. Check and accept the mandate request.
  • Once done, your IPO application with Zerodha is placed successfully. Till allotment, the amount will remain blocked in your bank account.

Detailed process on apply IPO online through Zerodha Console using UPI

Apply Zerodha IPO without UPI

If you don’t use UPI then ASBA is the process to invest in IPO without UPI. In this process, you can buy IPO through your respective net banking portal. Before UPI method, ASBA was the only process to purchase IPO with any broker. In this process, Zerodha demat account number and other details are needed so that allotted IPO shares are credited to your demat accont with Zerodha.

Steps to invest in Zerodha IPO without UPI

  • Login to your net banking account.
  • Under the investment offerings, check the IPO option.
  • Among the list of open IPO, select your preferred one and tap on the “Apply” option.
  • Enter bid quantity, price, PAN number, and Demat account details (DP ID, Demat number, etc.)
  • Re-check all the details and submit the IPO Application order.

Zerodha IPO Charges

As Zerodha offers zero brokerage delivery trading, therefore, online IPO investment with Zerodha is Free. The broker doesn’t charge any fee or brokerage on IPO applications from its customers.

Zerodha IPO Allotment Status

You can’t check the IPO allotment status online with Zerodha, but whenever an IPO allotment is finalized, you will be notified of the IPO allotment status on your registered email. Zerodha IPO status can also be checked on the registrar’s website.

Steps to check Zerodha IPO status:

  1. Check the IPO registrar and visit the official website.
  2. Go to the allotment status link.
  3. Select the IPO name and provide your PAN no., application no. or DP ID.
  4. Submit it to check the allotment status.
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Last Updated on 23rd May 2024

Reference Topics

IPO with Zerodha


Yes, IPOs can be applied through Zerodha -Console using your UPI ID. Now you can also apply the same from your Kite page too.

You have to apply by providing the virtual UPI ID of the NPCI-supported UPI apps. You can check the list here.



If you don’t have a UPI ID, then you can apply for IPO through the net banking ASBA process. ASBA is a process of applying for IPOs through your internet banking, where the funds are blocked for IPOs/Rights issues/FPO etc.

The details that will be asked by the net banking ASBA can be found by visiting



Once you apply for the IPO, you will receive an email with application details from NSE. The application number will be mentioned there in the sms.



Yes, you can invest in IPO through your KITE mobile APP. To apply through your KITE app, follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Login to your KITE app.
  • Click on your User ID from the bottom menu.
  • Click on “IPO”, from console.



Once you receive the allotment of any IPO, the shares will be credited into your Zerodha Demat account. You will be able to see it in your KITE app holding on the listing date. You can sell these allotted shares as any other holding shares.

  • Login to KITE.
  • Click on the “portfolio” tab,
  • Select the IPO that you want to exit.
  • Click on “exit” and enter the “quantity”.
  • Click on “Swipe to sell”.



Yes, you can cancel the IPO application, which you have already applied. Follow the steps mentioned below to cancel the application.

  • Login to KITE web.
  • Click on “Orders”>”IPO”.
  • Go to “Applications”.
  • Click on”options” and click on “cancel”.

Applications can be cancelled during the 12PM to 4.30PM , when the IPO window is open. Once the application window is closed, you can’t cancel your existing application.



Zerodha doesn’t provide an online IPO allotment status check facility. To check the status, you have to visit the IPO registrar’s website and check the allotment status by providing a PAN number or DP ID, or IPO application number.



Yes, Zerodha provides you the facility to apply for the IPO. It can be applied through Zerodha-Console using your UPI ID. Now you can also apply the same from your Kite page too.