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Upstox IPO Apply 2024

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Upstox IPO and Mutual Funds Investment
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Upstox offers a 100% digital and hassle-free IPO investment facility through the UPI payment mechanism. Anyone who has opened Upstox Demat Account + registered UPI ID can invest in IPO online through the Upstox Pro app and Pro website. The discount broker charges zero brokerage on the IPO application process. You can add up to 3 IPO bids within the price range. Upstox also offers a pre-IPO apply feature to allow customers to apply for IPO 24/7 before the IPO opening date. Check the complete step-by-step process on how to apply for an IPO through Upstox using UPI and net banking, IPO apply brokerage charges, IPO application numbers, allotment status, and more.

Current and Upcoming IPO investment with Upstox

Upstox IPO Apply Online

To purchase IPO with Upstox, you can go with any of the below routes or IPO application process;

  1. Apply Upstox IPO through UPI: In March 2020, Upstox launched a highly convenient and UPI-based paperless IPO application process. If you use any UPI app like PhonePe, Google Pay, Paytm, or any bank's mobile app, you can purchase IPO online in Upstox via entering your virtual UPI payment address.
  2. Apply Upstox IPO through ASBA Net Banking: If you do not use any UPI app, you can apply for IPO using your Upstox Demat Account details through your bank’s official net banking portal. The ASBA (Applications Supported by Blocked Amount) net banking process allows customers to place an IPO order through the bank’s website.

Upstox IPO Apply through UPI

Upstox accepts online IPO applications from customers using the UPI payment mechanism. The UPI-based process is simple and takes a few minutes to place the IPO bid successfully. Upstox customers can apply for IPO online through UPI on the Upstox Pro web and the Pro mobile app platform.

  • Log in to the Upstox account on the Upstox Pro platform.
  • Under the "Discover" tab, click on the "Apply for IPO" option.
  • Go to the "IPO" option, and here, a list of all the ongoing IPOs will be available. Under the "Ongoing IPOs" option, pick your choice of preferred IPO.
  • Click on the "Apply" option respective to the IPO, you want to apply for.
  • Now, enter UPI ID, investor type, bid quantity, and price. You can click on the check-box to apply at the cut-off price.
  • Accept the terms & conditions and place the IPO purchase order.
  • Once the IPO application is submitted, you will get an IPO mandate message on the provided UPI app.
  • Accept the mandate that will freeze your application money in your bank account.
  • Whenever allotment is finalized, allottee will get shares into his Upstox Demat account, or in case of rejection, you will get a refund of the blocked money.

Note: The UPI-based IPO apply process mandatorily requires UPI app to be linked with the same bank account registered with the Upstox Demat Account because 3rd party application is not permissible.

Upstox IPO Apply through net banking ASBA

Customers can also apply for IPO in Upstox without UPI or through ASBA/Net banking process. Before UPI, ASBA was the only process to buy IPO through their bank’s net banking portal. If you are not a UPI user and don’t have a registered UPI ID, you can apply for Upstox IPO through net banking by following the below steps;

  1. Log in to your net banking account.
  2. Search and click the “IPO” investment option.
  3. Among the list of open/ongoing IPOs, click on the IPO of your choice.
  4. Fill in details like bid quantity (in multiple of lot size), Upstox Demat Account Number, PAN number, etc.
  5. Re-check all the details entered and submit the order.
  6. Once the IPO purchase order is placed, the amount will be blocked in your bank account till allotment.

Upstox IPO Apply Charges

Online IPO investment with Upstox is free means any Upstox customer can apply for IPO at zero brokerage charges. However, when you sell IPO shares then you will be charged with the DP (Demat Debit) charges.

Upstox Pre-IPO Apply

If you can't wait for the IPO to be open for the subscription then use the "Pre apply" feature available in Upstox to apply for IPO even before the actual date when an IPO goes live. The Pre apply option will be disabled 2 or 3 days before the actual IPO opening date that users can use to pre-apply for an IPO. Once the order is submitted, you will receive a UPI mandate notification on the day when the IPO opens. In the case of pre-apply, the IPO application status will be marked as "Pre Applied".

Upstox IPO Application Status

You can check your IPO application status online in the Upstox Pro web and Pro app. Check out the process to check Upstox IPO application status on the Pro app;

  1. Log in to the Upstox Pro app.
  2. Under the Discover tab, tap on the IPO option.
  3. Click on the IPO that you have applied for.
  4. Go to the "Status" tab.
  5. The page will show details like application number, bid price, quantity, and payment status.

Note: If you are using the Older Upstox Pro App version, then you have to click on the “My applications” and then the “View application status” option respective to the IPO you have applied for.

Upstox IPO Application Number

Once you have applied for an IPO in Upstox, a unique application number will be allotted to every client. Log in to the Upstox Pro App, under the discover tab, go to the “IPO” option, click on the IPO you have applied for, and tap on the “Status” tab that will show you the IPO application number.

Upstox IPO Allotment Status

Upstox has updated its mobile app to provide a better experience to investors. Now, customers can check allotment status online on the Pro app.

  1. Login to the Upstox app using biometrics or a 6-digit PIN.
  2. Under the “Discover” tab, navigate to the “Invest in IPOs” option.
  3. Click on the “IPO” you have applied in.
  4. If IPO shares are allotted to you, then it will show as “You Got the IPO” or in case of rejection, it will show as “No Allotment”

Note: On successful allotment, shares will be transferred into Upstox Demat Account, or on unsuccessful allocation; the blocked amount will be automatically released back into your bank account within 10 days.

Upstox IPO Apply Platform

Upstox flagship trading platform, “Upstox Pro” is a one-stop-shop for all your investment needs whether equity, F&O, MCX, currency, IPO, gold, and mutual funds. Upstox Pro is available in the web and mobile app versions on Android and iOS. The platform facilitates a 100% paperless IPO application process using UPI ID and allows users to track the IPO status online.

Upstox IPO Customer Care

If you still have any doubt regarding Upstox IPO application then you can raise your query on the provided helpline number and email address.

1. Upstox IPO Customer care email [email protected]
2. Upstox IPO Helpline number 022-6130-9999
Request call back from Upstox

Last Updated on 15th Dec 2023

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Upstox IPO Apply


There are two ways to undertake investment in IPO with Upstox online that are pointed out here under

  1. Apply for Upstox IPO with ASBA: This is a net banking-based process wherein clients are allowed to apply for IPO with their respective net banking portal.
  2. Apply for IPO via UPI app: This is a direct process that just requires users to be registered with any UPI app to buy IPO online with Upstox.


You can apply for IPOs online via UPI app through the Upstox old app as well as the new version app. To do the same follow the steps mentioned below.

Older version of Upstox App

  • Login to the Upstox pro app.
  • Click on “Invest”.
  • You will see “IPO” under which click on” View Ongoing IPOs”.
  • Select the IPO you want to apply for and click on the “Apply” button.
  • Enter “UPI ID”. The UPI id must be linked to your personal bank account.
  • Select the Investor type.
  • Enter the number of lots you want to apply for in the “BID” section.
  • Enter the price between the issue price range and click on “Continue”.
  • You will receive a UPI mandate for payment of the application within a few hours on your UPI app. Once you accept the mandate, the application will be complete.

The new version of the Upstox App follwos the below process;

  • Login to the new version of the Upstox app.
  • Click on the “Discover” tab
  • Click on ”view all” in Invest in IPO section.
  • Select the IPO, you want to apply for.
  • Click on the “Apply”
  • Enter “UPI ID”. The UPI id must be linked to your personal bank account.
  • Select the Investor type.
  • Enter the number of lots you want to apply for in the “BID” section.
  • Enter the price between the issue price range and click on “Continue”.
  • Accept the UPI mandate for payment of the application form on your UPI app. Once you accept the mandate, the application will be complete.


ASBA (Applications Supported by Blocked Amount) is a net banking process wherein IPO application can be made through the client’s respective bank account net banking platform. Here are the steps to buy IPO online with Upstox through ASBA;

  • Log in with your net banking platform.
  • Select the IPO, you want to invest in.
  • Enter IPO bid price, lot size, category i.e. retail, NII, RII, etc., Upstox Demat Account Details, etc.
  • Verify again and submit the application.
  • Now, your IPO application is placed successfully, on the allotment, based on the bid received, allotment will be done.
  • Based on the Upstox Demat account entered in the application, shares will be credited to your Demat account that can be offloaded on or after share listing.


No, Upstox doesn’t charge you anything for applying IPO through it. However while you sell your shares received through IPO, brokerage charges will be charged as per regular delivery brokerage charges.


Yes, you can apply for IPO through your Upstox Pro Mobile app. Login to the Upstox pro app. Once you click on “Invest,” you will see “IPO.” Then click on” View Ongoing IPOs.”Select the IPO you want to apply for and click the “Apply” button.


You can easily invest in IPOs within a few minutes by using your UPI ID through Upstox.

  • Investing in IPO through Upstox is paperless and fast via UPI, and you can easily track the status of your application on the platform.
  • Zero brokerage charges on IPO apply.
  • You can also track all the upcoming IPOs' details, company details, prospectus, etc., in the app. All that information and the SWOT analysis given by UPSTOX on their platform will help you make an informed decision about the IPO.
  • You can Pre-apply for any IPO 1-3 days before the bidding period starts. This pre-apply feature is available with only Upstox and a few more platforms.


Yes, You can buy IPOs without UPI. Applying for IPO through the Upstox platform is possible if you have a UPI ID. If you don’t have a UPI ID, you can opt to apply through the ASBA process from your internet banking. The bank account holder and the Demat account holder's names should be the same. You can’t use the bank account of a friend or family member.

You must provide your Demat account details while applying through the internet banking ASBA process. You have to log in to your internet banking, go to the IPO apply section and enter your details along with your Demat account details, such as DP ID and BO ID.


Anyone having a Demat account with Upstox can apply for IPO through Upstox Pro web and app platform. The Customer can be a Resident individual, NRI, corporate account, or HUF. The shares are credited to your Upstox Demat account after the allotment of the shares.


Pre-apply IPO is a process to place an IPO purchase order before the IPO opening date when it actually opens for the public to subscribe. Upstox accepts pre IPO application orders from users, however, the order will be sent to the exchange on the IPO opening date of the bidding window.


Upstox WhatsApp Chat BOT UVA allows customers to place IPO bids through social media platform, WhatsApp via below process;

  1. Say just Hi to the WhatsApp Chat BOT UVA on the 9321261098 mobile number.
  2. Enter your mobile number and complete OTP verification.
  3. Tap on the “IPO” and select among the list of “IPO” available to apply.
  4. Check IPO details like opening and closing dates, lot size, price, etc.
  5. Click on the “Proceed” option and enter the bid lot and price.
  6. Provide the UPI payment address and then accept the terms & conditions.
  7. Once the IPO apply order is sent to exchange, you will receive the UPI mandate request.
  8. Accept the UPI mandate request to block the IPO amount.


Yes, Upstox UVA Chat BOT on WhatsApp allows customers to apply for an IPO, check IPO application status, and delete IPO orders. After you have placed an order to invest in IPO, you can now click on the “Delete Application” to cancel the IPO apply to order. It is to be noted that you cannot delete an IPO order, once the IPO closes for the subscription.


Yes, Upstox allows all investors whether they have a Upstox Demat Account or not to subscribe to an IPO through WhatsApp. However, you must have a Demat account with another broker so that allotted shares will be transferred into your Demat account. The process for non-Upstox users to purchase IPO on Whatsapp is stated here below:

  1. Send Hi on the 9321261098 Whatsapp number and click on the “IPO” option.
  2. Confirm your mobile number and enter OTP sent on your mobile.
  3. Now, Upstox will ask you to open a Demat account or offer an option to Apply without Upstox Demat.
  4. Click on the “Apply for an IPO” option and select your choice of IPO.
  5. Enter your e-mail address, PAN card details, and tap on the “Continue” option.
  6. Now, select your Demat depository (CDSL or NSDL) and enter a DP ID number. CDSL Demat holders need to enter a 16-digit Demat account number whereas NSDL Demat account holders have to provide an 8-digit DP ID and client ID as well.
  7. Select the IPO cut-off price and bid lot and then tap on the “Proceed” option.
  8. Enter UPI ID address and then click on the “Accept & Proceed” button to place your bid successfully.
  9. You can now check your IPO application status anytime on WhatsApp chat.


Yes, Upstox facilitates the Instant Demat account opening process via the WhatsApp messenger platform. Here are the key steps to open a Demat account via WhatsApp:

Upstox Account Opening using WhatsApp:

  1. Say Hi to the UVA Chat BOT on the Upstox official number, 9321261098.
  2. Click on the “Open An Account” option displayed on the screen.
  3. Enter mobile number and e-mail address and verify it with OTP.
  4. Enter Date of Birth as per your PAN card.
  5. Provide PAN card number and BOT platform will direct you to the account opening page.
  6. Provide personal details like name, bank account details, and others.
  7. Upload documents i.e. ID proof, address proof, and bank proof. Once all the details are verified, your Demat account with Upstox will be opened.