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Upstox Product and Services
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Upstox is a registered broker with BSE, NSE, and MCX to offer online trading in equity intraday, delivery, derivatives, commodities, and currency segment. If you have opened Upstox Demat & Trading Account then you can start zero brokerage investment in IPO, digital gold, and direct MF, however, trading in other segments is charged at a flat brokerage of Rs. 20 per executed order. Customers can also open Upstox Global Investment Account to invest in 60+ exchanges across 25 countries to diversify the portfolio. Scroll down the page to get full details of Upstox Products and Services offerings.

Upstox Demat Account

Upstox is a registered DP with CDSL and NSDL to offer a Demat account opening facility to customers. The Demat account in Upstox allow users to keep securities i.e. shares and mutual funds in electronic format.

Upstox Demat Account Opening Charges Free
Upstox Demat Account AMC Rs. 300 (Rs. 25 per month)

Upstox Trading Account

Trading account is an account to buy and sell shares, mutual funds, F&O contracts, commodity, currency, and digital gold. Upstox charges a flat brokerage trading of max Rs. 20 per order on trading in different segments. One can open trading account in Upstox for Free at zero account opening fee or nil AMC charges.

Upstox Trading Account Opening Charges Free
Upstox Trading Account AMC Free

Upstox Equity Trading

  • Upstox is a registered trading member of BSE and NSE stock exchanges to offer equity trading services. The broker offers charges flat Rs. 20 or 2.5% whichever is lower on delivery trading and charges flat Rs. 20 per executed order intraday brokerage.

Upstox Derivative Trading

  • You can also trade-in equity derivative (equity futures & options) segment on the BSE and NSE exchanges. All you need to do is just log in to the Upstox account on the Pro web or app and start F&O trading at the max brokerage of Rs. 20 per order.

Upstox Commodity Trading

  • Upstox is a registered MCX member to offer commodity futures trading at Rs. 20 per order or 0.05% whichever is lower & options trading at flat Rs. 20 per executed order. Pro platform (web and mobile app) is the commodity trading platform with Upstox.

Upstox Currency Trading

  • Upstox customers can trade in currency futures & options segment at flat Rs. 20 per order brokerage through the Pro platform. There’re four global currency pairs available with the broker include USD/INR, Euro/INR, GBP/INR, and JPY/INR that are allowed to trade.

Upstox Mutual Fund Investment

  • Invest in Direct mutual funds with Upstox for free at Zero brokerage! The broker has a tie-up with 20+ large AMCs to offer a range of schemes across equity, debt, and hybrid categories. Anyone who has Upstox Trading & Demat Account will have direct access to the Upstox Mutual Fund platform thus, the broker doesn’t necessitate users to open a separate MF account.

    How to invest in mutual funds with Upstox?

Upstox NRI Trading

  • Earlier, the broker was offering Upstox NRI Account to facilitate NRI trading facilities. Clients were able to open a Upstox NRI Trading and Demat Account and start online trading at a brokerage of Rs. 200 per order or 0.01% whichever is lower. But now, with effect from 1st July 2019, the discount broker has temporarily suspended NRI service offerings.

Upstox IPO Apply

  • You can apply IPO online through UPI over the Upstox Pro web and mobile app-based platform. IPO investment with Upstox is absolutely free and charged with a nil brokerage fee. Customers can also purchase IPO without UPI through the net-banking process.

    How to apply IPO in Upstox?

Upstox Global Investments

  • Upstox provides a global investment opportunity to customers to invest across 60+ exchanges in 25 countries. Customers who have opened Upstox Global Investment Account can invest in global stocks like Apple, Google, Facebook, etc. to diversify their investment portfolio. Once you opened a Global account in Upstox then you can access the Global investment platform and invest in multinational company's shares.

Upstox Orders

MIS (Margin Intraday Square Off) MIS are particularly intraday orders means people placing such order mush square off their positions the same trading session. MIS order applies for equity cash and future products and such orders are automatically squared off at 3:15 PM.
  • Upstox intraday square off charges: Rs. 20 per order.
CNC CNC stands for cash N carry order that is a non-intraday order and placed to trade in equity delivery segment. Investing in stocks or delivery trading with Upstox is free.
NRML Normal margin orders are used for carry forward trades where no leverage is applied.
Limit Order Buy or sell a particular scrip at a specified price.
Market Order Buy or sell a scrip at a prevailing current market price.
Stop-loss order It executes trade order when the stock reaches a specified price. Here, stop loss is set to limit the investor's loss at a certain extent.
Stop loss market order (SL-M) It is a trade order that is generated after the trigger price.
Bracket order (BO) As the name itself, the order is useful to lock profits and limit loss by the means of bracketing. For instance, a buy order can be bracketed by a low-side sell stop order and high-side sell limit order or vice-versa position can be maintained in sell orders.

How to place bracket order in Upstox?

Cover order (CO) Cover order is an order that is compulsory accompanied with a stop loss order in a specified range.

How to place Cover order (CO) in Upstox?

Upstox TradingView Charting

  • Upstox Pro Web 3.0 is a revamped portfolio built by integrating TradingView charting platform. The professional Trading View charting platform provides an abundance of features i.e. multi-timeframe setting, customizable charting options, Stochastic RSI indicator, and more. Users have two charting library options on the Pro platform that are ChartIQ and Trading View.

Upstox AmiBroker

  • AmiBroker is one of the leading charting software that provides tools to backtest a trading strategy, coding and formula editor, and analyze the market using different indicators and technical charts. To serve customers in the best way, Upstox has also created Bridge to AmiBroker platform that connects Upstox with Amibroker so that users can use the best of technology and technical charting as well. Anyone who has opened a Upstox account can subscribe Amibroker bridge platform and gets its license key from the developer portal that is valid for 30 days and then the renewal will be required.

Upstox Call & trade

  • Upstox customers can call at 022-6130-9999 to customer care executives who will place buy or sell trades on the behalf of customers. It is to be noted that the broker doesn’t offer a free call and trade facility.

    Upstox call & trade charges: Rs. 20 per order

Upstox Refer & Earn

  • Refer Upstox account to your friends and family members and get the following referral benefits of Rs. 500 on successful account opening by a referred person. Upstox provides a referral code to every client to refer Upstox account to others.

    How to refer Upstox account?

Upstox Partner

  • You can become a partner with Upstox and earn commission income. Upstox partners can get benefits through different ways such as brokerage sharing and referral incentives through referring Upstox account to others.

Request call back from Upstox


It is a straightforward and quick process to activate the Margin trading facility in your Upstox account.

  • Login to
  • Select any stock from the watchlist which is also present in the Futures and Options Category in NSE.
  • Click on the Buy button and select the product type as “Delivery”.
  • You will see” Get up to 50% funds from us” and “Learn more”.
  • Once you go through all terms and conditions, click on “Activate Margin Trading Facility”.
  • An OTP will be sent to your registered email id and mobile number. Enter the “OTP”.
  • Click on” Continue”.

This will activate the MTF facility in your Upstox account. Now you can take delivery of stocks by using only 50% of your funds.


Margin trading, as the name implies, helps traders to place trades without having required money in hand as it can be borrowed from the lender upto the available margin. Almost every broker offers their clients margin trading facility and Upstox doesn’t remain an exception. Clients can activate margin trading online and the activation process will take even less than a minute.


Upstox has two charting libraries; TradingView and ChartIQ, you can choose any of the preferred charting options. Follow the below steps to activate the trading view chart in your Upstox trading terminal.

  • Login to
  • Go to charts.
  • In the extreme right corner of the charting section, you will see a chart icon which is meant to switch your charts from trading view to chart IQ and vice versa. Click on it.

Your existing charting system will be changed to the trading view.


Upstox allows customers to place bracket orders (BO) through its Pro web and app trading platform. The bracket order is an OCO (One cancel others) order that is actually 3 legged intraday order; the first leg is about buying and selling the scrip, 2nd leg is placing stop loss order, and the 3rd leg is profit booking order.

Steps to place bracket order in Upstox;

  1. Log in to the Pro web or Pro mobile app.
  2. Add the scrip to the watchlist.
  3. Click on the “Buy” option and an order window will be displayed.
  4. Select “OCO” under the order complexity option, order type, quantity, price, target sell, and stop-loss sell details.
  5. Recheck all the details and submit the order.


A cover-order is an intraday 2-legged order, first leg is normal order to buy or sell a stock, and the second leg is a stop-loss order. Upstox facilitates customers to place a cover order on the Upstox Pro platform. Placing a cover order through Upstox is simple. Cover order facilitates you putting a stop loss to your position while entering into the trade. This can be put through apps as well as the web. Follow the steps below to know how to place a cover order through Upstox.

  • Visit
  • Hover your crosser on the scrip you want to trade from the watchlist.
  • You can select “B” for buy and “S” for sell.
  • Enter the quantity, and select the product type as “Intraday”.
  • In complexity, choose ”CO.”
  • You can put both the Market order as well as the Limit order.
  • Once you select the order type, enter your trade's “Stoploss” price.
  • Click” Review order.”
  • Then “Place the order.”


Upstox provides a referral bonus of Rs 200 for referring a new client for Upstox. To refer a new client to Upstox, follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Login to
  • Hover your crosser to the right corner and click on your Name.
  • Click on “Refer and Earn”
  • You can copy the link and share it with your friends on various platforms.

You can also refer and earn through your Upstox App.

  • Login to your Upstox App.
  • Click on the “Accounts” tab.
  • Click “Refer and Earn”
  • Now you can “Share the link via WhatsApp” or “Share using other Apps.”

Note: A client has to complete the account opening formalities within seven days of signing up through your link. Otherwise, the account will not be mapped under you, and there will be no referral bonus.


BTST means “ Buy Today, Sell Tomorrow” means selling a stock that is not yet credited to the Upstox Demat Account. Earlier, Upstox was offering its customers to do BTST trades by purchasing a stock today and selling it within T+1 day. From September 2020, followed by an exchange circular on margin update, Upstox stopped providing BTST trades. It is better for its customers, as unknowingly, if they have insufficient margins in their account for the BTST trade, it can cause margin penalties.