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Zerodha Kite vs Upstox Pro Mobile App

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Zerodha Kite vs Upstox Pro Mobile App

In this article, we have given a brief review of Zerodha Kite Mobile App and Upstox Pro Mobile App. In the second section, we have compared Zerodha Kite with Upstox Pro Mobile app. Both the brokers are well-known brand and have invested a good amount of efforts in technology to build the trading platform. So on a high level for investors, we don't see any difference in both the mobile apps. Traders, who need some extra features, may feel a minor difference.

Zerodha Kite - Mobile App from Zerodha

Introducing the first ever trading platform to provide services in 10 different regional languages, Zerodha Kite was proprietary and elegant trading platform, which has something new for its clients. Zerodha had already achieved a height of success after launching their Zerodha PI, which let them aim for something more. In simple words, Zerodha had launched a “minimalistic, intuitive and responsive” trading platform within Kite. Zerodha has reflected their pioneer of displaying hi-tech and smart accessories and trading platform with the introduction of Kite. Kite has got some serious features that would be readily turning the people’s head towards it. The trading platform has some special characteristics:

  • The first multilingual approach, which made it popular among indigenous Indians who are not confident with English.
  • Extremely low bandwidth and uses just 175th of internet bandwidth. And it is an astonishing fact that the market watches feature runs on only 0.5 Kb/sec!
  • Q and Quant facility of Zerodha is easily accessible via the Zerodha Kite platform itself.
  • Primarily after logging in, users are made to land on the extremely convenient and analytic dashboard which displays the summary of total investment, available margin money, and other points that is essentially needed to be checked at a glance. The detailed information regarding scrips can also be found at the bottom of the dashboard. On the 7th of December 2015, Zerodha updated Kite with the feature of multiple watch list, which deprives the user of wiping multiple screens and watch lists at different times.
  • Zerodha kite incorporates multiple charts, an unlimited amount of Data, numbers of Indicators, and feature of slick charting.
  • Smart search panels are associated with Zerodha Kite app for enhanced search experience.
  • High quality and interactive charts like Candlestick, Bars, Coloured bars, etc. via which traders can place the orders, simply by touching them.
  • The mobile application is loaded with various methods of fund transfer and management.
  • Availability of drawing tools helps to take the trading experience to an extreme level of sophistication.
  • The high volume of transaction takes place each day, via this app. About 5 million transactions are officially reported to take place every day! Thus it is capable to take a vigorous load queue.

Upstox Pro - Mobile App by Upstox (RKSV)

Previously known as RKSV, Upstox is the next best discount broker, after Zerodha. They possess the most recent, the latest and best technological tools associated with trading that provides all-around satisfaction to their customer, lending a seamless and convenient trading experience. Upstox is also well known for its Upstox Pro Mobile app and the Upstox Pro web. From a technical as well as an analytical point of view, Upstox Pro app is a well-furnished app that has got over 100 of technical indicators as well as a Universal tool to make the trading experience a seamless one. Apart from it, some of the features that deserve special mention are as follows:

  • The default screen displays NIFTY indices as soon as anyone lands on the starting UI. Even without login, you can see the mobility of the indices.
  • Each chart pops out as a colorful and easily-understandable one. The charts can be zoomed in and out with the use of finger pinching, to investigate each one efficiently.
  • The UI is smooth and feathery to use. No lagging and no shaggy UI.
  • One tab takes charge of all the important aspects like market watch lists, order history, portfolio, etc.
  • Worldwide search to filter out the required assets is available itself in the login page.
  • One can easily place, CO, AMO, BO, via the app only.
  • While searching scrip, you can get all the technical and fundamental analysis, each in an individual tab.
  • The app renders effective confirmation to ensure that the trader is really ready to proceed to the order. It helps in prevention of accidentally placed orders or other drawbacks.
  • Placing of unlimited alerts and notification is allowed with Upstox Pro mobile app. Thus one can clearly go for any scrip purchasing with respect to percentage condition, etc.
  • One of the best features that the Upstox Pro mobile offers is the Guest Login, i.e, it lets the users to avail with a limited number of services from the app, even if, he or she doesn’t hold any account with Upstox.
  • The account can directly be opened from the application itself. It helps in lessening the hassle of going to the office in-person.
  • Upstox Pro Mobile app gets frequent updates and so, it remains always loaded with up-to-date features. Generally, the update cycle is once in 3-4 weeks.

Comparison of Zerodha Kite vs Upstox Pro Mobile App

Both the Upstox Pro Mobile app and Zerodha Kite have admirable benefits and features that are beyond doubt, kept other broker apps under competition. But in the case of Zerodha Kite vs Upstox pro, some notable differences can be observed. They differ from each other on the grounds of facilities, services, features or infrastructure as follows:

  • GUEST LOGIN FEATURE: A prenotion may come to the user's mind about, why should I use this app? What's the better in it than others? For clarification of such confusions, Upstox Pro mobile has embedded a stunning feature which is somewhat like ‘Guest Login’. You are eligible to enter, surf, see and compare the UI, the facilities and other benefits served by the app in real time, even without having an account opened in it. Zerodha Kite misses the feature and requires a proper log in as well as, a demat account with them.
  • AVAILABILITY OF HEAT MAPS AND STOCK SCANNER: Heat Maps and Stock scanner are one of the major equipment that is required in every phase while trading. Heat maps, unlike watch lists, keep check on the market condition right now, and the stock scanner filter and sort out stocks. In this context, Zerodha kite is one step ahead of Upstox Pro Mobile, since the former has both the features, while the later has none of those.
  • AVAILABILITY OF RESEARCH AND TIPS: Market research tips are one of the advantageous matter, that is preferred by most of the traders. And this feature is available only with Upstox Pro mobile app, but not on the Kite.
  • TECHNICAL INDICATORS: With the 100+ technical indicators, it's absolutely precise for the Upstox Pro mobile to dig the deepest analysis and serve those to the traders. Zerodha Kite also does have indicators but they are lesser in number as compared to former (total 80 types). In fact, Upstox also has 10 advanced drawing tools.
  • MULTIPLE CHART VIEW: Sometimes it’s extremely necessary to compare two charts parallel for getting a better understanding of price fluctuations. And that’s what is exactly implemented in Zerodha Kite. It gives the benefits of multiple chart viewing (4 at a time), in a single screen, without pressing anything or scrolling anywhere. This facility is unavailable in Upstox Pro mobile.
  • SINGLE TAP BUY AND SELL OPTION: Zerodha Kite has made the trading experience as much sophisticated as they can, for their valuable customers. Thus they introduced the single tap buy and sell an option that would help them to transact, irrespective of navigation flow. Traders and investors can conveniently search through all contracts of all exchanges- NSE, BSE, MCX with just one tap.


With the references to both the platforms; Zerodha Kite & Upstox Pro Mobile, it is clarified that, both the platforms seem to be effective, completely furnished and have all the features that are necessary for seamless trading experience. Both the apps are loaded with all the trading features.

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Last updated on 17th May 2019

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