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Upstox Trading Platforms Review 2024

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Upstox Trading Platform Review
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Upstox offers the Upstox Pro web and mobile app-based online trading platform to its customers. Upstox Pro App is an all-in-one app to trade and invest in shares, futures & options, commodities, currencies, digital gold, IPO, and mutual funds. Upstox App is one of the highly-rated mobile apps for online trading because of superior charting features, guest login facility, unlimited customized watchlists, etc. The app is available to download on the Play store and the App Store. However, the Pro web platform is accessible through any browser i.e. Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc. Upstox further offers multiple 3rd party trading tools like Dartstock, Nest Trader, Fox Trader, etc. Here, Upstox Trading Platforms Review page provides details about the Upstox Pro web and app platform features, demo, app download links, and more.

Upstox Pro Mobile App [Android and iOS App]

Pro Mobile app is an all-in-one easy-to-use app to trade and invest across different asset classes at your fingertips. The light-weight Upstox app offers many prominent features like multiple customized watchlists, advanced charting, 250+ technical indicators, online IPO apply, and free direct mutual fund investment. Mobile users can download the Upstox Pro app on android and iOS devices and can start a trade-on-the-go facility after login into their Upstox account.

Upstox Pro Mobile App Features

  • Multiple exchange trading on BSE, NSE, and MCX.
  • Predefined market watchlists of Nifty 50 and other major indices.
  • Create an unlimited number of watchlists with unlimited scrips in each watchlist.
  • Apply IPO online and track IPO status anytime anywhere.
  • Buy 24K digital gold and direct Mutual Fund investment for Free.
  • Trade from the chart feature to place orders directly on the chart.
  • 100+ charts and 250+ technical indicators on Trading View and Chart IQ.
  • Multi-view chart feature to see 4 different types of charts on a single screen.
  • Easy and hassle-free fund transfer and withdrawal facility.
  • Place advanced orders like Bracket order (BO) and cover order (CO).
  • Guest login feature provides a live demo of the app functionality.
  • Stay notified by creating unlimited price alerts for your favorite stock/s.

Upstox Pro Mobile App Demo

  • Upstox Pro app demo provides an instant update on the key features and functionality of the app.

Upstox Pro Mobile App Download

If you use an Android smartphone then the app can be installed from the Google Play Store, however, iOS device users can download it from the App Store and iTunes store. Or you can simply click on the below links to download the app now and enjoy a super-fast trading experience.

Upstox Pro Web [Web trading Platform]

Upstox Pro Web is an HTML 5 technology-based web trading platform. Whether you use a mobile phone, desktop, or laptop, you can access the powerful Pro Web platform through any compatible browser i.e. Firefox, Chrome, etc. Powerful charting features with 100+ indicators help traders to analyze the behavior of the stock and predict the trend smartly.

Upstox Pro Web Features

  • Online trading in equity, derivative, commodity, and currency.
  • Powerful charting with 107 indicators and 10+ drawing tools i.e. Fibonacci, pitchfork.
  • Online portfolio tracking and monitoring.
  • Trade from the chart feature.
  • Access 10+ years of historical data.
  • Customizable layouts, widgets, and themes as per customers’ choice.
  • Integrated with Dartstock stock scanner tool to search your favorite stock/s.
  • Get various reports like trade report, P&L report, contract notes, etc.
  • Place pro orders like Bracket order, Cover order, and aftermarket orders.
  • Keyboard shortcuts/hotkeys to enjoy faster trading.
  • Easy and instant fund transfer (Deposit and withdraw) through UPI and net banking.
  • Set price alerts and get instant updates.

Upstox Pro Web Demo

Pro Web Demo guides users about how to start online trading or buy and sell shares on the Platform.

Upstox Pro Web Demo

Upstox Developer API

Upstox API is a set of REST APIs for developers to create their own trading and investment portfolio. To get Upstox API, you need to have a bit of programming or coding knowledge to create a front-end app on the Upstox Developer Console. Currently, the platform is available in the Python and NodeJS languages. Upstox offers two types of APIs to developers stated below;

Interactive API Interactive API offers orders, positions, real-time market updates, holdings, etc.
Historical API Historical API package offers OHLC (Open, High, Low, and close) data for different time intervals i.e. 1-min to 1 month.

Upstox API charges

Upstox API is not at all free as the broker charges a monthly subscription fee from developers to get the API keys.

  • Interactive API: 750 per month
  • Historical API: 500 per month

Upstox Algo Lab

Algo Lab or Bridge for Amibroker is designed for traders who use Amibroker AFL to create trading strategies. Traders can integrate the Amibroker AFL with Upstox Pro platform and place trades directly from Amibroker. Upstox Pro web and app has a dedicated panel for customers to view, place, and modify orders from Amibroker.

The Algo Lab platform is available in two different sections; interactive and market data feed. Former helps to receive order signals sent from Amibroker to Upstox Algo lab whereas later provides real-time OHLC (Open-high-low-close) and EOD data for the various time intervals from 1 tick to 1 month.

With Algo Lab, one can perform the following functions;

  • Get orders from Amibroker AFL
  • View orders on the Pro Web and Pro Mobile and execute trades from anywhere.

Upstox Fox Trader

  • Upstox through a partnership with Reliable Software provides Fox Trader Algo trading software to customers. The platform helps users to analyze the market movement using multiple charting tools, backtesting, and other strategies.

Upstox Dartstock

  • Upstox partnered with iDart to provide a third-party installable trading software, Dartstock. There are a number of features available on the Dartstock such as scanners, charting, and more to identify the trading opportunities.

Upstox Nest Trader

  • Nest Trader is a desktop trading software by Upstox. It is a 3rd party platform owned by Thomson Reuters and offers advanced trading features that are extremely useful for high-frequency traders & investors.

Upstox Option Strategy Builder

  • The option strategy builder tool by Upstox helps traders to create advanced options strategies. The Payoff graph presents the breakeven point and finds out the total margin required for trading in the F&O segment. Upstox traders can use the tool for free on the Pro web platform.
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There are two options to subscribe to Upstox Algo Trade or Upstox with Amibroker on the Upstox Pro Web that is Market Data Feed and Interactive Data.

Steps to set Upstox with amibroker with Market Data Plugin

  • Enter Upstox login credentials to login with the Upstox Pro Web.
  • Go to the “Billing” option and enter the amount that you want to add to buy a plan.
  • Click on “Create app”.
  • Choose “Bridge” and the respective option “Market Data Feed”.
  • Select segments that you want to add.
  • Unique client code that is a 6 digit code will be the username and you can create a password to access the Amibroker with Upstox.
  • Confirm all details and click on the “Create app”
  • On the dashboard, you’ll see the created app along with the expiry period means you have successfully subscribed or activated Bridge to Amibroker on your account.
  • Download Upstox Amibroker and enter settings.

Download Upstox Amibroker with Market Data Feed

Download Upstox Amibroker Interactive


No, the broker has two different plans - Market Data and Interactive Plans that is chargeable with a monthly subscription fee to access the bridge to Amibroker with Upstox. However, if you’re a Upstox client then you can get access to the Free trial for both the interactive and market data feeds for 5 days.


Using a Strategy Builder tool in Upstox has many benefits such as knowing the margin benefit you will get in a hedged position, planning and executing a big trade strategy at one go, etc. Let us know how to create a strategy using the Upstox Strategy builder tool. This strategy builder tool is available in both the app and web versions.

  • Go to your UPSTOX app and log in.
  • Click on “Option Chain,” which appears on any scrip you want to trade.
  • Tap on ” Build Option strategy”.
  • Select the strike and Click “Buy” or “Sell.”
  • Put the quantity and price.
  • Then tap the “Add to the strategy” button.
  • The order will be added to the review tab, and keep adding other legs, as per your strategy.
  • Once all the legs are added, click on the Review strategy and tap on “Continue.”
  • Then on” Swipe to place order.”
  • You can view the status of orders.


Upstox facilitates online fund withdrawal facility on both the web and app platforms. Follow the below-mentioned steps to withdraw your funds from your Upstox account.

  • Visit
  • Click on “funds”.
  • In the fund's tab, click on “Withdraw funds”.
  • Enter your “Amount to withdraw”.
  • Place the Withdrawal Request.

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Last Updated on 2023-12-15