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Kotak Securities Products & Services Offerings 2024

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Kotak Securities Ltd Product and Services
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Kotak Securities Stock Broking Services:

Kotak Securities is a subsidiary of Kotak Mahindra Bank and corporate member with the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange. Kotak Securities offer trading in the Stock Market, invest in IPOs, Mutual Funds and Currency Derivatives.

Key Product and Services of Kotak Securitie are:

  • Kotak Securities Trinity Account: This is a unique account that integrates Kotak Online Trading Account, Kotak Mahindra Bank savings Account, and Demat Account on a single platform for share market live updates and buying/selling stocks.

  • Kotak Securities Research Services: Kotak Securites  provides best in class research and analysis through Easy Equity Reports and Easy Mutual Fund Reports. They publish various sector-specific research, company-specific research, macroeconomic studies, fundamental and technical analysis of stocks.

  • Kotak Securities updated Market Data and SMS Alert: Kotak Securities offer up-to-the-minute market information and inside news from extensive sales teams on a daily basis. You also get SMS Alerts about latest stock market news, tips, and movements.

  • Kotak Private Client Group: The Private Client Group from Kotak Securities serves the differentiated needs of High Networth Individuals (HNIs) and Corporates. The services include dedicated and accredited relationship manager, service desk, research team and equity Investment desk with a special focus on equity, currency, derivatives and structured products.

  • Kotak Securities Portfolio Management Services: Kotak securities PMS provide you exclusive access to research team and their reports. You can avail Expert guidance, transparent investment methods and it also saves time. PMS will provide you exclusive access to research team and their reports.

  • Kotak Securities Depository services/demat account: Kotak Securities is depository participants with depositories NSDL and CSDL. The DP services come handy to settle the trades seamlessly.

  • Kotak securities Auto-Invest or SIP: This is an investment option that allows you to build an equity portfolio using regular timed investments. Through this service, you put your money in stocks and/or Mutual Funds of your choice at fixed intervals over a stipulated period of time. You can thus invest regularly on a daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.

    You also have the option to fix either the investment quantity or amount. This means, you get to choose to buy either a fixed number of stocks or invest a fixed amount.

  • Kotak Securities Super Multiple: Super Multiple orders can be used for cash and future trades but all open positions are squared off automatically at 3:10 pm. Super Multiple allows online trading customers to trade in large volumes on a particular scrip (or multiple scrips) on a given day even if their available margins may be limited. It offers you from 14 times up to 33 times exposure on your available margin on selected Scrips. All  Super Multiple orders are  "auto-square off" orders with a Stop Loss Price which you can define.

  • Kotak Securities Twin Advantage: Kotak securities  gives you exposure against the cash margin in your trading account. Plus, they also give you additional exposure against the stocks lying idle in your demat account. 

  • Kotak Securities BNST: Kotak Securities offers you Buy Now Sell Tomorrow, that  allows you to sell shares you bought before the settlement day of T+2 days. The facility is available for both online and offline trading customers. The brokerage would be charged as per normal.

  • Kotak Securities Portfolio tracker: Kotak Portfolio Tracker  is an important tool to keep track of all the stocks that you hold, mutual fund and derivative investments, transaction statements, gain/loss statement, financial year-wise  realized P & L statement, update DP stock rates, bonus shares, auction details. It clearly tells complete information of what securities you have bought or sold, what price they are currently at and whether you are making profits or losses on your trades.

  • Kotak Securities Trade Smart: Kotak TradeSmart is a service that helps you spot bullish or bearish trends as well as the pattern of events in the stock market and their fallout.  With TradeSmart, the trends for each scrip in your portfolio or watchlists are automatically updated. You can set alerts for stocks & get an email every-time your stock hits a particular level.

  • Kotak Securities NRI Account Service: Kotak securities offer all three accounts for NRIs i.e. Saving bank Account, Demat Account and Trading Account named as Trinity Account.

    Kotak Securities NRI Brokerage and other charges:

    • Account Opening Charges : Rs 3750
    • Brokerage : 1% per volume or 10 paisa per share whichever is higher
    • Average Quarterly Balance in saving account : Rs 10,000
    • Security Transaction Cost( STT) : .1%
    • Account Maintenance Fee ( AMC) for PIS account : Rs 1000 per year
    • AMC for Demat account : Rs 75 per month.
  • Kotak Securities Customer service: Kotak Securities is known for its excellent customer service. The channels of customer care at Kotak Securities are:

    • Toll free numbers- 1800 209 9191 and 1800 222 299
    • Paid customer care number– 3030 5757
    • Email support

Kotak Securities Branches is an online investment website of Kotak Securities. Kotak Securities offers most of its customer services through its website only.

They also offer customer service though branches which are located around the country in almost all major cities in India.

Customer could visit any local Kotak bank branch and ask for help related to Kotak Securities Trading & Demat account. If the branch doesn't exist in your city, still you can open account with Kotak Securities and start your investment via online trading platform and call n trade service.

Kotak Securities Branch Locator / Sub Broker

Kotak Securities website provide the branch locator under customer service section. This locator can be used to locate the branch nearby you.

Find the nearest Kotak Securities around you.

Request call back from Kotak Securities


Kotak Neo Trade API is a very useful tool for those traders who want to make their trading platform. They can execute trades automatically in the live real-time market with their trading strategies on this API platform. The API of Kotak Neo Trade is completely free to use and easy to understand.

For developing your trading platform, you need to have good programming skills and a command on calculations. You can take help get a better understanding of “How to use Kotak Neo Trade API” from the API documentation provided by Kotak Securities.


Margin Trade Facility is used when you don't have enough funds to execute a trade. By using this facility you can get extra leverage through which you are capable to buy more stocks at a low capital. You don't need to pay the 100% amount of stocks, you just have to pay only 20% to 25% amount for that stocks. So this facility offers you grab higher return on lower investment.


Yes, Kotak Securities provides services to NRI people. NRIs can also get the same services as Indian people get by creating their Trinity account, presented by Kotak Securities.


Yes, Kotak Securities offers you various products that are not only for trading but can also use them for investment purposes. For investors, Kotak Securities has various products like : Mutual Funds, IPO, Currency, Commodities, SGB (Sovereign Gold Bonds), NCD, Stock Lending and & Borrowing (SLBM), Tax-free Bonds, Exchange Traded Funds, and Stock Basket (Smallcase).


Smallcase is a way of long-term investment. In which you can invest in multiple stocks in the same basket simultaneously. Smallcase is a recommendation of stocks based on the market analyst that helps you diversify the portfolio to reduce the risk involvement. And you also can do any type of modification in the stock list of popular smallcase available in Kotak Securities.


No, you cannot buy Bitcoin or any kind of crypto currency using the Kotak Securities trading app, because Kotak Securities is regulated by SEBI which further controls the Indian stock brokers. But you are allowed to do trading in Currency through Kotak Securities.