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Kotak Securities Mutual Fund Review 2024

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Kotak Securities Ltd Mutual Fund Investment
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Invest in mutual funds with Kotak Securities. Yes, the full-service broker offers access to different categories of mutual funds including equity, debt, hybrid, and ELSS of different AMCs. Kotak also has its own asset management company as Kotak mutual fund house. You can start an SIP or invest one-time lumpsum money in your favorite mutual fund scheme.

Let’s check out the process on how to start SIP in mutual funds with Kotak Securities, brokerage or commission charges, mutual fund investment platform, cut-off time, redemption process, and more.

Kotak Securities Mutual Fund Features

  • Wide range of schemes across equity, debt, and hybrid categories
  • All the top fund houses HDFC, ABSL, ICICI, UTI, SBI, and more.
  • Both the direct and regular plans are offered
  • Paperless investment – Invest lumpsum or start an SIP
  • Purchase and redeem mutual funds online
  • Invest in ELSS tax-saving schemes
  • Low investment with minimum SIP of Rs 500/month
  • Simplified mutual funds portfolio tracker to monitor performance
  • Seamless fund transfer between your bank account and mutual fund investment
  • No brokerage, transaction charge, or subscription fee
  • Invest in NFO (New Fund Offer)
  • Tools like Mutual fund calculator to assess your investment needs
  • Receive timely SMS updates for all mutual funds transactions

Kotak Securities Mutual Fund Account Opening Fee

There are no additional charges to open a mutual fund account in Kotak Securities. As you only need a demat account with the broker to purchase mutual funds.

Zerodha mutual fund brokerage charges
Particulars Account Opening charges
Mutual Fund Account opening charges Free
Kotak Securities Mutual Fund Demat AMC Rs 600 per annum

Note: Kotak Securities charges demat maintenance fee of Rs 50 + GST every month.

Kotak Securities Mutual Fund Cut-off time

Cut-off time in mutual funds decides the NAV (net asset value) applicable to new purchase investment transactions or redemption orders. When you place a mutual fund buy order or any redemption requests within the cut-off time, your orders will be processed at same day's NAV. However, for transactions received by the asset management companies (AMCs) after the cut-off time, the next day's NAV will be applicable.

Mutual funds cut-off time for liquid and overnight funds and other schemes are as follows;

Mutual fund cut-off time
Type of transaction Liquid and overnight funds Other types of mutual funds
Investment or subscription 1:30 PM 3:00 PM
Redemptions 3:00 PM 3:00 PM

Important note: When you invest in mutual funds, just submitting an order does not guarantee the NAV applicability. As it depends on when the fund house receives your payment thus, AMCs must receive your payment before the cut-off time so that units will be allotted at same day's NAV.

If you have placed a purchase order but the fund house did not receive payment, you will get an allotment of units at the NAV of the next day.

Kotak Securities mutual fund charges

Zero charges!

Yes, there are no mutual fund charges or brokerage fees in Kotak securities. The broker has tie-ups with different fund houses including Tata, HDFC, SBI, Kotak, LIC, UTI, Nippon, ABSL, and more. You can buy any mutual fund scheme online for free.

Investment in mutual funds can be done through the Kotak NEO mobile app, the Neo website, or the old Kotak Stock Trader App.

Kotak Securities Mutual Fund Plans: Direct or Regular

Kotak Securities offers both the direct and regular mutual funds of all fund houses.

The key difference in both these plans is the quantum of expense ratio. Direct plans have less expense ratio whereas regular plans have 1-1.5% higher expense ratio. Therefore, investment in direct plans offers you 1.5% greater returns.

You can invest in both direct or regular plans as per your choice.

How to do SIP in mutual funds with Kotak Securities?

SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) is the best route to invest in mutual funds as SIP can be done with just Rs 500 per month. With a small amount invested every month, you can accumulate wealth in the long run.

Let’s understand the process to start mutual fund SIP in Kotak Neo App;

  1. Log in to the Kotak Neo App
  2. Click on Invest on the bottom bar
  3. Under the Other investment, select Mutual Funds.
  4. Search and select the scheme, you want to invest in.
  5. The scheme details will be displayed on the screen.
  6. Tap on Invest Now option.
  7. Here, two options Monthly investment and one-time investment will be displayed.
  8. To do SIP, go to monthly investment options.
  9. Enter SIP amount and SIP date.
  10. Accept terms & conditions and proceed to pay 1st SIP instalment.
  11. Enter your bank account credentials and pay SIP amount.
  12. Upon successful payment, your SIP investment is done!

Note: Register your bank mandate to automate your SIP investment every month. Once you make 1st SIP payment, you will receive BSE star link, login to the platform >>> enter your bank account credentials and OTP, click on confirm and a mandate will be registered. Registering an E-nach mandate avoids missing monthly SIP investment.

Kotak Mutual Fund Smart SIP

You can also set up a smart SIP in Kotak Mutual funds. Unlike regular SIP, wherein a fixed amount is invested periodically, in a smart SIP, SIP investments are made based on market conditions.

Kotak mutual fund house offers smart SIP as well as smart STP investment feature.

Kotak Securities mutual fund pledge

You can pledge shares and mutual fund holdings in Kotak Securities to get a trading margin. Here’s how to pledge mutual funds in the Kotak Neo app;

  1. Log in to your trading account
  2. Go to the pledge section under the funds tab.
  3. Select the mutual fund scheme that you want to pledge.
  4. Click on options and tap on the pledge for margin
  5. The window will display the haircut and collateral margin available for the selected mutual fund holdings.
  6. Enter the mutual fund units, accept the pledge terms & and conditions, and hit the pledge button.
  7. Enter the OTP sent on your email and mobile number to authorize the pledge request on the NSDL website.
  8. Once the pledge request is successful, you will receive a trading margin in your account the next trading day.

Kotak Securities mutual fund investment platform

Customers can purchase and sell mutual funds online using its new-age Neo trading platform. However, users who have not yet switched to the Neo platform can invest in mutual funds using the old Kotak Stock Trader app.

1. Kotak Neo (App and Web): Kotak Neo is a new-age trading and investment platform by Kotak Securities in web and app versions. The platform provides users access to a diverse range of mutual funds. The user-friendly interface of the app makes it easy for beginners to invest in their choice of mutual funds with no hassle.

The Neo app facilitates paperless mutual fund investment at your fingertips and you can track your investment portfolio anytime.

2. Kotak Stock Trader App (Old App and Web): Existing customers who are still using the Kotak Stock Trader App also have access to mutual funds. The app allows them to invest in mutual funds via SIP or lumpsum route and sell mutual fund holdings anytime.

Kotak Securities Mutual Fund Customer Care

If you have any queries on mutual fund investment in Kotak Securities, you can write an email call to the customer helpline desk.

Zerodha mutual fund brokerage charges
Mutual fund customer care helpline 1800 209 9191
Mutual fund customer support email [email protected]

Note:You can also chat with the customer care team on WhatsApp on 7738988888.

Request call back from Kotak Securities


Kotak Securities don't charge anything to you for investing in Direct Mutual Plan. And for Regular Mutual Fund you need to pay 1% to 1.5% commission on the total investment.


Follow these steps to redeem the SIP in Kotak Securities :

  1. Login to the Kotak Securities website or mobile application.
  2. Here you will see all the portfolio details.
  3. Select the SIP which you want to be redeemed from the investment portfolio summary.
  4. Check the plan, Folio No/ Scheme Name, Units, and NAV for that particular plan.
  5. Enter the amount in Rs or No. of Units that you want to sell.
  6. Enter the Banking details.
  7. Hit on Submit button and confirm it by accepting the terms and conditions.

Now you will get the receipt of the transaction request. And shortly the amount will be credited to your bank account.


Get the Mutual Funds Statements by following the procedure:-

  • Visit the Kotak Securities website by the given link :

  • Go to the Help Option.
  • Click on “Get your account statements”.
  • After that enter the client ID, PAN No or DOB and press Submit button.
  • Here you will get all the Account statements that you want, and you also can download them.


Smart SIP is different than Normal SIP, In this Smart SIP you don't invest a fixed amount at regular intervals. It entirely depended upon the market's trends. As the market goes up the investment will be reduced and when the market crashes your investment will be raised. Kotak Securities provides its agent to serve the customer in Smart SIP products because they have good trading knowledge and market experience, It is a little bit difficult for the user to recognize the market fashion.


You can edit, stop or cancel your mutual fund SIP investment anytime online. Here is the process on how to stop mutual fund SIP in the Kotak Neo app;

  1. Enter your Kotak Securities login credentials to login to the Neo app.
  2. Click on the “Invest” option at the bottom bar.
  3. Select mutual funds under the other investment option.
  4. At the bottom, tap on Reports >>> Manage SIP.
  5. Tap on the 3 dots of the scheme and click on Edit SIP option.
  6. Now click on Stop SIP and your SIP will be stopped.

Note: To increase or decrease your SIP investment, tap on modify the SIP option. Enter the new SIP amount and new SIP date. Submit the order and your SIP will be modified.


You can track your mutual fund portfolio or holdings on the Kotak Neo app or Kotak Stock Trader app. Here are the steps;

  1. Log in your Kotak Securities account.
  2. Go to Invest tab at the bottom bar.
  3. Go to mutual funds under Other Investments.
  4. Tap on My Portfolio option.
  5. Here, your mutual fund investment summary will be displayed.
  6. Tap on view portfolio report to check all the mutual fund holdings.


Last Updated on 2024-06-28