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Applying for an IPO through Kotak Securities 2024

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Can I apply in IPO with Kotak Securities? Well, yes anyone who has a trading and demat account with the broker can subscribe to IPO. You can invest in an IPO online using UPI or through your bank using Kotak Securities demat account details. Users can place IPO bids using the Kotak Neo app and trading website.

Do you want to participate in the primary market or IPOs, here is a complete guide on how to apply in IPO online with Kotak Securities, what are the brokerage charges on IPO investment, and more.

Current and Upcoming IPO's investment with Kotak Securities

How to apply in IPO with Kotak Securities?

There are two ways to invest in IPO with Kotak Securities.

    1. Apply IPO Online using UPI:If you have a trading and demat account in Kotak securities and also you have a valid UPI address, you can subscribe to an IPO through the stockbroker’s platform using UPI.

    Retail investors with maximum bidding amount upto Rs 200,000 and HNIs/NIIs with investment amounts not exceeding Rs 5 lakh can make an IPO bid using UPI as a virtual payment gateway.

    2. ASBA Net banking process: If you don’t use UPI or HNIs who want to place an IPO bid of more than Rs 5 lakh should invest in an IPO using their net banking account.

Let’s discuss both these processes in detail;

Apply IPO online in Kotak Neo App using UPI

  • Log in to the Kotak Neo mobile app.
  • On the right side, go to the Invest
  • Now, click on the IPO option.
  • The screen will display all the current and upcoming IPOs.
  • Click on the Buy option respective to the IPO, you want to apply for.
  • An IPO order window will be displayed on the screen.
  • Specify IPO details i.e., investor category, enter UPI ID, number of shares, and price, or select cut-off price.
  • Accept the terms & and conditions and tap on place order.
  • Now, accept the UPI mandate request to authorize the payment.
  • Your IPO bid is successfully placed on the exchange.

Funds will remain blocked till allotment. Once the allotment is finalized and if you get the allotment, shares will be transferred to your Kotak Securities Demat account while in case of no allotment, funds will be unblocked.

Note: If you are still using the old Kotak Stock Trader App, you will find the IPO investment option under the “More” tab on the app.

Kotak Securities IPO Apply charges

    No charges, yes you can bid for an IPO in Kotak securities for free.

    The full-service broker does not charge you anything for participating in an IPO. However, when you sell IPO holdings, DP charges will be applicable.

Kotak Securities IPO Apply Status

    You can check your IPO application status online on the Kotak Neo app.

    Login to the Kotak Securities Neo app >>> go to the Invest tab >>> tap on IPO >>>> IPO report >>> IPO order reports will be displayed on the mobile screen.

    Once you have bid for an IPO but not accepted the UPI payment request, the order status will be shown as “In progress” and after the payment is accepted, the status will be shown as processed.

Apply IPO with Kotak Securities using ASBA net banking

Users who don’t use UPI or HNI applicants who want to place an IPO bid for more than Rs 5 lakh can purchase IPO in Kotak securities through their bank account.

All SCSB (Self-certified syndicate banks) in India allow their customers to apply for IPOs through the ASBA facility. Whether you have a bank account with Kotak Mahindra or any other bank like ICICI, HDFC, SBI, Axis, etc. You can bid for an IPO through your net banking account.

Before applying in an IPO through net banking, you must ensure to have a sufficient fund balance in your bank account.

Kotak Securities IPO apply with net banking ASBA (without UPI)

  1. Log in to your net banking account.
  2. On the bank’s portal, search for IPO options.
  3. Now, select the IPO of your choice and hit the apply option.
  4. Enter IPO bid details like quantity (no. of shares), price, and your Kotak Securities Demat account number.
  5. If you are a retail investor who bid for up to Rs 2 lakh, you can apply at the cut-off price.
  6. Recheck all the details and place IPO bid.
  7. The process is completed and you have successfully applied for IPO.

After the allotment is finalized and if you receive shares, it will be visible in your Kotak Securities Demat account. You can sell allotted shares on or after the IPO listing day.

Kotak Securities SME IPO Apply

    Can I apply in SME IPOs with Kotak Securities?

    No, you cannot invest in SME IPOs that will either list at BSE SME or NSE Emerge platforms. The broker only allows users to invest in mainboard IPOs that will list at BSE and NSE.

    However, you can still bid for an SME IPO through your bank’s portal via the ASBA route.

Final thoughts

Participate in the primary market issues by applying for IPOs online with Kotak Securities. You can place an IPO bid through Kotak’s trading account using UPI or through your bank account.

At Kotak Securities, you will get a complete IPO snapshot including its fundamental details, risk factors, future business strategies, and more. Before applying for any IPO, you must do proper research to make the right investment decision.

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Last Updated on 28th Jun 2024


If you want to apply for an IPO through Kotak Securities then UPI is one of the simplest ways for it. So follow the procedure for subscribing to an IPO through UPI Mode:-

  1. Log in to Kotak Securities with a valid ID and Password.
  2. Click on the "Invest" option and go to the IPO portion.
  3. Choose the IPO from the list and hit on the "Buy" button.
  4. Set the bid price (recommended at cut-off price) and lot.
  5. Enter your UPI ID and click on the "Place Order" button.
  6. Approve the mandate.
  7. Check the IPO status in the IPO section.
  8. If your status shows “Processed” means your IPO application request process successfully.


You can modify the IPO only if the status is showing under process. Then you can cancel the bid and apply again for the IPO.


No, Kotak Securities doesn’t take any charge for applying for an IPO.