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Zerodha Coin Review, features, charges, Coin app

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 Zerodha Coin Review

Zerodha is the first broker to launch a free direct mutual fund investment platform, "Zerodha Coin". It is the best platform to invest in direct mutual funds for free at zero commission or brokerage. The platform also facilitates investment in Govt securities (T-bills), corporate bonds, ETFs, and sovereign gold bonds (SGB).

Coin Zerodha platform is available in the web and mobile app versions. You can access web through any compatible browser or download the coin mobile app on Android and iOS.

Walkthrough with the complete Zerodha Coin review including coin mutual fund brokerage charges, coin app features, login process, Coin for NRI, and pros & cons.

Zerodha Coin Charges

Nil, yes, Zerodha coin is a free platform to facilitate users to invest in direct mutual funds at zero brokerage. Coin is not just a free direct MF investment platform but also facilitates zero-cost redemption w.e.f. May 3, 2019.

Although earlier, the brokerage firm was charging Rs. 50 every month but later in August 2018, the broker made the Coin Zerodha platform completely free.

Zerodha Coin Features

There are multiple reasons to invest in mutual funds with the Zerodha coin. Here are the details;

  • Buy direct mutual funds of 40+ top AMCs like HDFC, Axis, DSP, etc.
  • Zero brokerage or commission-free investment in direct mutual funds.
  • Invest in Govt Bonds, T-bills, and State Development Loans (SDLs).
  • Invest in high-quality corporate bonds and get a higher return than FDs.
  • Invest in Sovereign Gold Bond (SGB) to get fixed interest @2.5% p.a. + market return.
  • Hassle-free instant online mutual fund investment process using UPI.
  • Start, modify, stop/pause, or cancel your SIP investment anytime online.
  • Flexibility to invest through either SIP or lumpsum route.
  • Multiple categories of schemes across equity, debt, and hybrid asset classes.
  • Search filters to discover or navigate your preferred mutual fund scheme easily.
  • Easy online portfolio tracking and monitoring services.
  • Comprehensive fund information including NAV, fund manager, portfolio, returns, risks, etc.
  • Keep stocks and mutual fund units in the Zerodha Demat account.
  • Free mutual fund redemption at zero DP charges on Coin.
  • Coin mobile app facilitates direct MF investment at your fingertips.

How Zerodha Coin Works?

Coin by Zerodha is the best platform for investment in direct mutual funds for free and in a hassle-free manner. The platform has thousands of equity, debt, hybrid, and ELSS tax-saving schemes of over 40 mutual fund houses. You can select any scheme of your choice and start SIP or invest lumpsum.

how to buy SIP in direct MF on coin

  1. Firstly, log in to the Coin Web or App.
  2. Search the scheme you want to invest in.
  3. The fund page shows comprehensive fund details i.e. launch, NAV, fund manager, returns, portfolio, etc.
  4. To start SIP investment, click on the “Direct SIP” option.
  5. Zerodha-Coin-SIP-Investment

  6. Enter details like Initial investment, SIP amount, SIP frequency, and no. of total installments.
  7. SIP-Investment-with-Zerodha-Coin

  8. Once done, tap on the “Start SIP” and then the “Confirm & invest” option.
  9. Make a payment of the first SIP installment and your SIP investment is successfully done.

Zerodha Coin Login

Zerodha has the single Kite login credentials to access all of the platforms i.e. Coin, Console, Streak, etc. You can use Kite's user ID and password to log in to the Coin. Steps to login to the Coin app:

  1. Download the coin app on your phone.
  2. Click on the login option.
  3. Enter Zerodha Kite user ID and password, and then enter 6 digit security PIN.
  4. You will be successfully logged in to the Coin App.

Zerodha Coin Mutual Fund Redemption

You can withdraw funds from mutual funds by placing fund redemption request anytime online. Coin for Zerodha allows zero brokerage redemption facility at 0 charges.

Zerodha coin mutual fund redemption process;

  • Login to the Zerodha Coin platform.
  • Go to the Coin dashboard and tap on the scheme, in which, you want to withdraw the amount.
  • Click on the “Redeem” option and the fund redemption request window will be displayed.
  • Enter the no. of units or in case of full redemption, click on the checkbox in front of redeem all units and press on the “redeem” option.
  • The mutual fund amount will be withdrawn and credited to your account within the settlement period.

Zerodha Mutual Fund Redemption Charges: Nil, Free redemption. In May 2019, Zerodha completely removed the Rs. 5.5 DP charges on mutual funds redemption.

Zerodha Coin Cut-off Time

The cut-off timing in mutual fund decides the applicable NAV to your mutual fund purchase and sells transactions. Check below the coin Zerodha cut-off time for different schemes;

MF cut-off timing
Scheme type MF Purchase/Buy Transaction MF Redemption
Liquid and Overnight Fund 12:00 PM 1:30 PM
Other schemes (Equity, Debt, and Hybrid) 1:30 PM 1:30 PM

For liquid and overnight schemes, any mutual fund investment order placed before the cut-off time will be executed at T-1 day’s NAV. For other schemes, buy or sell transactions placed before the cut-off timing will be executed at T day’s NAV. While orders are placed after the cut-off time, the next day’s NAV will be applicable.

Zerodha Coin for NRI

    No, NRIs having a PIS account (Portfolio Investment Scheme) cannot invest in mutual funds on Coin. However, they are allowed to buy direct funds through a non-PIS NRI account. US and Canada-based investors cannot buy mutual funds through Coin by Zerodha platform.

Zerodha Coin Mobile App

Zerodha provides Coin platform in web as well as a mobile app versions. Coin app provides flexibility to users to buy direct mutual funds anytime anywhere with just a few clicks. Coin Zerodha app is available on the Google Play Store (Android) and the App Store (iOS).

Zerodha Coin Pros and Cons

Pros/Advantages Cons/Disadvantages
  • Unlimited mutual funds investment at zero subscription fee or brokerage.
  • Purchase funds directly from AMCs.
  • Best platform with a Plethora of schemes available from top AMCs.
  • Buy and/or redeem mutual fund units at a specified NAV.
  • Zero cost mutual funds redemption.
  • Useful for beginner to advanced level traders.
  • Coin mobile app is available on Android and iOS.
  • Necessary to open Zerodha Demat Account.
  • Zerodha doesn’t offer mutual funds research & advisory services.

Zerodha Coin Customer Care

Zerodha Coin Customer Care helpline number 91-8047181888
Zerodha Coin Customer Support Raise a ticket

Zerodha Coin Review: Final Remark

    Coin Zerodha came as a game-changer in the mutual fund industry with no subscription charges or free unlimited investment in direct mutual funds. Unlike regular plans where investors have to pay hefty commission charges, there’re no such requirements on the coin which ultimately provides investors great returns. Further, a plethora of schemes available, easy portfolio tracking, hassle-free investment on fingertips on the coin app, free redemptions, etc. evident Zerodha Coin as the best platform for Mutual Fund Investment.

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Last updated on 5th Jul 2023

Reference Topics

Zerodha Coin


Describe the difference between Direct and Regular Mutual Funds?

On the behest of SEBI in 2013, it was made mandatory for the Asset Management Companies to offer Direct Mutual Funds in which investors can invest in the scheme without involving any brokers, agents or distributors. This resulted in the non-payment of any commission to the aforementioned entities.

From that period, the convoluted process of Mutual Funds was bifurcated into Regular & Direct Plans.

Being an investor, you can select the investment scheme according to your financial requirements, i.e., Regular or/and Direct Plan. Both plans seem identical: your money will be invested in the same fund, managed by the same fund manager, the fund will have the same risk. So, what's the difference between direct and regular mutual funds?

The critical difference is of the intermediary involved in both schemes.

  1. Regular Mutual Fund plans have the middlemen (intermediary) in between the investors and Asset Management Companies (AMCs). This means that the investor has to pay commission or advisory fees to AMCs, which results in a rising expense ratio.
  2. Conversely, Direct Mutual funds don't allow any middlemen (intermediary) in between the investors and Asset Management Companies (AMCs). In this plan, the investor doesn’t have to pay any brokerage amount which results in a lower expense ratio.

Reliance Money Manager fund with regular plan having expenses .55%, rated 2 stars and return since launch is 8.37% as of April 14th 2017 by valueresearchonline.

    Mutual Fund Regular Plan

Where Reliance Money Manager fund with direct plan having expenses .23% rated 3 stars and return since launch is 9.13% as of April 14th 2017 by valueresearchonline.

    Mutual Fund Direct Plan

In Regular plans, distributor charges commission of 1.5% (Approx), upfront, and 1%(Approx) every year from your investments. This commission will start from day one of your investment until you redeem your complete investment. So if you are SIP investor investing every month, then you are paying a very big amount as commission to your distributor.



Coin is an excellent platform for investment in mutual funds due to the following reasons:

  • Commission-free (Upfront or trail) investment in direct plans.
  • Dematerialized or electronic safety of mutual fund holdings.
  • No DP charges on redemption of mutual fund units.
  • Start, pause, modify, and cancel your investment anytime.
  • Start mutual fund SIP or invest lumpsum amount instantly using UPI.
  • Track your mutual fund portfolio on Coin anytime.
  • Pledge your mutual funds holdings in Demat form for a loan.
  • Access reports like capital gain statement, P&L, etc.



Zerodha offers Coin as a free service to the investors. The investors can invest in more than 40+ AMCs in Direct mutual fund schemes and manage a single login for all your mutual fund investment.

In this cut-throat competition, none of the other brokers are providing this free facility. Considering the operations of other brokers in the market, they provide a Free Mutual Fund Account for investment in Regular Plans with them, for which the investor has to pay huge commissions. The broker gets an extra commission paid by the investors as the reward from AMC.

If you want to save the broker's commission then the direct mutual fund is the only solution for you.



Yes, Zerodha Coin is India’s safest mutual funds platform as all the mutual fund units bought through coin are credited to the Zerodha Demat Account with CDSL. Hence, your MF investment in direct plans will be kept safe and secure.



Zerodha Coin app provides multiple search filter options to customers to search for the right scheme in line with their risk appetite and investment goal. There are the following filters available on the Coin app;

  • Asset Management Company (AMC) or fund house.
  • Scheme type; Equity, Debt, and Hybrid.
  • Minimum investment amount.
  • Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR).
  • Type of reinvestment; Dividend payout, growth, etc.



Investors can choose from various buying options for Mutual Fund. Such as one-time investment (lump sum payment) or systematic investment plan SIP.

SIP or systematic investing plan is when you invest small periodical amounts instead of lump sums. On the Zerodha MF platform, you can start as many SIPs as you want with a click of a button without having to sign any mandate forms.



Nil, Yes likewise free mutual funds investment, Zerodha facilitates customers to sell mutual funds holdings from their Demat account at ₹0 DP charges. Earlier, the broker was charging ₹5.5 DP charges but thereafter, in May 2019, the broker has removed the DP charges and started offering free redemption facility.



Zerodha Coin has a number of advantages while considering the other brokers in this industry:

  • The facility of Direct Mutual Funds: You can easily invest in all mutual funds via Zerodha Coin and most interestingly, you don’t have to pay any commissions to any intermediary. Hence, you can enjoy a higher return on investment.
  • Fungible Funds: All of you purchased mutual funds that go into your Demat account that is fungible in nature.
  • Single Dashboard: Your every investment done in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETF, etc., is generally visible on the same dashboard.
  • Flexible SIPs: Invest accordingly to your financial goals – initiate, pause, edit and stop your SIPs as per your preference.
  • Conditional SIP: NAV is a critical part of mutual funds, so Zerodha Coin allows its investors to go through the NAV of every fund and start their SIP according to it. For example, you may want to invest Rs.5000 when the NAV reduces 15% from the current level.
  • It's 100% Free - Investment is free as well as on redemption Demat transaction charges are also free.



If you have opened a DEMAT account with Zerodha, automatically, your Coin application will be activated.

For all those investors, you have been with Zerodha before September 15, 2015, their DEMAT account would be with IL&FS.

Firstly, the investors are required to close their DEMAT account with IL&FS. And then, apply for the Zerodha DEMAT account to initiate the working of Zerodha Coin.



Coin for Zerodha mobile app allows easy and hassle-free online mutual funds investment and redemption/withdrawal at 0 charges.

Steps to withdraw money from Zerodha Coin App:

  1. Login to the Coin app on your phone.
  2. Click on the “Portfolio” tab where all of your MF investment will be visible.
  3. Tap on the fund, from which, you want to withdraw your investment.
  4. Scroll down the fund's page and click on the “Redeem” option. The fund redemption page will be displayed showing the total no. of units and the redemption period.
  5. In case of partial redemption, enter the no. of units or click on the checkbox for full redemption.
  6. Enter the CDSL TPIN to authorize the sale or redemption of mutual fund holdings on Coin.
  7. Once done, the funds will be credited to your linked bank account within the settlement period.



Yes, you need a demat and trading account with Zerodha to undertake investment in mutual funds via coin. Zerodha coin is a free mutual funds platform to invest in direct plans at zero commission. The said platform is only accessible by Zerodha users thus, even if you’ve demat and trading account with any other broker then you won’t be able to invest in mutual funds on Coin.



Yes, Zerodha Coin is a 100% free mutual funds investment platform that neither charges any brokerage from customers on MF investment nor it charges DP Charges on redemption. If you are the one looking to buy direct plans then undoubtedly, Zerodha Coin is the best platform to invest in thousands of schemes from 40+ big fund houses.



Coin for Zerodha is the best platform for hassle-free direct mutual funds investment process at nil charges. Check out the process to purchase mutual funds through Coin;

  1. Login to the Zerodha Coin platform using Kite login ID.
  2. Search your choice of the scheme using different search filters.
  3. On the fund page, click on the “Buy Direct” (lumpsum) or “Direct SIP” option.
  4. Enter details like investment amount, no. of installments, etc., and submit the mutual fund investment order.
  5. Make a payment of the first installment and you have successfully purchased mutual fund units.



Zerodha Coin is the country’s largest direct mutual fund investment platform that enables users to buy direct funds online from asset management companies without any commission. You can invest in mutual funds with Zerodha coin on either the Coin web platform or the coin mobile app available on Google play store and the App Store.



  1. Login to the Coin platform.
  2. Select the scheme using different search filters.
  3. Tap on the “Direct SIP” option to start MF SIP or click on the “Buy Direct” option to make a lumpsum investment.
  4. Enter the amount of investment, SIP frequency, total installment, etc., and submit the order.
  5. Pay the first installment and upon successful payment, your MF investment is done!



Anyone who want to invest in direct mutual funds through Coin doesn’t need to open coin account. Users just need to open Zerodha Demat Account and access to Zerodha Coin will be available to them to undertake direct MF investment for free. Users can use the Kite user ID and password to activate to the coin Zerodha.



Yes, Zerodha provides Coin mobile app to allow them to buy mutual funds at their fingertips. Coin app provides the flexibility to users to purchase SIP or lumpsum in mutual funds anytime anywhere on just a few clicks using their mobile phone. Android users can install the app from the Play Store and iOS fanatics (iPhone, iPad) can download it from the App Store.



Conditional orders are similar to limit orders in stocks which means placing buy or sell mutual funds orders at a specified NAV, therefore, also termed as “NAV-Tracking” orders. These orders can only be placed for the lumpsum investment and not allowed for SIP investment.

Steps to place Conditional Order in lumpsum MF investment;

  1. Log in to the Coin platform.
  2. Select the scheme, and click on the “Buy Direct” option for lumpsum investment.
  3. The order window will be displayed, click on the conditional order checkbox and enter the NAV price.
  4. How-to-Place-Conditional-Order

  5. Tap on the “Buy” option to successfully place the order.



User Reviews

3. CA Sachin Jain Jul 29 2018 11:15:49 AM Reply
You can download the latest profit and loss statement for FY 17-18 on Zerodha Coin application. This is a new feature added on Zerodha Coin for easy tax filling.
2. Ankit kothari Apr 04 2017 05:29:42 PM Reply
This Zerodha Coin service is really cool, I like the way he is making industry transparent.
1. Kunal Mar 22 2016 05:51:21 AM Reply
Thanks Zerodha for Starting Mutual Fund service, Waiting for IPO service to start.