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Fyers Commodity Trading Review 2024

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Fyers Securities Commodity Trading
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Fyers Securities is a member of MCX that offers online commodity trading services. Earlier, the brokerage house was offering a separate Fyers Commodity margin limits to trade on MCX, but now, it started offering Fyers Single Margin Account to trade across segments i.e. equity, and commodity. The discount broker charges a flat Rs. 20 per order commodity trading brokerage. Customers can place intraday, margin, bracket order and cover orders and start commodity trading with Fyers on Fyers 2.0 App, Fyers Web, Fyers One, and Fyers Next Desktop trading platforms. Scroll down the page further to know details of Fyers Commodity Trading review including account opening charges, brokerage charges, commodity trading platforms, order types, margin, and more.

Fyers Commodity Trading Account

The commodity trading account with Fyers facilitates trading in precious metals (i.e. gold, silver, aluminium), agri commodities, natural gas, and other types of commodities. You don’t need to open a separate Fyers commodity trading account as the broker offers a single margin account to trade-in commodities and equities as well.

Particulars Charges
Fyers Commodity Trading Account Opening Charges Free
Fyers Commodity Trading Account AMC Free

Fyers Commodity Trading Brokerage

Particulars Commodity Trading Brokerage
Fyers Commodity futures trading Rs. 20 per order or 0.03% whichever is lower
Fyers Commodity Options trading Flat Rs. 20 per executed order

Fyers Commodity Trading Orders

Fyers commodity traders can place following types of orders to trade on MCX.

  • Intraday order: Intraday trading means closing all your open positions on the same trading session. If you did not close your position then Fyers team will close it before 15 minutes of market closure.
  • Margin order: This type of order means holding overnight positions that can be held till the contract expiry.
  • Bracket order and Cover Order: Fyers Securities facilitates advanced order placement like bracket order and cover on all commodity contracts. Fyers provides higher leverage on BO and cover order than intraday order.

Fyers Commodity Trading Margin

  • Margin trading is a facility that allows customers to buy stocks by paying a marginal amount and rest will be provided by the broker. Fyers offers commodity margin up to 3X on MIS orders. However, greater margin or leverage is available on the bracket order and cover order. The discount broking firm provides commodity margin of 8x to 33x on all cover orders.

Fyers Commodity Trading Platforms

All of the Flyers trading platforms are available for commodity traders to trade on MCX. Here are the details of Fyers Commodity Trading Platforms as under:

  • Fyers 2.0 App: The all-in-one new Fyers mobile app offers fast and seamless online trading on multiple exchanges like BSE, NSE, and MCX. Easy navigation from watchlists, fast trade entry and exit, 22+ years of historical EOD, 2+ years of intraday data, Trade from the charts, etc. are the key features of Fyers App.
  • Fyers Next: The gen-next advanced desktop trading software provides the fastest trading experience in commodity derivative segments. Market watch, option chain analytics, and tools like span and option calculator are available on the Fyers Next terminal.
  • Fyers One: This is one of the best trading terminals in India that offers online commodity trading services. Commodity traders can install Fyers One desktop trading software on their desktop and start MCX trading.
  • Fyers 1.5 Web: This is the web-based trading platform by Fyers. Customers can log in their account on the Fyers Web through any browser and trade on MCX on the world-renowned TradingView charting.

Fyers Commodity Trading Activation Form

If you are already an existing client with Fyers, then to activate commodity trading, you can download the Fyers commodity trading addition form from the website, print out details, and courier it to the broker.

Steps to get Fyers Commodity Trading Addition Form

  1. Head to the Fyers website.
  2. Under the “Support” tab, click on the “Downloads” option.
  3. Now, go to the “Account Modification” option and click on the “MCX (Commodity) Addition Form”.

Fyers MCX Segment Activation Form

Request call back from Fyers


If you are an existing Fyers trading account holder then you can easily activate commodity trading services online. Here are the two ways to activate Fyers commodity trading;

  1. Complete MCX trading enablement registration here.
  2. Download Fyers MCX (Commodity) Addition Form, fill details, and send to the broker.


Yes, Fyers Securities is a trading member of MCX that offers commodity trading facility to customers. Customers can trade-in various commodities such as precious metals (gold, silver, etc.), agriculture commodities, energy, etc. The broker offers a single margin account to trade-in equity and commodity.


Yes, Fyers Securities has introduced an all-in-one single mobile app in its own brand name, Fyers app to trade on multiple exchanges i.e. BSE, NSE, and MCX. Android users as well as iOS users can download the app from Play store and the App Store and start online trading in commodities futures and options at a flat brokerage of Rs. 20 per order.


Last Updated on 2024-05-31