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SBICAP Securities NRI Account Review 2024

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SBICAP Securities Ltd NRI Trading
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SBICAP Securities Ltd, the full-service brokers in India caters to all the investment requirements of NRIs excluding NRIs of Japan, US, UK, and Canada. NRIs can open a 3-in-1 NRI Account with SBICAP Securities to trade & invest in equities, derivatives, mutual funds, fixed income products, and others. It has a widespread overseas presence with 198 foreign offices across 35 countries. The broker also has a dedicated NRI desk to help NRI clientele base. The broking house further offers research services to NRIs to keep them updated with the market movements, economic events, and the current market scenario.

SBICAP Securities NRI Account Eligibility

The broker offers a 3-in-1 account opening facility to NRIs but notably, it doesn’t solicit investment from NRIs in Japan, Canada, US and UK due to regulatory restrictions.

SBICAP Securities NRI 3-in-1 Account

SBI NRI 3-in-1 account incorporates 3 accounts including NRI PIS Account, NRI Trading Account, and NRI Demat Account. The broker enables NRIs to open 4 accounts with a single application to facilitate them with faster trading experience.

  1. SBI NRI Demat Account: NRI can open demat account with SBICAP Securities to hold securities including stocks, mutual funds, bonds, IPO and other securities in the electronic or dematerialized form. The broking house offers NRE Repatriable Demat Account as well as NRO Non-Repatriable Demat Account.
  2. SBI NRI Trading Account: NRI trading account facilitates NRIs to place buy or sell orders across both the exchanges; BSE and NSE to trade & invest in stocks, derivatives, ETFs, and other segments.
  3. SBI NRI PIS Account: Portfolio Investment Scheme Account is an account that is opened by NRIs to invest in equities directly because the account facilitates them to buy and sell shares, bonds, and other securities by routing these transactions via their NRE/NRO bank account. It further offers Non-PIS NRE & NRO Bank accounts to clients. PIS account is required in order to report the transactions to RBI.

SBICAP Securities NRI Trading Process

Once your account gets opened, you can trade through the below steps;

  • Order placement: Login your trading account with SBICAP Securities and place buy or sell orders online. If you have enough funds in your demat account to place a buy order, then the order will be placed and executed on the exchange.
  • Debit/Credit to NRI demat and bank account: If you’ve placed a buy order, then the money will be automatically debited from NRI Bank account, however, in case of a sell order, your account will be credited. At the same time, the purchased securities will be shown in demat account whereas if you’ve placed a sell order, the securities will be debited from the demat account in T+2 days.
  • Reporting to RBI: SSL facilitates NRI to automatically reporting the details of their transactions to RBI.

SBICAP Securities NRI Products & Services

The product and service portfolio for NRI includes the following;

  • 3-in-1 NRI account
  • Equity
  • Futures & options
  • Initial Public Offerings (IPO)
  • Mutual Fund (MF)
  • Fixed Income Products i.e. NCDs, bonds, commercial papers
  • Equity Research
  • Investment advisory
  • 24*7 back-office access

Benefits of NRI 3-in-1 account with SBICAP Securities

  • Trade & investment across multiple asset classes i.e. equity, derivatives, IPO, MF, fixed income products, etc.
  • Delightful trading experience with a seamless transition between trading, demat, and bank account.
  • Instant fund transfer facility.
  • The broker facilitates NRIs to place After Market Orders.
  • Free research and advisory service offerings.
  • Access free trading platforms including SBISMART Money Mobile Trader, SBISMART Xpress, and

Key considerations

  • Japan, USA, UK, and Canada-based clients can’t open a 3-in-1 NRI account with SBICAP Securities.

SBICAP Securities NRI Account Opening Process

In order to open a 3-in-1 NRI Account, you’ve to submit the NRI SB account opening form, NRI PIS account opening form, and demat and trading account opening form to the broker. Here, find the complete list of forms that are required to be submitted to the broker.

All of these forms must be signed and submitted along with the required documents.

SBICAP Securities Account Opening Documents

Here is the checklist of all the documents required to open NRI 3-in-1account;

  • PAN Card
  • Passport
  • Visa/ Resident Permit/ OCI/ PIO Card, whichever applicable
  • Indian address proof
  • Overseas address proof
  • Latest SBI NRE/NRO bank account statement
  • Canceled cheque
  • Valid Tax Proof
  • Applicant’s 3 photographs

All of the above documents must be self-attested and ID proof is required to be duly attested by SBI officials, or Notary Public, or High Commissioner, or Indian Embassy or Consulate General in the country of your residence.

SBICAP Securities NRI Charges

Get here the details about SBICAP Securities NRI charges

SBICAP Securities NRI Charges
Seq No. Particulars Charges
1. NRI Demat Account Opening Charges Rs. 2500
2. NRI Demat Annual Maintenance Charges Rs. 750
3. NRI Trading Account Opening Rs. 500
4. PIS Approval fee Rs. 750
5. PIS Annual Maintenance Charges Rs. 1000 from 2nd year onwards
6. Transaction brokerage 0.50%

SBICAP Securities NRI Trading Platforms

The broker provides free trading platforms to both NRIs and Indian Resident that are listed below

  • SBISMART Money Mobile Trader App
  • SBISMART Xpress (trading terminal)
  • com (web-based trading platform)
  • Dial & trade

SBICAP Securities NRI Mutual Fund

SBI Sec facilitates NRIs to undertake investment in mutual funds. The broker only offers regular mutual funds across various asset classes such as equity, hybrid, and debt mutual funds. In addition, a team of dedicated relationship managers and investment advisors assist NRIs to make smarter investment decisions. SBI has tie-up with 20+ leading AMCs henceforth, schemes from all the top mutual funds will be available with the broker. They can invest in mutual funds either via a systematic investment plan or lumpsum route.

SBICAP Securities NRI customer care

SBICAP Sec has a dedicated NRI desk to provide trading & investment assistance to NRIs. NRIs can connect with HDFC Securities through following ways;

  • SBICAP Securities NRI Dealing Desk – 91-022-68545555.
  • SBICAP Securities NRI E-mail - [email protected].
  • SSL NRI Branch: SBI NRI branch. Maker Chambers -3, Ground Floor, Nariman Point, Mumbai - 400021, Maharashtra, India.
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SBICAP Securities offers a 3-in-1 account opening facility to NRIs except US, UK, Canada, and Japan based NRIs. To open a 3-in-1 account, NRIs have to fill demat and trading account opening form, NRI PIS account opening form, and NRI savings bank account opening form and submit it to the broker.


Yes, NRIs are allowed to invest in mutual funds with SBICAP Securities. Although with a tie-up with 20+ top AMCs, the broking house provides best schemes to investors for investment and also allowed investment via SIP or lumpsum, however, the only considerable point is NRIs can only invest in regular schemes and can't invest in direct mutual fund plans


Last Updated on 2023-09-13