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SBICAP Securities Trading Platforms 2024

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SBICAP Securities Ltd Trading Platform Review
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SBICAP Securities offers trading & investment facilities across multiple trading platforms i.e. web, desktop, and mobile devices. Clients can access any of the platforms offered by the broker including (web portal), SBISMART Xpress (trading terminal), and SBISMART Mobile Trading App (mobile app). Its trading platforms are much easier and convenient that offers a lot of features such as market watch lists, live market update, real-time news, powerful charting, technical indicators, and others. All of the trading platforms are free and do not charge any subscription fee from users. Moreover, as the broker has a widespread network of 115 branches, through which, it offers offline services. A person can walk-in or visit any of SSL branches anytime to avail of various services such as account opening, trading, to take home loans or car loans etc. SBICAP Sec further offers dial & trade and doorstep services. Besides this, SSL also has a team of relationship managers and independent financial advisors who give precise investment advice to invest in equity, mutual funds, IPOs, NCDs, and bonds etc. Let’s discuss each of the SBICAP Securities trading platforms thoroughly covering its features, benefits, and drawbacks.

SBICAP Securities offers three powerful online trading platforms, pointed below:

  • SBISMART Mobile Trading App (Mobile app)
  • SBISMART Xpress (Downloadable Trading Terminal)
  • SBISMART Website (Web Portal)

SBISMART Mobile Trading App

The SBICAP Securities App or SBISMART Mobile Trading App made trading possible anywhere. The mobile trading app comes with many features including but not restricted to tracking live market, live quotes, real-time market updates, and research calls. The SBISmart Money Mobile Trader App can be downloaded on android phones & tablets, and iPhones and iPads.

Key features of SBISMART Money Mobile App are as follows;

  • Trade-in equities, derivatives, and currency.
  • In-built market watch lists and customized watch lists (segment-wise) and adding scrips.
  • The app provides real-time market updates and stock quotes and also notify through messages.
  • Placing buy or sell orders, square off positions, orders modification and cancellation.
  • Know your order status and stock positions on just a few clicks.
  • Lien, Unlien Funds and Stocks
  • Research calls to get calls from research executives to seek investment suggestions and solve queries.
  • Check and manage funds to your account.
  • View scrips rankings and use comprehensive research tools to analyze stocks.
  • Multi-order types i.e. Limit, Market, Stop Loss Limit Order, and Stop Loss Market Order.
  • You can also place After Market Orders (AMO) on SBICAP Securities mobile app.
  • Multi-level data safety and security.


  • Cumbersome login process of the application.
  • Charting tools are not available on the app.
  • Advance order types such as Bracket Orders and Cover Orders not available.
  • Unavailability of online IPO and MF investment.
  • Average user-experiences.

SBISMART Mobile Trading App Demo

SBICAP Securities has a YouTube channel where it regularly posts videos about the latest updates in its trading platforms. Alternatively, the broker website also provides trading demos of all of its platforms.

Click here to check SBISMART Money Mobile App Demo

SBISMART Mobile Trading App Download

SBISmart Money Trader App can be downloaded on androids & tablets from Google Play store whereas, on iPhones and iPads, it can be downloaded from the App store.

Download SBISMART Mobile App on Android

Download SBISMART Mobile App on iOS


SBISMART Xpress is the downloadable trading terminal offered by SBI Securities. The high-speed desktop trading terminal comes with numerous high-end features including but not limited to live stock market news, on-screen alerts, and powerful charting. The high-speed terminal is extremely useful for heavy traders or intra-day traders to place orders quickly. The trading terminal can be downloaded and installed on a laptop or desktop.

Key features offered by SBISMART Xpress are listed below:

  • Historical data availability including both the fundamental and technical analysis.
  • Powerful charting functionality provides technical indicators.
  • Multiple market watch lists and customized watch-lists.
  • Real-time market news and stock-specific announcements.
  • Place, modify, square off or cancel orders.
  • Get research calls and research reports.
  • Get on-screen alerts and notifications on SMS or emails.
  • Fully-loaded features i.e. heat maps, indicators, and other technical analysis tools.

SBISMART Xpress Demo

SSL provides demos of all of its trading platforms on its website. You can check them through using the below process;

  • Visit SBICAP Securities website,
  • Under the Education Tab, click on the Demo option.
  • Here, you will find both the document demos and product demos for various offerings.

Click here to check the SBISMART Xpress demo

SBISMART Xpress Download

To download the SBISMART Xpress, follow the below-mentioned process;

  • Visit SBICAP Securities Ltd website,
  • Click on downloads.
  • You will find the terminal for both the clients and dealers/branch, click on the SBISMART Xpress download icon.

Download SBISMART Xpress for clients

Download SBISMART Xpress for dealers

SBISMART Xpress Installation Process

  1. Download SBISMART Xpress Setup.
  2. Extract the zip file.
  3. After extracting, click on the setup.exe.
  4. A pop-up window will appear, select “Run” and click on the “Next” button.
  5. Enter the user name.
  6. Click on the “complete” and “Next” button.
  7. Click on the “Install” and “Finish” button.

Click here to check SBISMART Xpress installation guide


SBISMART Trading Website (, as the name implies, is the web-based trading platform of SBICAP Securities Ltd. The web-enabled trading platform facilitates people to undertake investment in various asset classes such as equities, F&O, currency, IPO, MF, and NCDs. The web portal runs on browser and can be accessed anywhere either on a laptop, desktop, and mobile.

Key features offered by SBISMART web trading platform are presented here as under:

  • Trade & investment in equities, F&O, currency, IPO, MF, and NCDs.
  • Option Strategiser to make profits from market movements whether bullish or bearish.
  • Options calculators to compute price or stock volatility.
  • Get real-time recommendations by industry experts and in-house research team.
  • SBISMART provides financial reports of companies to get deeper stock analysis.
  • Heat Map, Scatter Map, and Financial Map to examine a stock or index movement.
  • Advanced stock screeners to filter stocks on user-defined criteria.
  • 360-degree view option in the market & stock view option.
  • Order book, trade book, and positions.
  • Place after market orders even after the trading hours.
  • SBISMART Web is a lightweight trading application.
  • Instant fund transfer facility to add or withdraw funds.
  • Attractive user interface.


To access the web portal, users just need to login their account following below provided steps;

  • Visit the broker’s official website,
  • Click on “log in” and then, “Trade Login”.
  • Enter details such as client code, password, and PAN number.
  • Click on “Sign in”.
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You can check your Order/Trade status or Positions on both the web portal, and mobile application. To check your order status, follow the below process;

  • Login with your account.
  • At the home screen, click on “Order Book” option.
  • To check the executed orders, click on “Trade Book” option.
  • To check all your positions, click on “Positions” option.


Last Updated on 2023-09-13