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SBICAP Securities Products & Services 2024

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SBICAP Securities Ltd Product and Services
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SBICAP Securities Ltd (SSL), a broking arm of SBI Group is a full-service broker in India. Being a registered trading member of BSE and NSE, the broker offers trading & investment across equity, F&O, currency derivatives, IPO, mutual funds, ETFs, and non-convertible debentures on both the exchanges. As the broker is a part of SBI Bank, therefore, SBICAP Sec offers 3-in-1 account opening facility to clients that integrates SBICAP Securities Demat Account, SBICAP Securities Trading Account, and SBI Bank Account. Thus, both the Indian residents and NRIs (excluding US, UK, Japan, and Canada-based NRIs) can open 3-in-1 account with SBICAP Securities. Here, you can check the comprehensive review of SBICAP Securities Products & Services.

SBICAP Securities Products & Services

SBICAP Securities offers wide range of products and services to clients, that are discussed here as follows:

  • SBICAP Securities Demat Account

    SBICAP Securities is a depository participant with CDSL and NSDL to provide demat account opening facility to customers so as to keep their holdings in dematerialized format. Thus, clients can open the demat account with both the depository houses; CDSL or NSDL through SBICAP Securities. Both the Indian residents as well as NRIs can open demat account with SBICAP Securities. Whenever you buy any share, the securities will be reflected in the demat account.

  • SBICAP Securities Trading Account

    People can also open a trading account with SBICAP Securities to trade & invest in various asset classes including equity, F&O, currency derivatives, IPO, mutual funds, ETFs, and Non-convertible debentures. The broker facilitates clients to place buy or sell orders across both the exchanges; BSE and NSE. SBICAP Sec is one of the key market players in the Indian broking space and to stay competitively strong, like other broking houses i.e. HDFC Securities and ICICI Securities, SBICAP Sec also offers 3-in-1 account opening facility, combining your demat account, bank account, and trading account to offer a seamless trading experience to users.

  • SBICAP Securities NRI Account

    SBICAP Securities provides trading facilities to NRIs as well. NRIs (except USA, Japan, Canada, and UK based NRIs) can open 3-in-1 account by integrating SBICAP Securities Demat Account, SBICAP Securities Savings Bank Account (NRE and NRO), and SBICAP Securities Trading Account. Like residents, NRIs can trade-in equities, F&O, IPO, mutual funds, and NCDs as well.

  • SBICAP Securities IPO Investment

    SBICAP Securities provides the facility to invest in IPO that is the first-time offerings by companies to sell shares to the public. People can either invest in IPO through the SBICAP Securities ASBA process or offline method by visiting any of the branches of the broker.

  • SBICAP Securities OFS

    SBICAP Sec provides the facility to invest in Offer for Sale (OFS). In a listed company, whenever promoters dilute their stake or holdings, it comes in the form of OFS. At SBICAP Sec, both the retail investors as well as Non-institutional investors can invest in OFS.

  • SBICAP Securities Non-Convertible Debentures

    The broker facilitates people to invest in fixed income products, non-convertible debentures through both the online and offline route. Online investment can be made through SSL demat account whereas offline investment can be done through visiting the nearest branch of the broker.

  • SBICAP Securities Mutual Funds

    In the last few decades, mutual fund industry witnessed rapid growth as in January 2020, MF Industry has crossed Rs. 28 Lakh Cr. AUM. First-time investors who want to invest in the Indian stock market can choose mutual funds as a preferred route. SBICAP Securities, being a full-service broker, offers mutual funds investment services wherein people can invest via different modes such as Systematic Investment Plan (SIP), lumpsum, STP or SWP. The broker has tie-up with 20+ leading AMCs and offers both the online (investment via trading account) and offline (submitting physical forms) investment facility to invest in MFs. Clients can also invest in New Fund Offer (NFO) with SBICap Securities.

  • SBICAP Securities ETF

    ETF stands for Exchange Traded Funds that undertakes investment in a basket of securities of an underlying index. Thus, it follows a passive investment strategy wherein fund managers do not buy or sell securities as per his own judgment. People can buy or sell ETFs at SBI Securities as the broker offers various ETFs such as S&P CNX Nifty ETF, CNX Bank Index ETF, BSE Sensex ETF, CNX PSU Bank Index ETF, and others. By investing in ETFs, clients can get exposure across all the sectors and stocks that are the part of the relevant Index.

  • SBICAP Securities Loans

    The broking house offers loan facilities to clients, wherein one can avail of two different kinds of loans that are home loans and car loans.

  • 1. SBICAP Securities Home Loans

    Every person has a dream to have their own house. Keeping into consideration, SBI Securities provide home loans facility to help people fulfilling their own house dream. The service is available with a number of benefits such as doorstep service, simplified documentation, and process guidance.

  • 2. SBICAP Securities Car Loans

    The broker also offers financing facilities on car by providing car loans to clients at their doorstep.

  • SBICAP Securities Loan Against Securities

    SBI Securities provides loan against securities at the most competitive interest rates. Under this facility, clients can avail loans or overdraft facilities by keeping their investment in shares, mutual funds, debentures, and bonds as collateral securities. The key features of SBI Cap Securities LAS are discussed hereunder:

  • SBI Sec LAS is available from Rs. 50 thousand to Rs. 20 Lakh.
  • Being a secured loan, one can keep investment in shares, MFs, debentures, and bonds as loan securities.
  • Less documentation required, as it doesn’t need any income proof, IT return document, etc.
  • An overdraft facility is also available at SBICAP Securities.
  • SBI Securities offers LAS at highly competitive interest rates.
  • Click here to check SBI Loan Against Shares Demo

  • SBICAP Securities After Market Order

    Users can place after market orders with SBICAP Securities as the broking house facilitates to place trades even after the market hours. Thus, if in any circumstance, a person is unable to place an order during market hours then still, he can place trade-in equity, equity derivatives, and currency futures aftermarket hours. Such orders can be placed anytime in-between 4:30 PM to 9:00AM.

  • SBICAP Securities T+5

    This is a leveraged delivery product offered by SBICAP Securities. Under this service, the broker provides the facility to place a T+5 order wherein client can buy shares by just paying a margin and can either take delivery or square off the positions built by paying additional funds in T+5 days.

  • SBICAP Securities Order Types

    At SBICAP Securities, you can place multiple types of orders in equity, equity derivatives, and currency derivatives as well. One can place limit orders, market orders, stop loss trigger price orders, stop loss limit orders, and stop-loss market orders as well, presented below:

    1. Limit order: To buy or sell securities at a specified price.
    2. Market Order: To buy or sell securities at market price.
    3. Stop Loss Trigger Price: To buy or sell securities, if the price goes beyond or dropped below a specified price.
    4. Stop Loss Limit Order: To place a limit order subsequent to the trigger price is known as Stop Loss Limit Order.
    5. Stop Loss Market Order: To place a market order subsequent to the trigger price called the Stop Loss Market Price order. Once the stock price breaches the trigger price, the market order is placed.
  • SBICAP Securities call & trade

    SBICAP Securities has a centralized dealing desk to provide call & trade services to clients. Under the facility, clients can call customer representatives and tell them to place buy or sell orders on your behalf. The key downfall of the service is it is available for the minimum order value of Rs. 1000 in cash segment. Company offers 30 free calls and thereafter, the service is charged at Rs. 10 plus applicable taxes. A client can only inquire up to 3 scrips each call.

  • SBICAP Securities Research Reports

    SBICAP Securities has an in-house research team that closely track and monitor market movements. The broker provides comprehensive reports on market trends, stock-market related news, and major global events. The types of research reports offered by the broker are mentioned below:

  • 1. SBICAP Securities Fundamental Reports

    The research team endeavors to examine the stock fundamentally by analyzing their financial reports. It is conveyed to the public in the form of fundamental reports to help users assessing how well a stock is performing on the fundamental front like revenue, profitability, margin, valuation, and others. It will definitely help people to have an idea about future growth prospects.

  • 2. SBICAP Securities Derivatives Reports

    SBICAP Securities also provide equity derivatives reports including strategies to invest in F&O based on the fundamental & technical factors, market trends, local and global market events, and stock-specific factors.

  • 3. SBICAP Securities Technical Reports

    These reports inform users about the technical trends of a particular stock or index. In the technical reports, research analysts cover charts presentation, support & resistance levels, trends & patterns etc. to present the comprehensive technical views on the stock.

  • 4. SBICAP Securities Other Reports

    Other reports consist of SBICAP Securities BTST (Buy Today Sell Tomorrow), weekly recommendations, intraday trading tips, and others.

  • SBICAP Securities Analysis Tools

    SBICAP Securities provides a number of analysis tools to users including Detailed Quote, Decisive Screeners, and Peer Comparison that is discussed here as under:

  • 1. Detailed Quote

    As per its name, the tool gives complete details about the quote, company profile shareholding pattern, charts, Fibonacci levels, pivot levels, stock-specific news, and events. Thus, in this way, the broker provides a complete 360-degree view about a particular stock.

  • 2. Decisive Screeners

    Smart decisive screeners offered by SBICAP Sec works on a number of filters such as top gainers/losers, technical indicators and also works on customized selection criteria.

  • 3. Peer Comparison

    As the name implies, the tool facilitates users to compare up to 3 stocks at a single time with detailed information, financial performance, fundamental ratios, technical indicators, and others.

  • SBICAP Securities Calculators

    SSL offers a number of financial calculators to examine your financial planning taking into consideration your existing and future cash flows, assets & liabilities. The tools offered by the broker are presented here as under:

  • 1. Risk Analyzer

    This tool is useful to find out your risk appetite whether you’re a defensive, moderate or aggressive investor based upon the questions asked.

  • 2. SIP Returns Calculator

    The calculator helps users to find out the target amount that you can achieve by investing a fixed amount at regular intervals. It also helps to determine the amount of SIP that one has to invest to get a target amount in a fixed period.

  • 3. Asset Allocator Calculator

    This tool serves clients to assess the target asset allocation based upon the investment tenure, amount, and risk appetite whether conservative, moderate, balanced, aggressive or highly aggressive.

  • 4. EMI Calculator

    EMI stands for Equated Monthly Installment that includes your principal amount and interest. The particular tool requires fields to enter such as loan amount, loan tenure, and interest rate and will show the EMI amount that one needs to pay every month. The key limitation of the tool is it is only useful for people with loans above Rs. 1 crore because the minimum amount, you can enter in the calculator is Rs. 1 cr.

  • 5. Retirement Savings Calculator

    The particular calculator is used to determine the target amount required for retirement goals, and savings amount to achieve the same.

  • 6. Marriage Savings Calculator

    This calculator is useful to know the monthly savings amount required to get the required corpus at the end of the specified period. The calculator further helps to figure out the future value of your investment made during the mentioned tenure.

  • 7. Education Savings Calculator

    The particular calculator enables users to identify the target corpus required for child education. Additionally, it also assists to know the monthly savings amount required to get the wished corpus at the end of the period.

  • 8. Human Life Value Calculator

    Users just have to enter details like age, annual income, liquid assets, existing insurance cover, current liabilities, etc. and the calculator will reflect the amount of insurance cover required to maintain the current lifestyle in the event of an unforeseen event.

  • 9. My Networth Calculator

    As its name, the tool calculates your net worth by subtracting total liabilities from the total assets that a person owes.

  • 10. Dreaming of a House or Car

    Everyone has a dream to have their own house or car, therefore, this calculator is useful to figure out the amount of savings required to buy a dream house or car at the end of the specified period.

  • 11. Return on Savings Calculator

    Users have to enter information such as investment amount, tenure, interest rate, and period of compounding, then the calculator automatically calculates and presents the effective rate of interest.

  • 12. Revenue-Expenses Calculator

    As the name implies, the calculator gives a clear picture of the source of income, and spending element. In this way, you can keep track of your expenditures and control it for more savings.

  • 13. Investment Calculator

    One can use this tool to identify the amount of periodic savings required to get the target corpus.

  • 14. Fibonacci Uptrend and Downtrend calculators

    The tools are useful to identify the potential reversal levels of Fibonacci Retracements and helps to assess the extent of a correction or pullback.

  • 15. Target Period Calculator

    The calculator presents the target period wherein one can achieve his/her financial goal.

  • 16. Inflation Calculator

    This calculator gives a clear picture that how inflation is going to affect one’s savings and investment.

    Click here to use SBICAP Securities Calculators

SBICAP Securities Branches

SBICAP Securities has a widespread network of 115 branches from where it offers offline facility to customers. Clients can visit the nearest branch anytime for account opening, trading & investment, and to resolve their queries.

SBICAP Securities Branch Locator/Sub Broker

The broker website offers you the branch locator under the customer service section.

To check the nearest SBICAP Sec branch, click here

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Yes, SBICAP Securities offers loan facility to clients wherein clients can take two different types of loans that are home loans, and car loans. The loan facility at SBICAP Securities comes with ample of benefits i.e. doorstep service, less documentation, and process guidance as well.


Yes, you can avail loans against securities with SBICAP Securities. In this service, clients have to pledge their investment in shares, mutual funds, debentures, and bonds as collateral securities to take loans. One can take loans from Rs. 50000 to Rs. 20 Lakh under LAS at competitive interest rates.


Yes, SBICAP Securities offers call & trade facilities to clients wherein they can call customer service representatives to place buy or sell orders.

  • In cash segment, the minimum order value to place trade orders must be equal or above to Rs. 1,000.
  • The broker offers 30 calls free and later, charges Rs. 10 plus applicable taxes on each call.
  • In a single call, client can inquire up to 3 scrips.