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How to apply ASBA IPO using SBI YONO?

SBI is allowing 3rd Part ASBA via YONO Light app only. SBI Online and YONO SBI is not providing 3rd party ASBA facility any more.

To Apply in 3rd party ASBA - Login to YONO Light > Requests > IPO > Apply IPO >......

3rd Part ASBA via YONO Light app
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User Reviews

1. Ritik Jain Aug 31 2023 03:35:30 AM Reply
Can we apply in b-HNI/s-HNI using retail sbi account? I know for corporate account we can do that but couldn''t find a way to do it for individual retail account.
2.1. Manish Sep 01 2023 09:26:34 AM
Usually you can make Retail, SHNI and BHNI applications using the same process, it just depends on how many lots you apply for. I use HDFC and ICICI, both banks allow me. I am not sure about SBI.

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