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Dhan Demat Account Charges 2024

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 Demat Charges
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Absolutely free demat account. Dhan is a CDSL depository participant that allows clients to open a Demat account to hold stocks, securities, and ETFs - all in one place. At Dhan, the demat account is free with Rs 0 account opening charges and there is no demat account maintenance fee either. Apart from the account opening and annual maintenance fees, a broker may charge various other fees for the demat account. Do you want to open a Dhan Demat account? Here is a complete list of 2023 Dhan Demat account charges such as transaction charges, pledging charges, demat and Remat charges, failed instruction charges, and others.

Trading Account Opening ChargesFree
Trading AMCFree
Demat Account Opening ChargesFree
Demat AMCFree

Dhan Demat Account Details

Dhan Demat Charges - 2024
1.DP SourceCDSL
2.Demat Account Annual Maintenance Charges(AMC)Zero
3.Statutory Charges (Stamp Charges payable upfront)Nil
4.Advance DepositNil
5.Transaction Charges (Market Trades)
Buy (Receive)₹ 0
Sell (Debit)₹12.5 per transaction
6.Demat & Remat Charges
Demat₹250 per certificate + courier charges
Remat₹250 per certificate + courier charges
7.Pledge Charges
Pledge Creation₹12.5 per transaction
Pledge Creation ConfirmationNil
Pledge Closure₹12.5 per transaction
Pledge Closure ConfirmationNil
Pledge Invocation₹12.5 per transaction
8.Failed Instruction ChargesNil
9.Other Charges DematNil
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DP charge is a flat transaction fee that is charged every time when you sell shares from your Demat account. At Dhan, the DP charge is Rs 12.50 per ISIN or per scrip + GST. The DP charge remains fixed on each sell order regardless of the number of shares or quantity sold.


No, Dhan discount stock broker not just provides its clients a free trading cum demat account but also charges zero maintenance fee on demat account for lifetime.