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Dhan Products and Services 2024

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Dhan Product and Services
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  3. Free Direct Mutual Funds & SIP

Dhan Stock Broker provides online trading & investment in stocks, futures & options, commodities and currencies segment. Customers can also apply for initial public offering (IPO) and invest in ETFs. You can open a Dhan trading and demat account for free and start trading in all segments with a flat fee of Rs 20. However, SGBs, non-convertible debentures (NCDs) and mutual funds are not offered. Also, Dhan does not have a research team to provide equity research reports, stock trading tips, and advisory services.

Dhan Broker Products

Equity Trading Yes
Equity Futures Trading Yes
Equity Options Trading Yes
Commodities Trading Yes
Currencies Trading Yes
IPO-Initial Public Offering Yes
Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) Yes
NCDs-Non-Convertible Debentures No
Mutual Funds No
Global Investment No
Banking No
Equity SIP Yes
Insurance No
Smallcase Yes

Dhan Equity Trading

Do you want to trade in shares? At Dhan, you can trade and invest in stocks listed on the BSE and NSE platforms. Customers can perform intraday trading in stocks (Margin Intraday Square Off, MIS) and invest in equities (Delivery Trading, CNC).

Investing in stocks is free of cost at Dhan, while for day trading there is only Rs 20 per order brokerage fees.

Dhan Derivative Trading

Are you an F&O trader and want to trade futures and options? Open a Dhan trading account and trade in the equity F&O segment with a maximum of Rs 20 brokerage. Dhan has a dedicated options trader app and web platform with fantastic features for options traders like options screener, Option Greeks, pre-built options strategies, and much more.

Dhan Commodity Trading

Dhan is a MCX-registered trading member that allows its users to trade in the commodity derivatives segment. Open a commodity trading account now to buy and sell gold, silver, and other commodities.

Dhan commodity trading features;

  1. Dedicated dashboard for commodity trading segment.
  2. Margins on commodity options trading
  3. Advanced option chain analysis and Greeks for options.
  4. Live news on domestic and global commodity market
  5. Integration with TradingView for commodity trading

How to trade in commodities with Dhan?

Dhan Currency Trading

At Dhan, you can open a forex trading account to trade all currency pairs such as USD-INR, USD-JPY, EUR-USD, and more. Dhan's trading platforms offer real-time F&O currency data, advanced option chains, TradingView charts and indicators, real-time news, and margin & pledge benefits. Dhan charges a flat Rs 20 brokerage fee on trading in the currency futures and options segment.

Dhan IPO Apply

Apply online for IPOs with Dhan using UPI as a virtual payment gateway. If you have a Dhan trading and demat account, you can invest in an IPO through the Dhan app or trading website. There are no brokerage fees for investing in IPOs.

How to apply for IPO with Dhan App?

Dhan ETF

Dhan trading account holders can trade and invest in exchange-traded funds (ETFs) on the BSE and NSE. Customers can even launch SIP in the index, gold, sector-based and global ETFs. They can place advanced orders such as basket orders, forever orders, and after-market orders.

Dhan Equity SIP

SIP in stocks makes your investment journey easier. At Dhan, users can invest in their favorite stocks on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis SIP. This feature allows Dhan customers to invest a small amount at regular intervals.

Dhan Smallcase

Invest in a theme-based diversified portfolio with Smallcase to earn good returns in the long term. Dhan users can choose any theme of their interest and invest in a selected idea at zero cost.

Dhan Broker Services

Dhan Demat Account Yes
Dhan Trading Account Yes
Dhan 3-in-1 Account No
NRI Trading No
Stock Research Reports No
Trading Tips No
Equity Recommendations No
Portfolio Management Services (PMS) No
Margin Trading Facility (MTF) Yes
Call & Trade Yes

Dhan Trading and Demat Account

Dhan is a CDSL depository participant with membership number IN-DP -289-2016, which allows to open an online demat account. Open a free 2-in-1 account (Trading + Demat) with Dhan for trading in equities, derivatives, commodities, currencies and ETFs.

India residents can open a free demat and trading account with Dhan. Dhan does not charge any account opening fee and the demat account is also free for lifetime.

How to open Dhan Demat account online?

Dhan Margin Trading

Like other brokers, Dhan discount broker also offers a margin trading facility. Get up to 4X leverage on trading and investing in 950+ stocks.

How to avail margin trading on Dhan?

  1. Log in to the Dhan trading account.
  2. Tap on the “MTF” on the order screen.
  3. Fill details and click on the “Buy with Margin Trading” option.
  4. Now, navigate to the positions page.
  5. Proceed to authorize the MTF order.
  6. View MTF portfolio details.

Dhan Orders

Any Dhan user can place multiple types of orders on the Dhan platform as per their requirements. The Dhan order types include the following;

Market Order Yes
Limit Order Yes
Stop-Loss order Yes
Bracket order Yes
Cover order Yes
Basket Order Yes
Reverse order Yes
After market order Yes
Forever order Yes

What Dhan Broker Does not offer?

  • It does not provide research and advisory services.
  • NRI trading facility is not available.
  • Does not provide intraday trading tips and equity investment recommendations.
  • Residents cannot open a 3-in-1 account.
  • Other investment products like SGBs, mutual funds, corporate bonds, etc. are not available.
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Forever order in Dhan is a good till-triggered order that gets triggered when the stock reaches a certain specified price level. Once the price is triggered, the order is automatically placed on the exchange for execution. Currently, users can place a forever order on Dhan App/Web only on the buy side. Forever order is a delivery order and is valid for 1 year.


No one is a full-time trader or an investor, therefore, Dhan allows customers to place an after-market order even after the market trading hours and the order gets executed during market hours. Dhan is the first broker in the broking space to provide inline AMO experience. There is no separate AMO option or tag, as any order (market order or limit order) placed after the market hours is now inline and treated as AMO. Dhan AMO orders can be placed for both buy and sell in cash as well as F&O segments.

An interesting feature on AMO orders is Dhan users have the option to execute the order after 30 minutes or after 60 minutes of market opening to avoid the risk of high market volatility. The AMO orders will be visible in the orders tab on Dhan App and website. Users can cancel AMO orders anytime before order execution.


Dhan users can pledge shares or holdings to avail margin trading facility. Pledging happens in real-time on Dhan App and web platform. Check the process on how to pledge shares in Dhan;

  1. Log in to the Dhan app.
  2. Go to the “Money tab” and select the shares you want to pledge.
  3. Tap on the “Proceed to Pledge shares” option.
  4. Confirm pledge request.
  5. The page will be redirected to the CDSL depository, enter the OTP to verify the margin pledge transaction request.
  6. The pledge request has been sent.
  7. After authorization, you will receive the margin benefit within 24-48 hours.

Dhan Pledging Charges: Rs 12.5 for each ISIN transaction + GST


Dhan allows its clients to apply for shares buyback through the web portal. Follow these steps to apply for buyback;

  1. Log in to the Dhan web portal.
  2. Go to the Money section.
  3. On the left-side, tap on the “Shares buyback” option.
  4. The screen will display all the open buyback offers.
  5. Click on the scrip, you wish to apply for buyback in.
  6. Enter the quantity and other details.
  7. Recheck and confirm to proceed the buyback request.
  8. The buyback order will be displayed in the “My Requests” tab.


Trailing stop-loss order is a special order feature for traders to lock your target profits and also cover your risk from falling prices. Check steps to place trailing stop-loss order in Dhan app/web;

  1. Log in to your Dhan trading account.
  2. Tap on Portfolio and click on “Positions”
  3. Click on the scrip and tap on the “Add” option available just right to the Naked position, add stop-loss loss.
  4. Now, three options; stop-loss, trailing stop-loss, and target will be displayed on the screen.
  5. Toggle to the Trailing Stop-loss order.
  6. Input the quantity, use the toggle option to select market order or limit order, and enter the trigger price.
  7. Recheck all details and tap on “Sell” to place trailing stop-loss order.