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Cheapest Full-service Brokers in India 2024

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Looking to the immense popularity of flat brokerage plans in India, many full-service brokerage houses also introduced online trading at a flat brokerage fee.

Do you want to trade with full-service brokers who charge you the lowest brokerage fee? If so, the report provides the cheapest full-service brokers in India 2023 who offer flat brokerage in all segments, regardless of the size of your trading volume.

What is Flat Brokerage Trading?

When your broker charges a fixed brokerage fee per executed trade order, this is called flat brokerage trading.

Traditionally, all full-service brokers were charging a fixed percentage of brokerage fees on the total trading volume. The volume-based or percentage brokerage model charges high brokerage fees.

Later, discount broker Zerodha entered the brokerage industry with a revolutionary flat brokerage model that became very popular with traders and investors.

To compete with discount brokers, full-service brokers also started offering the cheapest brokerage or flat brokerage trading services, charging a flat brokerage fee per executed trade, irrespective of the trading volume.

And, you also get access to add-on services like research reports, advisory services, branch support, and dedicated account managers.

Why to trade at flat brokerage with full-service brokers?

  • Trade at lowest brokerage fee on all segments
  • All-in-one trading and investing platform with multiple products offering
  • Get market, industry, and equity research reports & advisory services
  • Get intraday trading tips and buy and sell calls from experts
  • Fastest trading experience with a desktop-based trading terminal
  • Dedicated relationship manager and offline branch support

Here’s presenting the top full-service brokers with flat brokerage trading services. Compare the brokerage fee charged across intraday, delivery, and futures & options segment, and select the one, best suited for you.

Flat brokerage full-service brokers

Broker Delivery Intraday Futures Options Review Request Callback
Angel OneFree0.03% or Rs 20 whichever is lowerFlat Fee Rs 20Flat Fee Rs 20Angel One ReviewOpen Account
ICICIDirect0.55%Flat Rs. 20 per orderFree (Rs. 0 brokerage)Flat Rs. 20 per orderICICIDirect Review😞😞😞
Kotak Securities0.25%FreeDelivery: Flat fee Rs. 20 per order| Intraday: FreDelivery: Flat fee Rs. 20 per order| Intraday: FreeKotak Securities ReviewOpen Account
HDFC Sky0.1% or Rs 20 whichever is lower0.1% or Rs 20 whichever is lower0.1% or Rs 20 whichever is lowerFlat Fee Rs 20HDFC Sky Review😞😞😞
Nuvama WealthFlat Rs. 10 per executed orderFlat Rs. 10 per executed orderFlat Rs. 10 per executed orderFlat Rs. 10 per executed orderNuvama Wealth ReviewOpen Account

How to save brokerage with Flat Brokerage trading?

Flat or fixed pricing model helps traders to save a lot on brokerage front.

Let’s understand how to save brokerage cost by trading at flat brokerage.

Sharekhan charges 0.10% on intraday trading in stocks, while another broker with a flat model charges a fixed brokerage fee of Rs 20 per trade.

If you place an intraday order of Rs 50,000, Sharekhan will charge you Rs 50 as brokerage while with the flat model, the brokerage fee is Rs 20 for your trade.

No matter how big your trade order is, whether from Rs 10,000 to Rs 100,000, the flat brokerage fee is the same at Rs 20 per trade executed.

The concept helps to save a lot of brokerage cost.

Cheapest full-service broker – Nuvama Wealth

Nuvama Wealth offers the lowest brokerage trading in all segments, charges Rs 10/order flat brokerage fee in all segments. Also, it has the best TX3 desktop-based trading terminal for traders and offers research & advisory services.

Other recommended full-service stock brokers in the list include Angel One, ICICI Direct and Kotak Securities that charge fixed fee of Rs 20 per trade.


Nuvama Wealth is a full-service broker that charges the lowest brokerage fee on trading in different segments. It charges traders just Rs 10/order brokerage irrespective of the transaction value.


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