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Apply IPO from Motilal Oswal 2024

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Motilal Oswal offers IPO investment facility to its customer. Through its MO investors mobile app and web-based platform user can check the upcoming and ongoing IPO list. And can buy the IPO application from MO platform at free of cost charges. As well as the selling process of an IPO application is also quite easy from this platform. Motilal Oswal investment platforms allow user to process the IPO application with UPI payment mode. This page will provide you with detailed information about IPO services, so be sure to review this page.

Current and Upcoming IPO's investment with Motilal Oswal

Apply IPO in Motilal Oswal through UPI

UPI is the easiest way to apply for an IPO, If you want to invest in an IPO through UPI mode in Motilal Oswal then follow the procedure :

  1. Login to the MO Investor with valid credentials.
  2. Click on the three dots at the top left corner of the screen.
  3. Go to the “other products and tools” in which you see various investment tools.
  4. Click on IPO and all the upcoming IPO, Ongoing IPO and closed IPO list occurs.
  5. Choose the interested IPO from the ongoing IPO list.
  6. Get all the details of an IPO and then proceed.
  7. Set the price and quantity of the IPO.
  8. Select the bank account and payment mode as “UPI”.
  9. Approve the mandate to block the required fund for an IPO.
  10. As the approval is given your order will be placed successfully.

In case you don’t allow an IPO application then the blocked fund will be released from the bank account.

Step to Invest in IPOs with ASBA

  • Login into your net banking account.
  • Go to Investment options, Select IPO.
  • Under IPO Page – Select the IPO you wish to invest.
  • Provide the required information like PAN No, Motilal Oswal Demat Account Number and number of shares and bid price (including option to select cut off price).
  • Submit application subject to availability of clear balance in your bank account.

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Motilal Oswal IPO Process Demo

Motilal Oswal provided a Demo video of the IPO subject, so customers get more clarity on these investment tools.

Motilal Oswal IPO allotment status

To check the IPO allotment status in the Motilal Oswal trading platform follow these steps:

  1. Go to the "View Order Book" under the upcoming IPO section.
  2. If the order status is showing "Alloted" means you got the allotment.

Alternate method of check allotment status :-

  1. Visit the respective Registrar & Share Transfer Agent's official website for that particular IPO.
  2. Now click on “ Check Allotment Status” and enter the PAN Card No & Demat A/c No.

If you get an allotment then the IPO application shares will be credited into your Motilal Oswal Demat Account, and then the required blocked funds will be debited from your bank account. And on another case, if you don’t get an IPO allotment then the blocked funds will be released from the Bank account.

Motilal Oswal IPO Application Charge

Motilal Oswal does not take any charges for applying for an IPO with its MO platforms. User can apply as many as IPO with MO Investor app at free of cost.

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Last Updated on 14th Sep 2023


No. If your transaction process status is showing "processed" / "Completed", then you can not modify the IPO application. But if your transaction order is showing "in-processed"/ "Pending "then you can cancel the IPO application and can apply again.


No, Motilal Oswal doesn't provide an SME IPO investment facility.


Once you got an allotment the IPO shares will be credited to your Motilal Oswal Demat Account. Now you can easily sell these IPO shares by following the process:-

  1. Select the IPO to sell from your Demat account.
  2. Enter the IPO quantity and set the selling price.
  3. Choose the bank account to which the amount will be credited.
  4. Hit the proceed button.
  5. As the transaction is completed, you can check the order status.


To invest in IPO, you need to have:

  • Bank account with Self-Certified Syndicate Bank.
  • DP account with any broker.
  • Trading Account to trade in holding of shares.


List of Self-Certified Syndicate Banks under the ASBA facility are available on SEBI, NSE and BSE Sites.