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Motilal Oswal NRI Account 2024

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Motilal Oswal offers NRI trading and investment facilities for its global customers. Through this broker NRIs can open a Demat account either from NRE bank or from NRO bank. With the NRI Demat account NRIs are allowed to trade and invest money in varieties of investment products like MF, IPO, etc. So NRIs can avail themselves of all the facilities of MO stock brokers same as any local residential people avail.

Motilal Oswal NRI Account charges

The NRI trading and Demat account opening charges in Motilal Oswal are Rs 999. And AMC charge of the NRI Demat account is Rs 999 per year. Other than these charges, Govt. taxes are also levied on him.

Motilal Oswal NRI Demat Account

Demat account of Motilal Oswal is used for holding financial securities. All the shares and securities are deposits and withdrawals through the Demat account. So for trading and investing in stock market Demat Account is compulsory required.

Motilal Oswal NRI Demat Account Opening Process

Opening an NRI account with Motilal Oswal is a quite simple process. The process is 100 % online and paperless. NRIs must have NRE or NRO bank account with PIS (Portfolio Investment Letter) before proceeding. Now follow the procedure to open an NRI Demat account in Motilal Oswal:-

  1. Visit Motilal Oswal's official website.
  2. Process the new application for the Demat account.
  3. Enter your Details & Upload your IDs.
  4. Now link your NRE / NRO bank account and verify it.
  5. The final step is to sign your application after video verification.

Documents for Motilal Oswal NRI Demat account

Here is a list of pre-requisite documents before opening an NRI Demat and trading account :

  1. Residential Proof of foreign country
  2. Indian Passport / PIO Card.
  3. PAN Card and Aadhar Card (Linked with Mobile Number)
  4. Bank Details for NRO / NRE (Cancel cheque or passbook)
  5. PIS (Portfolio Investment Scheme) letter
  6. Income proof
  7. Passport size photo
  8. FATCA & FEMA Declaration form

Motilal Oswal NRI Trading Platforms

Motilal Oswal provides the same trading platforms to its NRI customer as it provides to Indian customers. Its trading platform is cutting-edge technology, advanced trading features and tool kits. Here is a list of Motilal Oswal trading platforms:-

  1. MO Trader (Mobile and Web-based)
  2. MO Investor (Mobile and Web-based)
  3. MO Desktop Trade Terminal

Benefits of Motilal Oswal NRI Trading Account and Demat Account

Motilal Oswal gives easy access to the NRI Demat account, so through this NRIs can easily trade and invest from anywhere in the world. Other than this, some more benefits of an MO NRI account are described below :

  1. Research-based advice and recommendations for stocks.
  2. Wide range of investment products include : Stocks, MF, Derivatives, Commodities, and many more.
  3. Provides real-time live market updates.
  4. Advanced trading platforms.
  5. Personal financial advisor.
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Yes, NRIs are allowed to do derivative trading from Motilal Oswal. But before starting the derivative trade, NRI must have a CP code (Custodian Participant) code. So for this CP code, Motilal Oswal integrated with IL&FS.


NRO Bank Account :- Through this NRO (Non- Residential Ordinary) bank account you are not allowed the transfer the fund outside the country. It is also sometimes known as a “Non-Repatriate” account.

NRE Bank Account :- NRE (Non-Residential External) bank account facilities you to transfer funds outside the country. And you can withdraw any kind of currency in a foreign country. So it can be called a “Repatriate” account.


No, Motilal Oswal does not offer the 3-in-1 account facility to the NRI customer.


Last Updated on 2023-09-14