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ICICI direct offers a wide range of Mutual Funds products for investment like Smart SIP, One Click SIP, Lumpsum and more. You can quickly start your SIP plan according to your future financial goals. To achieve your future goal, ICICI direct recommends funds called SIPs. ICICI direct provides idirect mobile app and web based platform to start SIP or lumpsum or both. After investing in SIP or Lumpsum you can easily modify the scheme whenever you want according to your financial status. And ICICI direct doesn't charge any brokerage fees or costs for investing in MF.

ICICI direct Mutual Funds Charges

S.No. Mutual Funds Service Charges
1. ICICI direct MF AMC Charge Rs 0
2. ICICI direct MF Transaction Charges
  1. Rs 30 or 1.5% (Whichever is lower) for MF investment less than 8 Lac.
  2. Rs 0 (No charges) for MF investment more than 8 Lac
3. ICICI direct MF DP Charges Rs 700 (AMC)

Start SIP with ICICI direct

You can open SIP online through or idirect mobile app. You can easily start SIP by following the given procedure:

  1. Open the idirect mobile app and log in.
  2. Go to the shortcut icon in the menus and click on the Trade & Invest option.
  3. Click on the Investment funds section.
  4. Click on the Transact menu and then click on the Purchase/ SIP tab
  5. Search for a fund name or select a fund from those recommended by Research.
  6. Select a portfolio and payment frequency with time period.
  7. Specify the SIP installment amount and payment source and proceed.
  8. Review and confirm the order at SIP.

You'll now receive a notification of successful order placement and the transaction ID.

Buy Mutual Funds Through ICICI Direct Demo Video

Get the complete process of how to buy Mutual Funds from ICICI direct in given demo video

ICICI direct Mutual Funds Platforms

ICICI Direct offers online trading platforms for investors and traders. The platforms have a user-friendly interface. The following platforms are designed for mobile and desktop users:

  1. Idirect / ICICIdirect mobile app
  2. website.
  3. ICICI Trade Racer - Desktop Trading Terminal

Redeem SIP from ICICI direct

Investing in MF SIP gives you the flexibility to manage the investment process. ICICI direct allows you to make changes to SIP without incurring any fees. So follow the procedure to cancel SIP with ICICI direct:

  1. Log in to your icici direct mobile app.
  2. Go to the Transactions section and click on Mutual Funds/Shares
  3. Here you'll see the portfolio overview of mutual funds.
  4. From the list MF, select the MF you want to return.
  5. Click on the Sell button.
  6. Check and confirm the SIP and the Folio No. for the sale.
  7. Set the unit to Sale and select the bank.
  8. Proceed to approve the transaction.

Now you can check the transaction status in the order history. ICICI direct doesn't charge withdrawal fees for SIP.

Benefits of SIP at ICICI direct

ICICI direct helps you in choosing a scheme by giving you research based recommendations so that you don't have to spend much time in analyzing stocks. In addition, SIP from ICICI direct offers a number of other benefits, which are listed below:

1. SIP Step-up: increase the installment amount of SIP after a certain period of time.
2. Perpetual SIP option: this feature allows investing SIP installment till the investor stops it.
3. SIP Flexibility: withdrawal and modification of SIP plan as per financial conditions.
4. Researched choice of plans.
5. Multiple payment options: ICICI bank account, mandate and UPO
6. One click SIP MF

Lumpsum Investment Through ICICI direct

ICICI Direct provides Lumpsum investment facility to investors. In this investment type you have to invest all the capital at once while buying the MF for a certain period of time. After buying you can withdraw the invested amount anytime without paying any cost. ICICI direct does not charge anything for Lumpsum investment.

Benefits of Lumpsum Investment

  1. Ideal for long-term investment
  2. Control Big size capital in a disciplined manner
  3. Benefits of market correction
  4. Get good return in power of compounding
  5. Good gain in Bull Market
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The cut-off time for mutual funds depends on NAV (net asset value). When the trading closes at 3:00 pm on a trading day, NAV is announced by MF houses. And this NAV will rise and fall according to the conditions of the stock market. So if you want to invest in MF at the current NAV, you must submit the application to MF before the close of trading, otherwise you'll not be able to use the current NAV if your application is submitted after the close of trading.


Follow the procedure to download ICICI direct mutual fund statements:

  • Visit the website and log in.
  • Click on Portfolio.
  • Scroll down the screen and open the "Statement & Report" section.
  • Click on "Mutual Fund Statment."
  • Select the folio number or fund name at MF.
  • Select the statement for account, capital gain, and exit fee.
  • Set the period for which you want to download the statement.
  • Download the statement in PDF or Excel format.

You can also receive the statement by e-mail to MF.


Follow the procedure to add a nominee in mutual funds of ICICI Direct:

  • Log in to ICICI direct.
  • Go to the settings next to the profile icon.
  • Go to the My Account section and then to the personal information.
  • Scroll down the screen and go to the Trading Nominee section.
  • Enter your nominee information and save it.

Now your Nominee has been added to your account. If you have any difficulties, you can contact your broker.


No, ICICI direct doesn’t take any charges for redemption of MF, you can withdraw your SIP at anytime on free of cost service.


Rs 1000 is the minimum investment amount to begin the Lumpsum investment in ICICI direct.


Last Updated on 2023-09-14