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Reliance Securities TICK PRO Mobile App,InstaXpress|Review 2024

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Reliance Securities Limited Trading Platform Review
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Reliance Securities Tick Pro – Mobile Trading app

Reliance Securities Mobile AppTICK PRO is a new trading mobile app from Reliance Securities Ltd (RSL). This is very powerfull trading app with lots of analytics feature for better and quick decision and allows you to take calculated decisions. This app is available for all RelianceSecurities customers.

Key Feature of Reliance Tick Pro:

  • Derivatives Analysis: Get all Options Contracts filtered and listed under strategies like Covered Call, Covered Put, Long Straddle and all with highest Implied Volatility. With analytics you can grab the opportunity listed right on your screen.
  • Snap Quotes: Find all the information you need to profit; at a swipe. View market depth, Put-Call Ratio, Resistance & Support, Future quote and much more at a click.
  • Quick Search, Favorite Stocks
  • Customized Watchlist
  • Charts: RSL TICK PRO offers candle-sticks, line graphs a various intervals that are real-time and streaming. The charts are interactive and offer multiple indicators to study and take the right decision.
  • Option Calculator
  • Market Snapshot
  • Dashboard - Account status, buying power, monitor your positions and orders status in real-time at a click.
  • Transfer funds – Pay-in and pay-out

  • Tools for Technical Traders
  • Option Chain
  • List of stocks at R&S levels
  • AMO Orders with Tick Pro
  • Research/ Scanners - Quick and easy research report/scanners of your mobile screen with internal analytics ine - filtered stocks with trade opportunities or abnormal behavior:
    1. Rising and Falling Stocks
    2. High Low Breakers
    3. Volume Shockers
    4. Spreads
    5. Strong and Weak
    6. Resistance and Support
    7. Circuit Breakers
    8. Open = High or Low
  • Requires Android: 2.2 and up
  • Android App size: 5.7 MB
  • IOS Version - Yes, Required IOS 7.1 or later, Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
  • IOS App size : 7.7 MB
  • Customer Reviews: Average rating (4.2 out of 5)
  • Contact Email - [email protected]
  • Website URL -
  • Google Play Store Download Link

Reliance Securities Tick – Web based Trading & Analytical Platform

Reliance Securities Tick is web based trading platform. This is one of the award winning online trading platform in Indian brokerage industry. RESL Tick web applications have all the basic trading feature with advance analytical features, advance charts and graphical representation of data.

  • Watchlist: Create own watch list, Index level watch list with different filter options like - Most Active, Vol Gainers, Ol Gainers, OI Losers, Premium, Discount, Long Buit-up,Short Built-up, Short Covering, Long Unwindin, Price Gainers, Price Losers.

  • Quick Order Entry Window, Buy and Sell directly from Watchlist, Charts and more.

  • Company Dashboard – Complete details about company in form of Charts, Volume, Moving Averages, Valuation Ratios, Growth Performance, Quality check, Stock Returns, Company Information, and Shareholding pattern.

  • Financials, Results, Financial Charts : This is power of analytical engine with the Reliance Tick, to find fundamental details of a particular company, Here, you can select the Financials link and get all the financial information related to the company. This includes Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, Profit & Loss, Ratios, and Results.

  • Company Performance with it close competitors: On Quality, Value, and Growth.

  • F&O Dashboard - F&O provides the derivatives information of the company. You will get all expiry Futures prices and whether they are at Premium or Discountas well what Built-up the scrip is showing in last 15mins. You will also get a summary for the Stock’s Futures scrip like Open interest, Volume, MWPL, Rollover% as well as Put-call OI and Volume ratios. The 15-min builtup widget will show the builtup trend over the day in 15min intervals and help get insight into the possible future price movement. The Put-Call Chain widget will help to show the most active options as well as activity in the out-of-money options

  • Financials: This is power of analytical engine with the Reliance Tick, to find fundamental details of a particular company, Here, you can select the Financials link and get all the financial information related to the company. This includes Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, Profit & Loss, Ratios, and Results.

  • Portfolio - TICK allows you to analyze your portfolio in one of the most technically advanced manners. Health check of current portfolio. Real time view of portfolio. Analyze my trade.
  • News : Equity, Currency, Global Market, Pre-Market News
  • Charts
    • Advance Chart from 1 min to 5 year history.
    • Quick Order from Charts
    • You can use the charting tool for technical and derivative analysis of assets in your portfolio.
  • Accounts : This section is kind of Back office
    • Fund Transfer
    • Ledger
    • Demat Holding
    • Digital Contract notes
    • Daily Bills and Many more
  • Research/Screener
    • What is Screeners - Screeners helps to narrow the list of stocks research by removing outliers and concentrate for future in-depth research based on important financial parameters.
    • Has Screener which has different category, by clicking on individual category you can see details of analysis. Each script is marked with health score where higher side is 100. Above 75 is considered as good option to add in portfolio.
  • Trading By Exchange NSE/BSE
    • Heatmap, Corporate Actions, Screener, Latest News
    • Market Sum
      • Top 5 price gainer
      • Top 5 price loser
      • Top 5 most active
      • Top 5 volume gainer
      • Top 5 stocks 52 week high
      • Top 5 stocks 52 weeks low
    • Option Calculator
    • Technical Alerts
  • Reports
    • Order Book
    • Trade Book
    • Net Position
    • Limits

RMobile Xpress - Reliance Securities Mobile App

RMobile Xpress was a previous version of mobile app from Reliance Securities.This mobile app had all the features which you need to trade in stock marker.You can trade in NSE/BSE, in equity, derivitives and currency.

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