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Reliance Securities Products & Services Offerings 2024

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Reliance Securities Limited Product and Services
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Reliance Capital Limited (RCL) subsidiaries are engaged in a range of financial services asset management and mutual funds; life and general insurance; commercial finance; equities and commodities broking; wealth management services; distribution of financial products; asset reconstruction; proprietary investments and other activities in financial services.

Reliance Securities Limited (RSL) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Reliance Capital Limited (RCL), and is engaged in Equity, Derivatives and Currency Trading. Reliance Securities is a distributor for MF, PMS, Private Equity, IPO, Bonds, NCDs, Corporate FDs, Loan & Realty, Sovereign gold bonds. RSL has arrangement with Reliance Life Insurance Co. Ltd. (RLIC) and Reliance General Insurance Co. Ltd (RGIC) to solicit, procure and service their insurance products.

Group Companies of Reliance Capital:

  • Reliance General Insurance
  • Reliance Securities
  • Reliance Mutual Fund
  • Reliance Commercial Finance
  • Reliance Nippon Life Insurance
  • Reliance Commodities
  • Reliance Wealth Management
  • Reliance Money

Key Product and Services of Reliance Securities ( are:

  • R-Model Portfolio: Model Portfolio is a courtesy service provided by Reliance Securities. In this service, you will get diversified baskets of stocks from reliance research experts. You have to choose complete stocks list in multiple of 1s which is ready for your investment option. This option is good for long term investment ranging from 1 year to 5 years.

    Reliance Securities Research Team will conduct a periodic review of the portfolio and will remove or reduce the quantity of underperforming stocks. All clients will receive email notifications whenever a portfolio review is done.

    Buying and selling brokerage will be charged as per your brokerage plan, there is no extra charges for this service.

  • Reliance Securities Research Calls & Reports: Reliance Securities Research Team keep you update with latest market moves and provide you Intraday Calls, Positional Calls and Fundamental Calls. This is free service and available to all Reliance Securities customers.

    Daily Market Technical outlook, Pre-market Calls, Positional Pick, Quarterly Results updates and analysis report in English and Hindi, Event Updates is available. Tradedge is investment ideaswhich is published bi-weekly for short term investment (1 to 3 months).

  • Regular Stock Purchase Plan (RSP): Reliance Securities’ Equity Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) allows you to invest a certain pre-determined amount or quantity at a regular interval (daily, weekly, monthly, etc). With RSL Regular Stock Purchase Plan (RSP), you can make regular and disciplined investment in your chosen scrip or ETF. SIP can be done via "Amount-based strategy" or "Quantity-based strategy". List of Stocks/ETFs are defined by reliance research team for RSP investment. This service is also free of cost. Brokerage and other charges are as per client brokerage plan.

  • R-Advantage (Reward Program): This is an exclusive loyalty program by Reliance Securities for all its customers. With this program, clients get reward points for every transactions made with RSL. Clients can redeem these points with wide range of products like Electronic Items, Household articles, Fashion, Beauty products, etc.

  • Reliance Securities Mutual Fund Investment: With RSL, you can invest in Mutual fund online. You can opt Reliance Mutual Funds or any other house mutual funds. Reliance has separate site for mutual fund investment To avail the Mutual fund service you don’t have to be reliance securities client. You can avail MF service directly after completing KYC process.

  • Reliance Securities IPO Investment: On Reliance Security website you can get complete details about open IPO, Upcoming IPOs, IPO News and Analyst report for all open IPO to take better decision.

    Reliance Securities FD investment: For safe and low risk investment, fix deposit is considered as best option. With, you can invest in online FD with your own comfort. Currently RSL is providing Corporate FDs with Shriram transport finance company limited and Mahindra & Mahindra finance ltd. RSL is just is acting as a distributor in this service, RSL is not liable for any profit or loss on corporate FDs.

  • Reliance Securities AMO: After Market Order allows you to place an order for a stock beyond market hours.

  • Reliance Securities Cash N Carry (CNC) : This is the most conservative product where investor needs to block the entire amount of required funds or shares at the time of order placement. It is suitable for long-term investors looking at safe exposure.

  • Reliance Securities NRML: This is a delivery based product giving flexibility to pay the remaining amount not later than 5 days from the exchange payout day. It is most suitable for short term investors.

  • Reliance Securities Cover Order: This allows you to take advantage of intraday trading in huge volumes with minimum margin and at the same time limiting losses.

  • Reliance Securities Bracket order: This is a special 3-leg order type which allows traders to place the main order as well as the stop-loss and the profit taking order, all in a single click.

  • Reliance Securities Depository Service: RSL is registered as a Depository Participant with CDSL and NSDL. You can avail demat service with Reliance Securities to get fast and paper less transaction.

  • Reliance Securities Commodity Trading: Reliance Commodities is member of MCX and NCDEX exchanges. For Commodity trading reliance has separate service and can be accessed on

  • Reliance Securities NRI Service: Reliance Securities provide NRI Services to trade in equity delivery only. No derivative trading and Intraday is allowed through Reliance. Key Features of Reliance NRI service are:

    • Online delivery based trade on NSE and BSE.
    • Dedicated customer Service Desk.
    • Specialized Research.
    • Portfolio Tracker.
    • Investing in IPOs and Mutual Fund.
    • Buy, sell or hold recommendations.

Reliance Securities Branches is an online investment website of Reliance Securities. Reliance Securities offers most of its customer services through its website only.

They also offer customer service though branches which are located around the country in almost all major cities in India.

Customer could visit any local Reliance Securities branch and ask for help related to Reliance Securities Trading & Demat account, Reliance Securities Commodity account. If the branch doesn't exist in your city, still you can open account with Reliance Securities and start your investment via online trading platform and call n trade service.

Reliance Securities Branch Locator / Sub Broker

Reliance Securities website provide the branch locator under customer service section. This locator can be used to locate the branch nearby you.

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