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Espresso Sharekhan Trading Platforms Review 2024

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Espresso Sharekhan  Trading Platform Review
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Espresso Sharekhan offers highly efficient and user-friendly trading and investing platforms across mobile, web, and desktop. All of its platforms are beta-tested by trading and investing enthusiasts to provide the world-class trading experience to customers. Espresso has an online trading website and a mobile trading app under its own brand name.

Espresso app comes with a number of unique features for traders and investors such as multi-exchange MarketWatch, watchlists, Indices HeatMap, in-app EOD reports, powerful charting, price alerts, easy access to portfolio, and more. Espresso mobile app is quite user-friendly and comes with easy to use features. Espresso also offers the Binge Desktop Trading Software for pro-traders with classic charts, real-time market feeds, market scanners, and advanced market sentiment tracker. Scroll down the page to get the complete Espresso Sharekhan Trading Platforms Review 2022 including the Espresso app & web, and Binge software features, demo, downloads, and more.

1. Espresso Mobile App [Android and iOS]

Espresso has the most user-friendly mobile trading app that meets all the trading and investment needs and offer a seamless experience. The all-in-one Espresso mobile app allows customers to trade in equity intraday, delivery, commodity, and currency segment. Users can also apply for IPO, OFS, and SGB using the Espresso App.

Espresso Mobile App Features

  • Trade in equity intraday, delivery, commodity, and currency.
  • Place MIS, MIS+, CNC, BO, AMO, and GTD order on the Espresso App.
  • Search tool for all the segments to search a scrip or Index.
  • Multi-Exchange Streaming MarketWatch with more details about scrips and contracts.
  • Comprehensive dashboard view with easy access to your investment portfolio insights.
  • Customized watchlists to track real-time price movement of your favorite stock.
  • Advanced charting with 6+ types of charts and hundreds of technical indicators.
  • Trade from the chart facility.
  • Indices HeatMap and in-depth Market Movers of stocks and futures & options.
  • Easy and hassle-free fund transfer process.
  • Apply for IPO online through the UPI app.
  • Complete option chain like Open Interest, IV, Greeks, Long Build Up, Short Covering, etc.
  • Get in-app reports like EOD reports.
  • Easy access to stock fundamentals.
  • Add upto 8 widgets on your fingertip.
  • Set price alerts and get notifications.
  • Feel it Say it (FISI) feature to raise your complaint/query or share appreciation or enhancement suggestions.

Espresso Mobile App Demo

Espresso has an official YouTube channel where the team uploads demos of all its trading platforms to educate users about how to use different features on the Espresso App. All the videos are also available on the Espresso website in the “Videos” tab under the “Support” option.

Espresso Mobile App Demo

Espresso Mobile App Download

Espresso App is available on the Google Play and App Store for Android and iOS smartphone users.

2. Espresso Website [Browser-enabled Web Trading Platform]

Espresso has a browser-supporting web trading platform that is compatible across all browsers like Chrome, Firefox, etc. Customers can login to the Espresso website on the desktop, laptop, or mobile platform.

Espresso Web Trading Platform features

  • Trade on the BSE, NSE, and MCX.
  • Multiple customizable watchlists with upto 100 scrips in each watchlist.
  • Multiple types of orders like CNC, MIS, MIS+ for traders and investors.
  • Apply for IPO, OFS, and tender offer like Buyback.
  • Free Good Till Date facility.
  • Track all the indices, stocks, or positions on a single page.
  • Auto margin calculator on the order window.
  • Set price alerts and get notifications.
  • Access to various reports; Pay When You Profit report, EoD report, Portfolio Report, and Tax report.
  • Self Help option to update profile, activate segment, download statement, and check request tracking status.

Espresso Website Demo

Espresso web platform demo educate traders & investors about different features available on the website such as watchlist, Search & trade, Market Movers, fund transfer process, different types of orders, and more.

Espresso Web Demo

3. Espresso Binge Desktop Trading Platform

Espresso offers a desktop trading software called BINGE for customers to experience class charts, real-time feeds, and multiple market scanners that provide the ultimate fastest trading experience to customers. Users can install the Espresso Binge software on the desktop and unleash the power of trading.

Espresso Binge Desktop Trading Platform Features

  • View multiple market data points at one glance.
  • Script and Indices Heat Map and one-click to view advances or declines.
  • Track Real-time price movement of your favorite stock.
  • Super-quick price updation and get support and resistance levels.
  • Track all-time and 52 week highs or lows of multiple stocks together.
  • Bracket orders for both intraday and delivery.
  • Free GTD, Good Till Date order.
  • Split order functionality to auto-split orders for the F&O segment.
  • Real-time feed updates across all the segments.
  • Powerful charting with view and operate upto 6 charts on a single screen.
  • Dynamic alert setting feature.

Espresso Binge Desktop Trading Platform Download

Any Espresso customers can download or install the Binge trading software on the desktop. The software is available for free to use at zero subscription fee.

Download Binge Trading Software

Espresso Binge Trading Platform Demo

Espresso Binge Desktop Software Demo covers how to use its features such as layout, watchlists, option chain, dynamic alerts, advanced charting, and easy to place order window.

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Yes, Binge software by Espresso is a safe & secure platform, protected with 2 factor authentication (2FA) that requires password, and PAN number to login to the platform. Binge Desktop platform allows online trading in equity intraday, delivery, F&O, commodity, and currency segments.


Espresso offers one of the best online trading platforms to start online trading in the equity intraday, delivery, commodity, and currency segments.

  • Synchronized and integrated watchlists across web, app, and Binge desktop software.
  • Get real-time price alerts.
  • Free real-time market scanner.
  • Quick and hassle-free order placement feature.
  • High quality advanced charting with multiple view at single click and multiple timeframes.
  • Hassle-free seamless fund transfer process with 31 supported banks.


Espresso offers all types of online trading platforms across web, desktop, and mobile app versions. It has the following trading platforms to start online trading in various segments;

  1. Espresso Mobile Trading App
  2. Espresso Web Trading Platform
  3. Binge desktop Trading Software


Last Updated on 2024-01-30