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Espresso Sharekhan Stock Broker Review 2024

Rated 4/5 by InvestorGain Team
Last updated on: 31-Jan-2024
Espresso Sharekhan  Review
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Espresso Sharekhan Review 2024 - Quick Summary

Espresso, a part of Sharekhan offers the lowest brokerage online trading services at Rs. 20 flat brokerages on profitable intraday trades, and no brokerage on delivery and loss-making trades on the Beta-tested app and desktop trading platforms.

Espresso Sharekhan Top Highlight for 2024

  • Part of leading full-service brokerage firm, Sharekhan.
  • Instant paperless account opening
  • Free Espresso demat and trading account.
  • Nil brokerage on loss-making trades.
  • 20 flat brokerage charges on equity, derivatives, commodities, and currency.
  • Free delivery trading at Rs. 0 brokerage.
  • Beta-tested platforms across mobile app, website, and desktop software.

About Espresso Sharekhan

Sharekhan, a renowned and reputed full-service brokerage house stepped into an online discount broking business, named Espresso Sharekhan. Launched in 2020, Espresso is a registered member of BSE, NSE, and MCX to facilitate trading in equity intraday, delivery, equity derivatives, commodities, and currency segment.

Pay only when you profit is Espresso Sharekhan’s unique offering that charges you a flat brokerage fee of Rs. 20 per order only if you earn a profit, and there is nil brokerage on delivery trading and loss-making intraday trades. Open an instant paperless Espresso trading and demat account by registering digital KYC and experience an online trading journey at the lowest brokerage charges.

Espresso Sharekhan has a user-friendly mobile app, website, and Binge desktop software online trading platforms that are tested by trading enthusiasts. Synchronized watchlists, free real-time market scanner, quick and easy order placement, high-quality charting, and dynamic alert tools are the key features available on the Espresso platforms.

The online discount broker also offers unique leverage products such as MIS and MIS+ orders, and margin trading facility. Espresso has a dedicated dealing desk to provide online customer care services.

The article covers an in-depth genuine Espresso Sharekhan Review 2023 including the account opening process, brokerage charges, trading platforms, margin, and pros & cons.

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Espresso Sharekhan Brokerage Plan, Fees and Charges

Brokerage and Commission Rated 4.5/5

Espresso Sharekhan has a single Pay Only When You Profit brokerage model that charges you a brokerage fee of Rs. 20 per order only if a trader makes a profit, or else the brokerage will be Zero. Investment in stocks with Espresso is also free at Rs. 0 charges.

Espresso is following Zerodha's pricing model, but Zerodha is offering this plan from 2010.

Espresso Sharekhan Account Opening Charges

Trading Account Opening Charges: Rs. 354 (Free for limited time)
Trading Account AMC: Free
Demat Account Opening Charges: Free
Demat Account AMC: Rs. 400 PA

Espresso Sharekhan Brokerage Plan with closest competitors

Here we are comparing Espresso Sharekhan with its 5 close competitors, who are currently market leader in brokerage industry.

Broker Espresso Sharekhan 5paisa Zerodha Upstox Paytm Money
Service Type Discount Broker Discount Broker Discount Broker Discount Broker Discount Broker
Brokerage Range Rs 20 Rs 20 Rs 20 Rs 20 Rs 20
Account Type 2 in 1 2 in 1 3 in 1 3 in 1 2 in 1
Equity Delivery Free Flat Fee Rs 20 Free 2.5% or Rs 20 whichever is lower 2.5% or Rs 20 whichever is lower
Equity Intraday 0.03% or Rs 20 whichever is lower Flat Fee Rs 20 0.03% or Rs 20 whichever is lower 0.05% or Rs 20 whichever is lower 0.05% or Rs 20 whichever is lower
Equity Futures 0.03% or Rs 20 whichever is lower Flat Fee Rs 20 0.03% or Rs 20 whichever is lower 0.05% or Rs 20 whichever is lower 0.02% or Rs 20 whichever is lower
Equity Options Flat Fee Rs 20 Flat Fee Rs 20 Flat Fee Rs 20 Flat Fee Rs 20 Flat Fee Rs 20
Commodity 0.03% or Rs 20 whichever is lower Flat Fee Rs 20 Flat Fee Rs 20 Flat Fee Rs 20 NA
Currency Futures 0.03% or Rs 20 whichever is lower Flat Fee Rs 20 0.03% or Rs 20 whichever is lower 0.05% or Rs 20 whichever is lower NA
Currency Options Flat Fee Rs 20 Flat Fee Rs 20 Flat Fee Rs 20 Flat Fee Rs 20 NA

Other Charges

  • Call & Trade Charges: Rs. 50 + GST per order placed through dealing desk
  • RMS Auto Square Off Charges: Rs. 50 + GST per order placed through dealing desk
  • Hidden Charges: No
  • Payment gateway charges: Rs. 9 each fund transfer.

For complete brokerage charges and trading plans detail please visit Espresso Sharekhan Brokerage Charges.

Please refer unique and accurate Espresso Sharekhan Brokerage Calculator

Type of Account offered by Espresso Sharekhan

Open an account with Espresso Sharekhan and get zero brokerage benefits on loss-making trades or trade at Rs. 20 flat brokerage charges across segments.

Espresso Sharekhan Trading and Demat Account

  • Espresso Sharekhan is a CDSL depository participant that allows residents to open an Espresso Demat and Trading Account. Espresso’s two-in-one account facilitates seamless transactions wherein users can place buy and sell orders online in a few steps through their trading account and securities are then credited to the Demat Account.
  • Espresso offers free account opening at zero charges (Rs. 354 currently waived off). You can open Espresso Sharekhan Trading & Demat account online or offline. The broker charges a maximum of Rs. 20 brokerage fee on intraday trades in equity, derivatives, commodities, and currency segments.

How to open Espresso Sharekhan Account online?

Open a 100% online demat and trading account with Espresso and start your digital trading and investing journey. The instant online account opening process enables you to open Espresso Demat Account in just 15 minutes and get started with Rs. 20 flat brokerage trading.

Steps to open Espresso Sharekhan Demat Account:

  • Head to the Espresso Sharekhan website or mobile app.
  • Tap on the “Open Account” tab.
  • Now, enter your PAN card details and add a bank account for KYC verification.
  • Upload documents; PAN card, address proof, and income proof.
  • Add personal details like gender, marital status, experience, occupation, and income details.
  • Verify your email address via OTP.
  • Upload a selfie to complete the IPV (in-person verification) process.
  • Account opening process is completed, and you will receive a confirmation letter on your email.
  • After successful verification, the broker will issue a unique access code to login to the Espresso Demat account.
Open Instant and Online account with Espresso in 15 mins.

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Espresso Sharekhan Mobile App and Trading Platforms

Trading Platforms Rated 4/5

Espresso Sharekhan has all kinds of free user-friendly trading platforms to allow users to place buy and sell orders online. Customers can trade via Espresso mobile trading app, trading website, and Binge desktop trading software to experience the fastest trading experience. Let’s check out a quick review of Espresso trading platforms.

Espresso Sharekhan Mobile Trading App

  • Access the whole gamut of features on the Espresso mobile app just right in your palm. Espresso app is a beta-tested mobile app by trading and investing enthusiasts. The user-friendly app has distinguished features like multiple watchlists with upto 100 scrips in each watchlist, Indices heatmap and market movers, powerful charting (Renko, Candlestick, Bar, Area, and Line chart) with 1 minute to 1-year timeframe, one-tap order placement, a comprehensive dashboard, multiple order placement (MIS, MIS+, Normal, bracket order), and seamless fund transfer.
  • Espresso Sharekhan Mobile App Features

Espresso Sharekhan Web Trading Platform

  • is the web-based browser-accessible trading platform of Espresso. The trading website is very easy-to-use and enables you to trade on multiple exchanges; BSE, NSE, and MCX. You can build multiple watchlists, track all indices and stocks, get notifications, and access reports like End-of-Day (EOD) reports, portfolio reports, tax reports, etc.

Espresso Sharekhan Binge Desktop Trading Terminal

  • Binge is a downloadable desktop trading software that provides powerful trading features for pro traders. Classic charting with 6+ types of charts, multiple charts on a single screen, real-time market feeds, advanced market sentiment tracker, advanced market-watch tools, super-quick price update, and split order functionality to auto-split orders for the F&O segment are some of the best features on the Binge terminal.

For detail review of mobile app and download please visit Espresso Sharekhan Trading Platform Review.

Espresso Sharekhan Trading Pros

  • No brokerage on losses.
  • Pay Max Rs. 20 per order brokerage charges across segments.
  • Zero brokerage on cash N carry (CNC) orders (delivery).
  • Zero Demat AMC charges for 1st Year
  • Hassle-free fund transfer via UPI and net banking.
  • Apply for buyback, NFO, and OFS at Rs. 20 per order + GST.
  • Pre-IPO apply feature to apply for IPO.
  • Free mobile app and Binge trading software for active traders.
  • Integrated watchlists, free scanners, quick order placement, and split order functionality.
  • Zero payment gateway charges on Axis, HDFC, ICICI, IDBI, IndusInd, and Kotak Mahindra Bank.
  • EspressoLogy and Learning center to learn about the stock market.
  • Place bracket order (BO) and after-market order.
  • Free GTD (Good Till Date) order
  • Margin trading facility.
  • No hidden charges.

Espresso Sharekhan Trading Cons

  • Espresso Sharekhan does not offer mutual funds.
  • You cannot open an integrated 3-in-1 account.
  • It does not provide 24*7 customer support.
  • NRI cannot open an account with Espresso Sharekhan.
  • Espresso Sharekhan Trade Booster is 7-day paid stock market learning platform.

Espresso Sharekhan Customer Care info

Espresso Sharekhan offers online customer support in the form of self-help, videos, and FAQs. It has a customer care dealing desk and a dedicated account opening service desk to resolve customer queries on different subjects.

The broker does not have any branches therefore, offline support is unavailable.

Final thought about Espresso Sharekhan

Rated 4/5 by 20 users

Being a part of a reputed full-service broking firm, Sharekhan helps to win customer trust and confidence for Espresso.

It’s Pay on profitable trading pricing model with highly competitive Rs. 20 per order brokerage, free delivery trading, and a complete feature-rich package of online trading platforms like Espresso Binge and a mobile app with advanced charting features make huge sense for customers to open an Espresso Demat and Trading account for Free.

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Last updated on: 2024-01-30


MIS+ order in Espresso Sharekhan is a feature to place a market order or limit order along with a stop-loss order. Customers can use MIS+ orders to take an intraday position in cash and equity Futures & options (F&O) segments. Thus MIS+ Buy or sell that is placed simultaneously with a stop-loss order prevents losses. MIS+ is an intraday product and users must close all open positions the same day otherwise positions will be automatically squared off after 3 PM at Rs. 50 per order auto-square off charges.


MyGTD stands for My Good Till Date that is an alternative to Good Till Cancelled (GTC) feature. Espresso offers a GTD order facility for customers to place a buy or sell limit order with a maximum order validity of up to 30 days. The best part is that the GTD order validity can be extended up to 1 month, and if prices are matched during the specified period, the order gets executed, or else gets expired.


Yes, Espresso Sharekhan is an online discount brokerage firm launched by Sharekhan Limited, a renowned and well-established name in the Indian brokerage space. Espresso by Sharekhan is a completely separate entity that offers online trading in equity, derivatives, commodity, and currency segment. The broker further allows customers to apply for IPO, buyback, OFS, and NFO.


Sharekhan has ventured into discount broking space by the name of “Espresso” in September 2020. Espresso is a low-cost online broker and a great platform to start free delivery trading and charges max Rs. 20/order brokerage on all intraday and F&O trades. The most fascinating feature of its pricing model is that you are charged with Rs. 0 brokerage on all loss-making trades.


Espresso pricing model offers free delivery trading and charges a fixed brokerage of Rs. 20 per order across all segments including equity intraday, derivatives, commodity, and currency. The most exciting feature of Espresso brokerage model is that you have to pay brokerage only when your trade is profitable otherwise the brokerage will be NIL. Espresso Sharekhan matches every buy and sell trade orders for the same stock or contract to check whether the trade was profitable or not. If it results in profit then you will be charged with the applicable brokerage fee of Max Rs. 20 per order while in loss, you have to pay zero brokerage. If you’ve placed multiple Buy or Sell orders for the same stock or contract, the average buy or sell price will be considered to calculate the profit or loss.


Yes, Espresso Sharekhan is undoubtedly the best broker for beginners. The discount broker is a part of Sharekhan full-service brokerage firm that charges flat Rs. 20 per order brokerage on all intraday and F&O trades in equity, commodity, and currency segments. Beginners or newbies can open a Demat and Trading account with Sharekhan due to the following reasons;

  • Zero brokerage delivery trading.
  • 0 brokerage on all loss-making trades.
  • Maximum Rs. 20 flat brokerage on profitable intraday and F&O trades.
  • Espressology blog to learn about the stock market trading and investment.
  • Best online trading platforms across web, mobile app, and desktop platform.

Free fund transfer with selected banks; ICICI, HDFC, Axis, IDBI, IndusInd, and Kotak Mahindra.


Espresso Sharekhan charges an annual maintenance fee of Rs. 400 + applicable GST on its Demat account. The broker charges AMC fee on a quarterly basis means Rs. 100 per quarter AMC fee + GST is charged from customers. The broker offers charges zero Demat AMC for the first year.


Espresso Sharekhan is a part of Sharekhan brokerage house that has long-term operating history in the brokerage space. Espresso is an excellent platform for online trading for beginners to trade in the delivery (Cash N Carry, CNC) segment for free. Further, its pay only when you make profit brokerage plan is the most attractive offerings that results in no brokerage on losses or else charges Rs. 20 flat brokerage on all profitable intraday and F&O trades. Espresso Sharekhan has all kinds of trading platforms across web, mobile app, and desktop trading software.


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