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Alice Blue ANT Trading Platforms 2024

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Alice Blue Trading Platform Review
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Alice Blue offers a free ANT (Analyse and Trade) trading platform developed by TradeLab to offer online trading in equity, derivatives, commodity, and currency. It provides all kinds of trading platforms including mobile versions, desktop trading software, and browser-based web platforms. Alice Blue ANT Mobi 2.O mobile trading app facilitates trade-on-the-go or trade-on-your-fingertips on android phones and smartphones. ANT Desk trading terminal and ANT Web are the two other trading platforms that can be accessed by users to start online trading with Alice Blue. Its trading platform provides features like a customized watchlist, one-click trading, fast order execution, advanced charting, historical data, price alerts, and more. ANT Meta and ANT Scanner are the two trading software or tools available on ANT Mobi and ANT Web. Check out more on Alice Blue ANT Trading Platforms including features, downloads, demo, etc.

  • ANT Mobi 2.O (Alice Blue Mobile Trading App).
  • ANT Desk (Desktop Trading Software).
  • ANT Web (Browser-based Web Trading Platform).
  • Alice Blue Mutual Funds App.

ANT Mobi 2.O [Alice Blue Mobile Trading App]

ANT Mobi 2. O is a lightweight, super-fast trading app that allows you to easily place and execute your orders. This trading app is available for both Android and iOS users. It is also suitable for beginners who can download and install ANT Mobi 2. O to start their trading journey. It is not just a trading app but you can also invest your savings in various investment products through this app.

Alice Blue ANT Mobi 2.O Trading App Features

  • Customizable Dashboard
  • Quick funds transfer
  • Get quick contract notes in seconds
  • Real time live updated scrips
  • Advanced technical indicators
  • Direct trading from option chain & inbuilt stock fundamentals
  • Good security access
  • Insight News to get updated stock market information
  • Advanced order placement facilities like : basket orders
  • Provide 4x margin on CNC orders & 5x on intraday orders

Alice Blue ANT Mobi 2.O Trading App Download

Alice Blue ANT 2.O Mobile Trading App demo

The demo of the mobile app is available on YouTube that provides an overview on how to access ANT Mobi features.

ANT Mobi App Demo

ANT Desk [Desktop Trading Software]

Alice Blue ANT Desk is a fast, secure, and feature-rich downloadable desktop trading software that can be downloaded on a laptop or computer. ANT Desk is the Best Trading Terminal for professional traders and investors to access features like intraday and historical charting, market indicators, real-time news feed, and more.

Alice Blue ANT Desk Trading Software Features

  • Online trading in BSE, NSE, MCX, Currency
  • 10 years of historical price data and 80+ technical indicators.
  • Intraday and historical technical charting.
  • Live streaming market quotes.
  • Fast trade execution.
  • Pattern finder and backtesting.
  • Price alerts, voice messages, and notifications.

Alice Blue ANT Desk Trading Software Download

  • Users can download the ANT Desk trading terminal demo directly from the broker’s official website.
Download ANT Desk Software

Alice Blue ANT Desk Trading Software Demo

  • Check Alice Blue ANT Desk demo to know the key features available on the trading terminal.

ANT Desk Demo

ANT Web [Browser-based Web Trading Platform]

ANT Web or Alice Blue Web Trading Platform is the browser-enabled web trading platform that is compatible across all kinds of browsers. Casual traders can access the platform through their computer or laptop without any need for software installation and then start trading at BSE, NSE, and MCX.

ANT Web Features

  • Trading in stocks, derivatives, commodities, and currency segments.
  • Advanced charting with multiple technical indicators.
  • Multiple watch lists with customizable settings.
  • Instant view of your portfolio summary.
  • Keyboard shortcuts to place orders online.
  • ANT Scanner to filter stocks smartly.
  • Trade from the chart and one-click trading.
  • Set real-time price alerts.

ANT Web Demo

ANT Web Trading Platform Demo is available on Alice Blue’s YouTube channel to know how to place orders with ANT Web.

Alice Blue Mutual Funds App

This is a dedicated android mobile app for mutual funds investment with Alice Blue. The app allows commission or brokerage-free online investment in direct mutual funds from 31+ AMCs at your fingertips.

Alice Blue Mutual Funds App Features

ANT Meta

ANT Meta is a trading tool to analyze the share, commodity, and currency market. The tool not just helps to analyze the price and manage trades but also helps to employ automated trading techniques.

Alice Blue ANT Meta Features

ANT Scanner

  • Alice Blue ANT Scanner feature allows users to filter stocks across sectors using different filters on ANT Mobi and ANT Web trading platform.
  • Alice Blue ANT Scanner Features

ANT Plus

  • ANT Plus is a simple API integration process to connect website and mobile app at free of cost. Users can create their own trading platform using different languages like Python/Json through ANT Plus. You can drop a mail at [email protected] to get the API.
Alice Blue ANT Plus Features


ANT IQ is the Alice Blue knowledge archive to learn, share and develop your own trading strategy. ANT IQ is a free platform to learn stock market trading strategies such as positional trade, swing trading, day trading, and scalp trading.

Alice Blue 3rd Party Trading Tools Feature

Request call back from Alice Blue


ANT Web, the online trading website by Alice Blue offers trading in equity, F&O, commodity, and currency across BSE, NSE, and MCX. To trade with ANT Web, follow the below steps;

  • Visit the Alice Blue’s website,
  • Click on the “ANT” tab.
  • Click on the “ANT Web” and click “Trade Now” button.
  • Later, a new window will be open wherein users have to put trading account ID and password.


Alice Blue ANT Plus provides API to people to create their own frontend trading platform. The broker provides free of cost API to users. Follow below steps to get Alice Blue API, listed here under:

  • Login with the Demo Testing with client secret and key authorization.
  • Callback URL Mapping
  • Start trading from your own customized trading platform.


ANT Mobi is the Alice Blue mobile app, through which, users can place buy or sell trade orders across financial products such as equity, F&O, commodity, and currency just using their mobile device. The app is completely free and can be downloaded on iOS through the App store and Android through the Play Store. You can download the app from the official website of the broker.

Download ANT Mobi on Android

Download ANT Mobi on iOS


ANT Meta is the trading terminal by Alice Blue that can be installed on computer or laptop. The downloadable trading terminal offers huge features such as technical charting, customized watch lists, trade from the chart, dedicated customer support desk, and many other features.

To download Alice Blue Trading Terminal, you’ve to visit the website, on the “ANT” tab, select ANT Meta from the drop-down menu. A new page will open, click on the download now button to download the terminal.

Download Alice Blue ANT Meta


Last Updated on 2024-01-12