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Which online trading account is the best in India?

Before looking into the best online trading account in India, let us understand what is an online trading account and why we need one.

Online Trading Account means the facility provided by your broker to trade yourself using the internet on your laptop or desktop or using your smartphone. Online trading enables the trader to trade from anywhere during the market hours.

Why we need Online Trading Account?

We need Online Trading Account for the following reasons:

  • Can access the market and perform trade from anywhere using the internet.
  • No dependency on any person to execute the trade for you, that way you don't miss any time-sensitive trade.
  • Seamless transfer of money in and out of your trading account.
  • Access to various charts, reports, market research and analysis on the broker's website.
  • Other investment options are available like IPOs, mutual fund, government bonds, and securities.
  • Trade on various exchanges and various segments.
  • You know your available margin, portfolio, profit&loss details at your fingertips.
  • Instant orders and execution of the trade.
  • Hassle free and fast online account opening process.

The Best Online Trading Account in India:

Out of our review on the top 5 Best online traders in India, to choose one is the difficult task. However, asked to choose one, we pick Zerodha to be the one to offer the best online trading account from our anonymous and unbiased view. Zerodha has the most advanced and robust online trading platforms as of now. The brokerage charges are also very low and simple. No doubt about it, Zerodha proves to be the best online broker in India.

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User Reviews

1. Rajiv Malhotra May 14 2019 05:54:57 PM Reply
Agree Zerodha was best. Upstox, 5paisa SAMCO is also providing top class service. Zerodha is grown big like an elephant. Now I personally feel Zerodha is moving to a corporate culture where customers come last and money comes first.