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How to find the best brokerage firm in India?

The best brokerage firm in India is a matter of choice amongst the top ten stock brokers in India. It depends on your need as an investor or trader. The brokerage firms in India are broadly classified as traditional full-service brokerage firms and discount brokerage firms.

Both offer online trading platforms for trading. Investment options like mutual Fund, bonds, government securities, etc is also available with both of them. They both offer depository services also. The difference comes with the brokerage charges and mode of trading services. Full-service brokers charge brokerage as a percentage of the trade while discount brokers charge a flat rate on any volume of trade. Also, full-service brokers offer both online as well as offline mode of trading whereas discount brokers only offer online trading. Please refer the list of the best full-service brokers in India and the best discount brokers in India. You can also use side-by-side comparison to compare the attribute of these brokers.

Now, talking about the best brokerage firm in India while looking at all types of investors/traders is a bit tricky. Not every investor is the same or their needs. However, by following these 2 easy steps, you can easily come to a point to pick one or two good stockbrokers that suffice your trading needs.

  1. Know your needs
  2. If you know your needs then finding the best brokerage firm for you will be easy. So basically finding the best brokerage firm involves asking a question to yourself to know what you need.

    The questions you can ask to yourself are :

    • What will be the cost of trading for me, do I want to pay a percentage of trade or flat fee?
    • How frequently do I trade?
    • Which segment (equity delivery, intraday, equity derivatives, currency or commodity) I want to trade in and which exchange (NSE, BSE, MCX)?
    • Which trading platform best suit my trading needs?
    • What all other investment offerings I am looking for like IPOs, mutual fund, bonds, and government securities?
    • How much margin do I get from my broker for intraday and derivative trading?
    • Do I need a 3-in-1 account for smooth and hassle-free trading or 2-in-1 account?
    • Do I need tips and recommendations from the broker?
    • Do I need assistance in trading or do it myself?
  3. Shortlist one or two broker from the list
  4. If you know answers to these questions, then all you need to do is shortlist one or two broker from the best stock brokers in India that best suit your needs.

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