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Alice Blue Brokerage Calculator 2024

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"Alice Blue Brokerage Calculator" is a free tool to calculate your brokerage and taxes, which include stamp duty. Other competitors usually lack stamp duty. With this tool, you can easily calculate total brokerage charges and taxes, breakeven point (per share), and net profit or loss per trade in advance. Our goal is to calculate accurate brokerage fees for stock deliveries, intraday, futures & options and currency derivatives.

The brokerage fee is part of the cost you pay to the broker, but there are 5 other costs/fees that affect your break-even point. These depend on your sales, your segment, your country and some other factors. So to determine your exact costs, you need a complete solution. Here at InvestorGain, we provide you with a 100% accurate brokerage calculator for Alice Blue. You can match your contract note with 100% accuracy. In case of hidden costs in your contract note, you can contact your broker. This tool works for both standard and flexible brokerage plans. This calculation has been updated for the year - 2024.

Alice Blue Brokerage Calculation

Event Alice Blue Charges ProStocks Charges
Turnover 10,000,000.00 10,000,000.00
Brokerage 30.00 30.00
STT 631.00 631.00
SEBI Turnover Fees 10.00 10.00
Stamp Duty 99.00 99.00
Exchange Transaction Charges 200.00 200.00
GST 43.20 43.20
Total Brokerage & Tax 1,013.20 1,013.20
Breakeven (Per Share) 0.2026 0.2026
Net Profit or Loss 98,986.80 98,986.80
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Alice Blue Delivery Trading Calculator

Alice Blue Delivery Calculator provides you with a function to calculate your exact break-even point to calculate your delivery brokerage and other fees.

Alice Blue Intraday Trading Calculator

When trading intraday, it is important to know your break-even point. In intraday trading, you need to close your position on the same day, and if you know your break-even point in advance, it is easy for you to close your trade. It is good to place a stop loss order when trading intraday. You can use the Alice Blue intraday trading calculator to determine the exact number after which you can close out your position at a profit. The biggest fees in intraday trading are STT, because the turnover is very high.

Alice Blue Futures Trading Calculator

When trading futures (stocks or indices) you can take both long and short positions, but in both cases you need to know your break-even point and the right time to exit. With Alice Blue Futures Trading Calculator you can find this out.

Alice Blue Calculator for Options Trading

The biggest fees in options trading are STT and Exchange Transaction Charges. To avoid any confusion in your options trading, a complete fee list with a breakdown of each fee is available on the Alice Blue Options Trading Calculator.

Last Updated on 2024-01-12

User Reviews

4. Agariya Muskan Sep 27 2020 06:51:06 PM Reply
My Client ID 1. 198016 on 23.9.2020 JV charges debited rs.32.40 and 180.00.

Other Client ID 2. 176643 on 14.9.2020
JV charges debited rs.32.40 and 180.00
What is meaning of JV. And why such hidden charges.

Pl reply in my mail.
3. Jayant Oct 23 2019 11:06:12 PM Reply
IGST , Brokerage, CM Charges,exchange transactions, SeBi fees, STT are normal but what is IBT10 charges. It''s got same value are brokerage charges. It''s hard to manage profits these people charging hidden charges.
Check the brokerage calculations and report and choose the best broker.
2. Manoj Oct 23 2019 08:09:45 AM Reply
50% of the amount is always deducted as brokerage. Example: made 6200 profit but 2500 alone got credited.
1. Muralikrishna Sep 20 2019 07:46:58 AM Reply
Night showing fund balance withdrawn when the amount credit to my sb a.c