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Angel One ARQ Prime Review

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 Angel One ARQ Prime Stock Advisory Review, Features, charges, ARQ Prime smallcase,

Angel One ARQ is a first-of-its-kind Robo Advisory Platform that provides smart investment advice and stock recommendations based on a certain set of rules or algorithms. As ARQ Prime picks algorithm-driven equity recommendation which is free from human intervention or emotions. Check out more interesting features of Angel One ARQ Robo advisory platform, its charges, usage, and advantages and drawbacks.

What is Angel One ARQ Prime?

When we do trading, most of us take investment advice from different sources like news channels, reports, announcements, etc. But all these sources involve human emotion and many times it is observed that at a time when you get any recommendation, share prices already may go up. To overcome such issues nowadays many algorithms-based analyses are giving smart investment advice.

ARQ Prime by Angel One is a rule-based investment engine that recommends stocks for investment based on a defined set of rules. It is also known as “Smart Beta” in the investing market.

ARQ works on algorithms to scan thousands of stocks and pick the best stocks for investors. It recommends upto 15 different types of stocks like growth stocks, value stocks, high momentum picks, and quality stocks. As all the equity recommendations are driven by machine algorithms therefore, it is free from human bias.

Angel One ARQ Prime Smallcase is a basket of stock that recommend upto 15 stocks for investment with entry and exit timings. The product is available on the Smallcase thematic investment platform.

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) based recommendations help you to spot the investment opportunity at the right time to get maximum return. You can check ARQ score of all stocks to pick the best one of your choice. The stock investment advisory platform keeps investors away to do own research of company’s fundamentals, valuation, and other aspects.

Is Angel One ARQ Free?

The broker has still provides the ARQ prime investment recommendations for free to all Angel One clients. Currently, ARQ charges no subscription fee, or annual charges, or enrollment fee. This is a limited time offer, if you have an Angel one account simply get the best AI-driven stock investment recommendations on Angle One app or web platform.

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Angel One ARQ Robo Advisory platform features

Check out the reasons or features to know why to subscribe to Angel One ARQ;

  • The robotic analytic engine generates high-quality stock recommendations automatically based on machine algorithms and deep industry insights.
  • ARQ generates equity investment suggestions for different types of stocks and suggests winner across categories like growth stocks, value stocks, momentum picks, etc.
  • Angel One ARQ runs multiple algorithms and rules to scan the right stocks after backtesting the data set. Thus, it keeps investors away to go and check the company’s fundamentals themselves.
  • ARQ Prime runs multiple algorithms on different stocks and calculates ARQ score. Users can analyze and compare ARQ score of different stocks and pick the right stock for investment.
  • Angel One ARQ Prime smallcase (basket of stocks) provides upto maximum 15 stock ideas for investment.
  • There is no minimum investment to invest in Angel One ARQ.
  • Whether you are a beginner or an expert, Angel One ARQ is extremely easy to use.
  • You can get algorithm and AI driven equity investment recommendations on the Angel One Super App and web trading platform.
  • ARQ also provides a complete history of the past calls to allow users to check the past performance.
  • It offers real-time and instant stock ideas to get maximum returns.
  • Zero paperwork required to invest with Angel One ARQ recommended investment ideas.

How to subscribe to Angel One ARQ Advisory?

After knowing the benefits, you must be interested to know about how to setup Angel One ARQ. There is no much requirement to get equity recommendations on Angel One.

All you need to do is open a demat and trading account with the broker. ARQ is a free of cost Robo advisory service for all Angel One clients.

Once you have opened an account, you can log into the Angel one website or its mobile trading app. To use the tool, you have to submit information about your risk appetite and amount you want to invest. Once responses are provided, the tool will offer you the investment solution in line with your goals.

Angel One ARQ Score

Before investing in any stock, you must check the stock’s ARQ score in Angel one app. ARQ Score is algorithmic generated stock-specific score generated by ARQ robotic engine. It may range from 0 to 100.

The score helps you to check the financial health of a particular stock and mutual fund scheme. You can simply check the score by selecting the stock or mutual fund name and the Robotic platform will show the ARQ score.

Stocks that have high ARQ score show good fundamentals, strong corporate governance, good returns, and financial stability. However, stocks with low ARQ tend to have weak fundamentals, poor return ratios, less market cap, or bad governance.

Angel One ARQ Pros and Cons

Pros/Advantages Cons/Disadvantages
  • Get high quality stock recommendations with Angel One ARQ
  • Optimised risk reward by identifying the right time to enter and exit the market
  • ARQ Prime smallcase is rebalanced consistently
  • Tested against the challenging market scenario
  • Tested against the challenging market scenario
  • ARQ is a great tool for retail investors
  • No hidden charges
  • The software uses advanced technology, thus technological issues or system failure can affect the results.
  • Angel One ARQ does not provide commodity, and currency recommendations.
  • ARQ recommend stocks for 12 months of investment horizon.
  • ARQ algorithms analyses only quantitative aspects thus, qualitative information like company's management etc. is ignored.

Final thoughts on Angel One ARQ

Angel One is a full-service offering discount stock broker in India. Its ARQ robotic advisory engine is an innovative product to offer stock and mutual fund recommendations to clients.

The platform not just provides algorithm based equity investment solution but is rebalanced regularly and keeps you updated. You can invest hassle-free in ARQ recommended stocks on Angel One app or website.

ARQ is the most suitable tool for retail investors who are not sure on how to pick a right stock for investment.

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Last updated on 21st Jul 2023


ARQ prime is a rule-based advisory engine. ARQ prime suggests you the recommendation based on a certain set of rules. It adopts time-tested and proven rules for investment in stocks. This tool works without human intervention. ARQ suggests the enter and exit time for stocks in the market that maximize the profit.


ARQ Prime is a paid service. For the first month, ARQ prime is free. After that, you will have to choose the Rs 99 month plan or you can choose an annual plan.


Some of the ARQ prime features are given below:-

  • Rules-based algorithm which can maximize the profit. Avoid Human bias calls.
  • ARQ scans all types of stocks like Value, Quality, High Momentum and Growth Stocks.
  • Free from Human intervention.
  • Real-time notification via Mobile app / SMS alert.
  • No minimum investment is required with ARQ Prime.
  • Invest as per your convenience and funds.


You can use the ARQ prime by following the steps :-

  • Log in to the Angel one with valid credentials.
  • Click on “ARQ advisory” and then go to the ARQ prime.
  • Here, you will see the “Live Calls”, tap on it.
  • Now you get the List of all the stocks which is recommended by the ARQ.
  • Tap on the Buy button, after filling the order book.
  • After your ARQ call gets executed, you can see your order in the Call history button.


ARQ Prime is stock basket of smallcase. To discuss ARQ Prime vs Smallcase, Angel One has tie up with smallcase and selects upto 15 scripts and make a stock baskets.

Smallcase has tie up with all the big brokerage house where they give recommendation in stocks and ETF. One can directly join smallcase, use your existing brokerage account (broker partners Like Zerodha, Upstox, AngelOne, 5paisa, Nuvama, HDFC Securities and many more) to start investment. Smallcase charges are as per broker’s guidelines.


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