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Article Margin Against Shares (MAS) or Loan Against Securities (LAS) Discussion

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4. Pushpinder Singh Sep 18 2020 12:50:32 PM Reply
which brokers take Liquid Mfs as pledge for Colletral Margin
3. subhashis bag Dec 06 2018 03:27:19 PM Reply
who is providing MF collateral as margin for option selling?
2. kunal Sep 16 2016 02:57:07 PM Reply
Can you tell me which broker provides margins for all equities in intraday.
not only for blue chip equities but for all
1. N Kumar May 19 2016 12:21:11 AM Reply
Hi ,
I am looking for low brokerage charge in Equity cash and FNO Equity with good leverage amount with T+5days option.
Kindly let me know which firm provided this option.
5.1. Vijay May 19 2016 12:22:33 AM
Thanks for your enquiry. Non of the discount brokers are providing T+5 day leverage, if you want to go for T + 5 day leverage you need to open account with Fullservice brokers like Sharekhan, ICICI Direct or Axis Direct.